Mic Drop, with John Fowler. Episode 3 Preview.

One of the most popular new features in Darts World is the Mic Drop column. John’s style, and many anecdotes, are proving popular with readers across the darting world.

Here is a taste of what to come in the November Edition (Print):

Mic Drop: Tales from the Open Road!
Every MOnth with John Fowler (BDO Referee & Official)

Hello, again Darts family. Where do I start this edition?

Only one word needed, WOW!!! Having recently become a contributor to Darts World, I was wondering what would be next on the agenda. Then, a couple of months ago, I was in Germany and noticed two missed calls on my mobile phone and a message on Facebook saying “Call me urgently please”. So I rang, the number turned out to be the BDO Chairman and I was pleasantly surprised to be asked if I was available to join the new group of BDO referees and if I was available for the World Darts Trophy weekend in Blackburn.

Naturally, I was only too happy to accept. 

On the afternoon that my appointment was due to be made public, I decided to go out for a training walk along the canal towpath. From the moment it was announced, I had to sit down on a bench by the lock for 90 minutes because my mobile phone went into meltdown.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you that took the time to contact me for your very kind messages.

Very humbling to an old country boy like me…….

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Exclusive Feature: Is The Power Serious about a Comeback?

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Josh Phillips; Josh’s Top 5, Looks at some of the biggest World Series Shocks & Grand Prix Moments.

John Fowler; Mic Drop focuses on Johns life on ‘The Open Road’ and he gives thoughts on how The World Trophy and his TV debut.

Alan Towe; As always we ‘Towe The Line’ as part of our wider darts review.

Steve Brown; Leads our International News section this month, with his USA review.

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John Fowler & The Incredible Journey. Our BDO Official’s Column Continues.

John Fowler – @jayeffmc

Hello again everyone, I hope that you enjoyed my introductory account of how I got involved in the refereeing/MC’ing side of darts. This time I would like to tell you about some of the more exciting journeys I have made during my darting odyssey.

Taking nothing away from all of the other events, a particular example stands out. In November 2016 I was very fortunate to be invited to fly the 11 and a half hour journey to Tokyo and officiate at the PDJ final qualifying event for Ally Pally. My hosts were fantastic and I even had time to visit the city including the famous (and very high!) the Sky Tree Tower for some wonderful views of Tokyo. Great restaurants were certainly on the menu, you would never know from looking at me. I was very proud to be invited to return in September 2017 and repeat an unforgettable experience. The ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ is truly an amazing place to officiate.

For the last 3 years, I have done both the German and Swiss Open weekends and I have a great story from the 2nd German Open (The 1st one at Kalkar). I was refereeing a stage game in the afternoon between Tony O’Shea and a Swedish player I can only remember as Patrick. It was 3-3 and in the final leg Tony started with 100, his opponent replied with 81. Tony then hit treble 20, treble 20 and before he threw his last dart the stage went into total darkness. I heard Tony say “Oh darn it!”, or words to that effect, and threw his 3rd dart while it was still dark. As the dart hit the board, the lighting returned and yes you’ve guessed it “ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY “.

Among many highlights in my near seven years as a professional MC are 2 superb visits to Galway, always a brilliant crowd of crazy and funny people. I’ve been as far North as Fraserburgh and Keith in Scotland, again brilliant experiences and crowds. Malta has also proven enjoyable, twice, and last year I had a late call up for Luxembourg as Marco Meijer had unfortunately picked up a back injury. Glad to say that he has recovered from that. Visiting Athens in March this year, for the inaugural Greek Festival of Darts, meant working within the sight of the Acropolis and I have to learn the Syrtaki (Zorba’s Dance) for next year, don’t ask!

Shortly, I will be working again with one of our most entertaining dart players, Hawaii 501 himself Wayne Mardle. Anyone that has seen Wayne, in exhibition play, will know that one of his party tricks is to blow the dart into the board with his mouth. I have worked with Wayne on many occasions now and he has actually blown the dart into the winning double on at least 10 occasions. As ever, I have had the best view in the house! 

Until next month, stay healthy and happy. Hopefully, I’ll see you at an event soon. 

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Mic Drop! Tales from the Open Road, with John Fowler.

A version of this article first appeared in the July edition of Darts World magazine. This and other editions are available here: https://www.dartsworld.com/product/magazine/

Hello to all you dart players, fans and readers out there in ‘DartsWorld’. Welcome to the first of my monthly accounts of life on the road as a professional darts MC. By way of introduction, I would like to give you an insight into how I got involved on the microphone as opposed to the playing side of our wonderful sport.

I started off by helping as a referee for Oxfordshire’s home county matches. To be honest, I didn’t really enjoy it to start with, but the more I undertook the more I got into it. Then in January 2009, while playing for Oxfordshire in Yorkshire, someone mentioned that I should think about organising an exhibition with me as the compère. It was one of those “at the bar” chats that planted a seed. Fortunately, former World No5 Dennis Smith, was a teammate at the time and he offered his services for a reasonable fee and I decided to make it happen. 

So, on the 2nd of May 2009 at Bicester Town FC about 40 spectators joined us for a good fun evening of darts and humour. Later that year I organised my 2nd event at the same venue. This time Jamie Caven was the star attraction and, as always with ‘Jabba’ another great evening ensued.

By the end of that year, my first outside booking arrived and what a start I would be MCing for a 3 time World Champion! Despite my initial nerves Martin Adams proved a pleasure to work with and we have done so several times since. Over the following two-three years, I organised and hosted more exhibitions in the Bicester area, including with the late Eric Bristow MBE, Steve Beaton, Wayne Mardle, Peter Manley and many more.  Didcot GWRSA became almost a second home where we also hosted great events too, with World Champions and other great players.

When I, unfortunately, lost my beautiful mother in July 2012, just 10 months after my wonderful father had passed away, I decided that I was going to try to make a career as a professional MC. The first thing I did was to ring my good friend and former World Champion, Bob Anderson to ask his opinion on my plans. When he replied with an immediate positive response my mind was made up.

Over the next few months, I will tell you about some of my fantastic experiences at home and abroad, including my trips to Japan, unforgettable journeys and experiences. In the last 5 years, I have visited Germany forty-five times and this figure is rising all the time. I visit Switzerland for the annual, this year on the 2nd weekend in June, and I’ve many other great events coming up in the next few months. I hope that you have enjoyed this introduction. Meanwhile, I shall be on the ‘Open Road’. See you at an event soon, I hope. 

Darts World Contributor to Make TV Debut! John Fowler Joins BDO Officials.

Congratulations to Darts World columnist, and dartsworld.com, contributor John Fowler who has been confirmed as an official for the upcoming World Trophy to be screened on Eurosport.

Speaking to John, before the official announcement, it was clear that he was delighted to be asked but waiting nervously for the official confirmation. Those who have read his MIC DROP column will know that John has gathered a huge amount of experience in darts over the last few years. His enthusiasm for the game is unbounded and he is a strong personality who can carry authority on stage.

The BDO has recruited a new team of officials following the departures of a large percentage of the previous stage team. Paul Booth will offer some experience as the highest-profile recruit.

From running his own small scale knockouts, and hosting exhibitions in local clubs, John progressed to working with most of the biggest names in darts. He has refereed County weekends and overseen many competitions. He has clocked up thousands of miles, travelling within the UK, journeyed all over Europe and the wider world to MC and host events.

It is remarkable that John will reach the top level of his chosen profession within 5 years of deciding to pursue his dream.

John will make his BDO debut at the end of this month, at The Kings Hall in Blackburn. We hope he still has time to share his experience with us at dartsworld.com.

Darts World Welcomes New Addition. John Fowler lends his well-known voice.

John Fowler is a popular darts MC, event host and referee. In addition, John has decades of darting experience and a wide knowledge of all things darts. John will be contributing his ‘Mic Drop‘ column across our current and future DartsWorld publications and platforms.

Readers who have been to an event, where John officiated, will be aware of his terrific sense of humour and love for the sport of darts. We are sure his stories, anecdotes and opinions will be a welcome addition to our roster of authors, contributors and commentators.

Anyone coming across John for the first time will soon be captured by his enthusiasm and engaging manner. His first column is an outline of how he got roped into being behind the microphone instead of on the oche (he is a decent player in addition to his host skills) and how his career progressed, from initial reluctance to a full-time occupation.

He has worked with many of the games biggest names, both past and present and is proud to call some of them friends. He certainly has many a tale to tell.

John’s travels around the UK, Europe and globally will provide him with a bottomless stack of material for future columns and we are sure he will be commenting in other areas. He is not easy to keep quiet!

Welcome to the team, John.