The Snapshot Review: Unicorn Gripper 6. The Beresford Barrel.

Not many amateur players are asked to produce their own barrel design by a major manufacturer. Fewer still see that design released onto the market and be available for general sale. Darts World contributor Tom Beresford is one of that select group.

Tom’s design was modelled on two of his favourite players, Joe Cullen and Krzysztof Kcuik and their distinctive barrels.

  • Product: Darts (Steel Tip)
  • Brand: Unicorn
  • Model: Gripper
  • Tungsten: 90%
  • Edition: 22g
  • Price: 35-60

Overview and First Impressions:

The barrels were originally marketed with Tom’s name and previous logo associated with them but are also part of the extensive ‘Gripper’ range. The ‘Beresford Barrel’ is the 22g version. The dimensions are relatively conventional at 45mm x 7mm, but its the grip sections that make the dart stand out. The dart has the same basic shape as the Cullen arrow but the front grip section is far more aggressive and has more in common with Kcuik’s Weapon of Choice’.

Open the Box:

  • One set of 3 90% Tungsten Barrels – Unicorn engraved.
  • One set of 3 Gripper Zero Degree’s Shafts
  • One set of 3 Gripper Flights
  • One set of 3 Finger Grip Points (Fitted)

These combinations of grip patterns give the dart a direct and aggressive look and feel. The slightly shorter, than Joe’s, dimensions are good for those who might describe themselves as ‘a bit wristy’. At 90% tungsten, they are a high-quality dart that will be long-lasting.

The price tag varies between 35 – 60 and is quite high for a ‘range dart’, best value can be obtained by hunting online. The finger grip points, supplied, are a nice touch and give the player a variety of options and ways for the dart to feel secure.

Test Results:

The testers found that both middle and rear grip players could get good performance from the dart. No front gripping player appeared comfortable.

“It took a while to really get the best from these, but they grew on me…..”

All the testers found the dart appealing and were eager to try them. The concept of a hybrid dart appealed to some who thought it may solve their personal needs.

Unicorn Gripper 90% Tungsten Darts 20g Designed With Tom Beresford
A180 still feature Tom’s logo as well as the Gripper branding. click to buy

Counterintuitively it was the players with the lightest grip who found the Gripper easiest to adapt too. They liked that they could feel it in their hand without having to actually ‘grip it’. The supplied set up is a very good place to start and the supplied accessories and spares are handy. However, a ‘Rockstar’ set up was very effective!


The split-grip proved awkward for more than one of our testing group. Those who persevered managed to find a manageable grip but it was not an easy task. However, more than one simply could not use the dart functionally.

Cullen himself simply said he had tried them

“but they were not for me”

Marks: 8/10

Overall this dart got 8/10. One tester marked very highly and one could not offer a mark. It seems that it could be thought of a marmite dart! An improving player in need of more grip may get on well with these if their technique suits.


A highly specialised dart, popular with some testers and throw styles. Durable and interesting as well as superbly engineered and manufactured. A highly individual dart that may suffer from being the combination of two styles rather than a single vision. A definite ‘try before you buy’ dart, not recommended for a beginner who is yet to settle on his/her grip or throw style.

Review and testing carried out by AIM: for an on behalf of Darts World Magazine.

Unibet Home Tour 17: Heta Claims Top Spot.

Damon Heta won Group 17 of the Unibet Home Tour on Sunday night, topping the group on leg-difference ahead of John Henderson and Krzysztof Kciuk.

John Henderson was the group’s highest ranked player, and the popular Scot just about got off to a winning start as he defeated Poland’s Krzysztof Kciuk 5-4 in the night’s opening game.

Despite playing through the night in Australia, Heta showed he was wide awake with a 5-0 whitewash of Gary Blades, before overcoming Henderson 5-3 in what proved to be a pivotal match.

Though Kciuk made it back-to-back victories with a 5-3 win over Heta in the penultimate game of the evening, it wasn’t enough to stop Brisbane Darts Master Heta from ending the night on top.

The Unibet Home Tour continues on Mondau night with Group 18, which will see PDC ranking event winner and former Premier League stars Stephen Bunting and Kim Huybrechts in action.

Unibet Home Tour 
Group 17 – Sunday May 3
John Henderson 5-4 Krzysztof Kciuk
Damon Heta 5-0 Gary Blades
Krzysztof Kciuk 5-3 Gary Blades
Damon Heta 5-3 John Henderson
Krzysztof Kciuk 5-3 Damon Heta
John Henderson 5-1 Gary Blades

Q School 2020 – A European Event Preview.

With the PDC European Q-School coming up our associate Jacoo Krook has asked some dartsfans, who could be regarded as experts, to offer their insights for previewing this event. For this first preview he selected Czech Republic and Poland as the most upcoming countries and therefore I gave them a separate section.


If one thinks about an expert about Polish darts, Franky Pol is probably one of the most suggested names. That’s why I’ve asked him which 2 Polish players he would name to win a tourcard. Franky answered: ‘’Really difficult question in my opinion. I mean obviously Kanik is the big hope to get his Tourcard back you know. But then I would say either Steyer or Kciuk is the other big hope or maybe even Sawicki who lives in England. Białecki(16 years old) is there to get more confidence and I am convinced that he will play the Development tour which would be awesome.’’


If we look at the other experts picking a Polish player to win a PDC tour card it will probably be Sebastian Steyer or Krzysztof Kciuk. As Jacopo Ghirardon points out: ‘’From Poland I think Steyer it’s the best player over there not having a card and he’s a serious player so he can go for it’’ High Roller Radio says: ‘’I’ll say Krzysztof Kciuk. I’ve seen him put in some solid performances and on ‘Any Given Sunday’ who knows?’’ Andrew Sinclair admits: ‘’Sebastian Steyer and Krysztof Kciuk are better known, but I’ll tip Luaksz Sawicki. He has continued to improve and he’s a veteran of local English tournaments.’’ While Dan Hutchinson gives Tytus Kanik, who held a PDC tour card in 2018 and 2019, a good chance as well. Kanik is the favourite of Faria Darts Index as well. Martin Hawkins will pick Krzysztof Kciuk despite knowing ‘’Lukasz Sawicki has been doing well in some of the opens around the UK’’……

For Jacco’s full review

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