Remote Darts League: Veenstra Secures Semi Spot!

Dutchman Richard Veenstra booked his spot in the Semi Finals of the Remote Darts League on Saturday Evening as he picked up 5 points from a possible 6 as he took on John O’Shea, Justin Thompson and Joe Chaney.

Dutch an Veenstra secured his semi spot with a strong evening’s results. (Chris Sergeant, TipTop Pics)

The opening match of the night was between Ireland’s John O’Shea and Holland’s Richard Veenstra. Both began the night on the same amount points in the league phase and just a point off the top 4, with a win for either would push them into the top 4 for the time being. The match began with 4 consecutive breaks of throw with 3 of the 4 legs won in 16 darts with the other being an 11 darter from O’Shea which included the 1st maximum of the night. For the next 4 legs of the match, it was all holds of throw which included legs in 14 and 15 darts from O’Shea and legs in 17 and 16 darts from Veenstra as well as 1st 180 of the night for the Dutchman. In the 9th leg, Veenstra broke O’Shea in 15 darts before following it up with a 16 darter in the decider to pick up 2 very valuable points and move into 3rd spot in the league phase for the time being.

John O’Shea.

The second game of the night was between 2 players from separate part of the globe as America’s Joe Chaney took on New Zealand’s Justin Thompson- with both needing points in the evening’s play if they hope to qualify for the semi finals of the Remote Darts League by finishing in the top 4. The match was quite evenly matched to say the least as it began with back to back breaks of throw which included a 101 checkout from Thompson in the opener before Chaney replied with a 21 dart break back before pinning a 16 darter to move 2-1 ahead. Thompson then won back to back legs in 14 and 13 darts respectively including a 1st 180 of the match. Chaney replied with the same fate in winning legs in 17 and 15 darts respectively to move back ahead at 4-3 where Thompson then held throw in 14 darts to ensure for the 2nd match in a row, the game would go to a deciding leg. In the 2 remaining legs, Chaney dominated them in winning both in 22 and 21 darts respectively to seal a very valuable 2 points and go joint 4th in the league phase following a 6-4 win. 

The third match up was between Joe Chaney and John O’Shea with both needing points if they hope to qualify for the Semi Finals. The match began with back to back breaks of throw with a 17 dart start from O’Shea followed an 18-dart leg from Chaney, who pinned a 180 in each leg. Chaney then won back to back legs in 16 and 15 darts respectively to move 3-1 ahead before O’Shea won 3 legs on the spin in 18 darts before back to back 15 darts legs with ton plus checkouts in each (106 and 146). Chaney then squared the match up at 4 apiece, winning the leg in 17 darts and hitting a 4th 180 of the match. In the last 2 legs of the match, both held throw- firstly Chaney won his leg in 15 darts, pinning a 5th maximum and a 103 checkout before O’Shea picked up his 1st point of the match in wrapping up the match in 17 darts to make it a 5-5 draw. 

The fourth game featured Justin Thompson go up against Richard Veenstra- with Thompson needing a win if he hopes to still qualify for the Semi Finals. The match began with Thompson racing into a 3-0 lead pinning legs in 13, 17 and 21 darts respectively before Veenstra came back in winning 5 legs in 22, 15, 14, 16 and 15 darts respectively including 2 legs where he hit a 110 checkout in each leg to secure a point and ensure that Thompson cannot qualify for the Semi Finals. Despite that, Thompson then won the last 2 legs of the match in 17 and 14 darts respectively to earn his 1st point of the night. 

The penultimate game of the night was between Justin Thompson and John O’Shea- with both playing their final league phase game of the Remote Darts League with O’Shea needing a win to keep his hope alive of qualifying for the Semi Finals. The match began with O’Shea racing into a 2-0 lead with back to back 18 dart legs before Thompson picked his first leg of the match with a 17 darter. O’Shea then won back to back legs again this time in 14 and 15 darts respectively including his 2nd and 3rd 180’s of the match having pinned a 1st in the 3rd leg and a 104 checkout to move 4-1 ahead. Thompson then won back to back legs in 12 and 18 darts respectively which included a brilliant 139 checkout. O’Shea then sealed the win by winning Legs 8 and 9 in 18 and 16 darts respectively to pick up 2 very valuable points and end the league phase by picking up 20 points from a possible 30. 

The final game was between Richard Veenstra and Joe Chaney- with a point separating the 2 and Chaney needing 2 points to ensure that he will have a chance of qualifying for the Semi Finals but a win over Veenstra would see him in firm position to qualify for that stage. The match began with 3 straight holds of throw with Veenstra winning 2 of the 3 in 15 and 18 darts respectively with Chaney winning his legs in 18 darts. The 1st break of throw came in the 4th leg from Veenstra as he pinned a 16 darter to go 3-1 up. Chaney then pinned back to back 14 darters to square the match up at 3 apiece. Back to back holds of throw to square the match up a 4 a piece ensured that the match would go to a deciding leg for the 5th time out of 6 matches in the evening’s play. A 17-dart leg from Veenstra in the 9th leg, ensured that Chaney wasn’t going to qualify for the Semi Finals, even with just a point. In the last leg, Chaney missed 3 darts at tops for that point before Veenstra came back to the board and pinned a brilliant 119 checkout under pressure for a 21 dart leg to put hm joint 1st with James Richardson going into the group night on Sunday.

The Remote Darts League phase concludes on Sunday with James Richardson and Paul Hogan looking to cement their spot in the Semi Finals with Jim Williams and Tony O’Shea as they both complete their final 3 group matches. 

O’Shea Tops Remote Darts League Table.

The Reigning World Masters Champion John O’Shea moved top of the league on Monday Night as he secured 3 wins from three over Tony O’Shea, Larry Butler and Laura Turner.

John O'Shea wins Round 2 IMC - Sports Matters TV
John O’Shea (BDO)

The opening game of the night saw the 1994 World Matchplay Champion Larry Butler take on 2020 BDO Women’s World Championship Quarter-Finalist and Sky Sports Darts Pundit Laura Turner.

The match kicked off with Butler firing in a first 180 in just his 2nd visit to the board before squandering 3 darts for the leg which allowed Turner to snatch it in 17 darts and break Butler’s throw.

The American then broke backfiring in a 2nd 180 and winning the leg in 25 darts. Butler then commanded the match from there on in, winning 5 straight legs which included a further 2 180’s and the winning legs in 15, 18, 17, 24 and 20 darts respectively and allowing Turner just 8 darts at the outer ring during that period to win the game 6-1and pick up a 5th win from 10 outings in the Remote Darts League.

The second game of the night saw the battle of the O’Shea’s as Englishman Tony O’Shea took on
Irishman John O’Shea. The match kicked off with Tony firing in a 1st 180 but squandering 4 darts at the
outer ring which allowed John to step in and take the leg in 16 darts to break the throw, which he then
backed it up with a 20 dart leg to move 2-0 ahead. Tony then picked up his 1st leg of the match in 19
darts, which ended up being his only leg won as John then rattled off 4 consecutive legs which included
2 180’s and winning legs in 16, 11, 20 and 14 darts respectively to take the match 6-1 and move 3 points
ahead of Tony in the league phase going into game 3 of the evening.

The third game of the night saw Tony O’Shea up against Larry Butler, with O’Shea looking to pick up his
first points of the evening and Butler hoping for back to back wins.

The match began with O’Shea pinninga 1st 180 and a 16-dart leg before back to back 18 darts legs from Butler including a 1st 180 saw him move 2-1 ahead. O’Shea then completed the same fate in winning back to back legs in 18 and 15 darts
respectively and a 180 in both of them.

Three consecutive holds of throw in legs 6,7 and 8 with Butler pinning a 19 dart leg to square the match at 3 apiece before both pinning 14 dart legs, firstly Tony then Larry to ensure the match will go all the way to a 10th and deciding leg. In the 9th leg, Butler broke with a 19-dart leg to go within one from back to back wins in the evening’s action thus far. Butler kicked off the deciding leg with a 3rd 180, which put O’Shea under slight pressure as he needed to fire back. A missed dart at tops for a 73 checkout and a 15-dart leg from Butler, allowed O’Shea back to the board on 116, which he took out brilliantly to earn his 1st point of the evening.

Game four pitted John O’Shea up against Laura Turner and at least a 6-2 win would see O’Shea move into the top 4 of the league phase for the time being. It is fair to say the match was onesided as O’Shea stormed into a 3-0 lead, winning legs in 17, 16 and 23 darts respectively as well as a 1st 180.

The match had a small interruption as O’Shea had some slight technical issues, but the match
resumed within 5 minutes. The interruption did not affect O’Shea though as he won 3 legs on the spin in
18, 16 and 17 darts respectively which included a 2nd 180 and a brilliant 140 checkout. The win meant
that O’Shea would only need a point in the last match of the night to ensure that he will end in the
evening in the top 4 of the league phase but a win would see him move top of the table.

The fifth featured John O’Shea and US veteran Larry Butler, with a point needed for O’Shea to
move into top 4 or a win to move top of the table and at least a 6-1 win or better from Butler to see him
move into top 4. The match began with an 18-dart break of throw from Butler before O’Shea rattled off 3
consecutive legs in 15, 20, and 14 darts respectively including 2 180s. Butler then won back to back legs
in 13 and 14 darts respectively and in both legs, fired in a 180. O’Shea then moved 4-3 ahead with a 15-
dart leg before missing 1 dart for a point in 8th leg of the match with Butler winning it in 17 darts to
ensure that the match will go all the way.

Back to back legs from O’Shea in 19 and 15 darts respectively gave him his 3rd win of the night and ensure that he will end Night 14 of the Remote Darts League, Top of the table following wins over Tony O’Shea, Laura Turner and now Larry Butler 6-4.

The evening’s finale saw Laura Turner take on Tony O’Shea, with both looking to pick up their
1st win of the evening. It’s fair to say the match was quite one-sided with O’Shea inflicting Turner to a
2nd whitewash defeat of the night in winning his 6 legs in 18, 14, 19, 17, 15 and 13 darts respectively
including 2 180’s. The win meant O’Shea finished the evening 8th in the league phase having picked up
13 points from his 12 encounters meaning he’ll need a strong night when he plays his 3 final group
games in the hope of finishing in the top 4 and qualifying for the Semi-Finals.

The Remote Darts League continues on Tuesday with England’s Paul Hogan being the headline act and
he is joined by Dutchman Richard Veenstra, Canada’s David Cameron and England’s Lorraine
Winstanley. The action begins at 9pm BST and the action will be streamed on Facebook and You Tube
on the Remote Darts League site/channel.

Words: Joe Williams (@joewillo180)

Pics – Tip Top (BDO) & PDC/WDC


From The Archive: Around The Circuit.

During the Covid-19 difficulties we are publishing a series of articles, from various Issues, of Darts World Magazine. Often our most popular pieces are regular round ups from certain areas or with a special interest. Around the Circuit is one of those.

Liz Fletcher -Wright from late 2019 (Issue 564):

Masters Mayhem?

What a week it was at the World masters draws redraws seedings fictitious names you name it you could not have made it up, everyone blaming everyone else admitting they put in names in case they missed someone out how ridiculous, being held to ransom by 13/16 of the ladies seeds.

BDO Logo
BDO – Oops?

The draw in my opinion was wrong and should only have had 8 seeds in the ladies, yes people and players are still talking about this issue today it really does leave the doors open to many events regarding putting in false names just to try and seed 16 players, does this really happen I would hope not, however if common-sense had prevailed to allow 16 seeds you would needed to have put in 129 names.

Anyone who has to do a draw at any big major tournament, and the World Masters is one of 3 majors, so it needs to do it correctly, each player and representative who entered into the World masters had to pay £20 to make sure they were registered, the BDO must have had all those names down and with those payment it gave a correct figure of how many players had entered. The correct monies sorted out beforehand to register (that should have been sufficient) the draw to be out within 72 hours of the event, for such a big event as the WM where there has never been such a turmoil in both the ladies and the men’s was really quite embarrassing for some.

I could go on, but I just know that whatever is said and whatever happened it was everyone else’s fault except the organisers of the tournament.

Now apart from that the last 16 men and the last 8 ladies who were on the television it went really well at the Circus Tavern, the darts were awesome, it was not as busy as expected however the support was superb for every player, the commentary was second to none and it made a change to watch some excellent darts from both the men and the ladies.

Congratulations to John O’Shea and Lisa Ashton on securing both World masters Titles, such a shame the Trophies they gave out were abysmal for such a major Tournament, I have given out better for my players player of the year. That’s all for now regarding the World Masters it has finished now but plenty of lessons learnt from this I hope, and someone should be accountable for the errors.

The Grand Slam 2019:

After the World Masters it was the Grand Slam of darts in Wolverhampton where they decided to allow 6 men and 2 ladies from the BDO to enter this tournament, it has always been 8 BDO men and it was refreshing to see this change, the last time the ladies were invited was in 2010 when Tricia Wright and our lovely friend Stacy Bromberg, who is no longer with us, both those ladies played in the very first PDC Women’s World Darts Championship and it has never been played since 2010, these ladies played superb against the men, shame it has taken so long to allow another two very talented ladies into the Grand Slam, let’s hope they will allow the ladies to compete every year in this tournament, as they do in the PDC worlds. Or maybe Barry Hearn will do something for the ladies along the lines as the men do, maybe have their own challenge tours etc, something to think about as I am sure that a lot of ladies would go this time to play in the PDC if a ladies event was announced.


However, both Lisa Ashton the BDO World’s Number one and Mikuri Suzuki our BDO Ladies World Champion, those two ladies gave a great account of themselves and thoroughly deserved that chance, they I am sure will have learnt lessons from this great tournament, they both did themselves proud and even though they lost they can hold their heads up high. Onwards and upwards to them both in their next tournament.

I would like to mention our lady commentator of the week at the grand Slam, Laura Turner, what a credit to commentating she is and let’s hope she gets more of this in the future, she was very knowledgeable not just on the ladies playing but the men as well, I am pretty sure that anyone out there who was listening to her would love to have her as their permanent commentating partner, not just in darts but she came over as f she had been doing this for years, well done Laura and congratulations lets hope you will be doing the same at the 02 when you are not playing, we need more lady commentators within the darts and any other sporting events.


Rhian Griffiths in action (pic:BDO)

Surrey travelled away to Gwent for their 3rd game of the season, where we were hoping to gain another win, however Gwent had other ideas, our ladies B lost 4-2 LOM was Marie Barthrop with a 15.49ave our men’s B lost 7-5 MOM was Gary Trodd with a 27.71ave, going in to Sundays A games our ladies were back to winning way Laura Hewitt on her debt A game won, the ladies won 2-4 overall, welcome back to winning ways for our LOM Laura Tuner who had a 23.86 ave. Onto our men’s A who lost 7-5 our MOM was Darryl Pilgrim with a very impressive 32.17, the result ended in a win for Gwent 20-16, I would just like to mention one of the ladies from Gwent, Rhian Griffiths what an awesome talent and so good to see her back o winning ways, her ladies A average beat most of the other players men included who played over the weekend it was an incredible 30.67ave well done Rhian keep it going for the rest of the season.

Surrey lets regroup for our last home game against Kent lets get that win before the Christmas and new year break.

I would at this time like to wish all our readers Darts World and those that help me by giving me things to write about during the year of 2019, thanks to Andy for putting up with me getting my column in just before the deadline thanks for your help and being patient with me.

That’s all for now, Liz

Liz Fletcher-Wright

BDO World Championship Review – Day 2.

After a successful first day the BDO World Championship looked to consolidate in its new home. The Indigo at O2 had made a good impression and despite a few tecjnical hitches the coverage looked to have potential. Would Day 2 prove as successful?

Exclusive Deta Hedman interview.
Hedman was defeated by Laura Turner on Day 2.
Photo: BDO

The afternoon session opened with a marathon contest, Wayne Warren and Justin Thompson taking us all the way into a deciding set. Welshman Warren was a quarter-finalist in 2018 and will be looking to replicate that run after a disjointed year on the tour. After an up and down match, ‘The Yank’ sealed glory with a spectacular 120 checkout. 

It was a similar story in the second match of the afternoon session as Ben Hazel was pegged back and pushed into a decider by Tennessee native Joe ‘Chainsaw’ Chaney. After originally building a 2-0 lead, Hazel surrendered the next two sets as we went into a decider. But the Hertfordshire showed his class, securing a win on debut at the o2 Indigo. 

In the final men’s match of an elongated afternoon session Michael Unterbuchner put pay to Willem Mandigers chances for a second year running. The German defeated Mandigers in the quarter-finals of last years event, but despite seeing the second 170 checkout of the tournament in set one from the Dutchman, ‘T-Rex’ stayed steady to secure victory. 

There were wins elsewhere for Aileen de Graaf and Laura Turner in the women’s section of the draw, de Graaf coming from a set down to defeat Kirsty Hutchinson on her World Championship debut. 

Turner secured her first victory on the World Championship stage in dramatic fashion against multiple time finalist Deta Hedman. After a nervy opening set, Turner found her scoring game in set two, punishing her experienced opponent on the outer ring to book her return to the Indigo later 
this week. 

Paul Hogan made headlines again with a 158 checkout and a good performance.

In arguably the performance of the day, veteran campaigner Paul Hogan defeated Belgium’s Brian Raman. British Isles qualifier Hogan nailed a 158 in a routine victory over the first time competitor. 

World Masters champion John O’Shea bowed out of the competition as he was far from his best against Andreas Harrysson of Sweden. Harrysson sprinted into a 2-0 advantage, but the Irishman showed tremendous grit to turn the tide and take the match to a decider. But it was not to be for ‘The Joker’ as Harrysson cleaned up in the final set to record a debut victory on the Indigo stage. 

Martijn Kleermaker brought the days action to an end with a magnificent scoring display, five maximums, and at one point six perfect darts blowing away fellow Dutchman Gino Vos as the pair made their maiden bows on the Indigo stage. 

‘The Dutch Giant’ ended the match with a 93.28 average, laying down a marker for all the title challenges, as he produced one of the standout performances of the tournament so far. 

Day 2 Results:

Wayne Warren 3-2 Justin Thompson 
Ben Hazel 3-2 Joe Chaney 
Aileen de Graaf 2-1 Kirsty Hutchinson 
Michael Unterbuchner 3-1 Willem Mandigers 

Andreas Harrysson 3-2 John O’Shea 
Laura Turner 2-0 Deta Hedman 
Paul Hogan 3-1 Brian Raman 
Martijn Kleermaker 3-0 Gino Vos

O Shea & Ashton Claim Masters Titles

John O’Shea saw through a tremendous run to claim the BDO World Masters title with victory over Scott Waites 6-4 in the final.

View image on Twitter
John O’Shea is crowned the 2019 BDO @One80Dart @Lstyle_Japan #WorldMasters Tip Top Pics
Tip Top Pics

Despite patchy form performances since his 2019 Lakeside final appearance Waites came into the final as the favourite. As a former champion, he was expected to make it tough for O Shea, who had never previously reached the final stages of a TV event.

It was ‘Too Hotty’ was soon on the back foot with O’Shea taking a 2-0 lead. However, the former world champion hit back to level the match at 2-2.

O’Shea, though, was resilient and refused to bow to his opponents greater experience. He again lead at 3-2 and he continued to build from there. Waites had chances to make it a deciding set but couldn’t punish and ‘The Joker’ threw a 16 darter to claim victory in the tenth set.

The Ladies event was claimed, again, by Lisa Ashton who boosted her ever-growing haul of titles. Her opponent did not make things easy for her and forced Ashton to produce a stirring comeback.


Anastasia Dobromyslova has been in very good shape in recent months and even recorded a record average (BDO) recently. However ‘The Lancashire Rose’ hit back from 2-4 down before she turned things around to win 5-4 and claim the title once again.

Sunday, October 27
Afternoon session

Lisa Ashton (79.59) 5-1 (72.11) Kasumi Sato
Anastasia Dobromyslova (80.09) 5-1 (68.43) Lorraine Winstanley
Graham Usher (86.74) 2-4 (90.82) Mario Vandenbogaerde
John O’Shea (84.17) 4-1 ( 86.00) Neil Duff
Ciaran Teehan (77.39) 2-4 (79.16) Michael Warburton
Scott Waites (90.12) 4-0 (77.70) Carl Hamilton

Evening session

Men’s Semi-Finals
Mario Vandenbogaerde (90.04) 1-5 (91.55) John O’Shea
Michael Warburton (81.96) 1-5 (91.28) Scott Waites

Women’s final
Lisa Ashton (85.50) 5-4 (82.76) Anastasia Dobromyslova

Men’s final
John O’Shea (88.89) 6-4 (86.24) Scott Waites