Sherrock Suffers Sick “S***” Online Abuse!

FALLON SHERROCK became the latest victim of social media abuse after a fan called her a “s***” and “slag” following an online defeat.

The Milton Keynes star, who became the first woman to beat a man in the World Championships, got the stick on Twitter yesterday.

In a direct message the yob messaged Sherrock “Your so s*** you slag” and also “I’d love to stamp on your ugly head”.

Sherrock responded on Twitter:

“All I did was not win a game of darts, this is so wrong.”

Fellow online playing star David Evans leapt to her defence and stated: “I completely feel your pain, Fallon”. 

“I get them too and it is so wrong just because they have lost 50p on a bet. Just do what I do and block them and ignore it I know it’s hard to do but I’m doing this it lets them know that they haven’t got to you.”

Sky Sports commentator Stuart Pyke also added:

“Absolutely disgusting. Report is straight away and stay strong Fallon.”

It’s not the first time Sherrock, who also drew with Glen Durrant in the Premier League earlier this year, has been given abuse. World No.1 Michael Van Gerwen is in the same Modus Sports stable as Sherrock and has helped her deal with the pressures of instant fame.

And several of the game’s superstars have reached previously out to her with guidance after nasty trolls subjected her to social media abuse.

Exclusive: ‘The Power’ Talks To Darts World.

PHIL TAYLOR believes that Gary Anderson will be “reborn” when darts returns after lockdown. The 16-times World Champion has been back in the spotlight thanks to online events with Paddy Power against Raymond van Barneveld and Fallon Sherrock.

The Power is still in the darts limelight after recent online specials.

But The Power is predicting a big comeback for pal Ando who finished runner-up in the PDC Home Tour a fortnight ago. He also laughed off suggestions by Michael van Gerwen that he only made controversial statements to stay in the spotlight.

Taylor said: “Someone like Gary Anderson will benefit from this enforced break. The time at home with his family will do him a world of good – he will almost be a player reborn.

A player reborn? The Power thinks the time with his family will benefit Anderson.

“I’d have loved being in Michael’s day as his peak. I do enjoy his company to be quite honest, he’s a funny lad.

“Am I trying to wind him up? No.

The question was who would be World No.1 if not Michael, it would be Peter Wright and Gerwyn Price is also climbing up the rankings. “But Michael will lose the fact that people are scared of him. He isn’t winning the titles like he used to.

“Do I need publicity? Not really. I think I’ve done 30 years at the top. If he can do 20 years at the top he’ll be doing well. “But he doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Do I care? No, not really. I’m quite happy where I am. “I can’t run him down, the lad has done brilliantly.

Is MVG missing his duels with The Power?

“You need someone on a pedestal and Michael was the one who took over from me. But I don’t think Michael will ever get me out of his head. “If you asked him truthfully, he misses me. Because it’s not the same. A lot of the players have told me this. The practice room where it used to be brilliant, ask James Wade, ask Gary, they say it’s dead. The characters are not there anymore.

“So deep down I think Michael would love me to come back as a rival. And then you’d see Michael up his game again because he’d have no choice.”

Taylor is convinced that the dominant MVG will find it hard now that he has a young family and a new baby son who was born in early April.

He added: “I’m really pleased for him. There’s nothing like fatherhood for changing your life. But it will get harder for him now – when you have to leave your loved ones week in, week out to play in the Premier League, and you’re only at home one or two nights a week, it’s really tough. Especially when your family is so young.“

Back in the day, I had to spend a lot of time on the road to pay the bills because there wasn’t a lot of money in the game. I got £24,000 for winning my first world title – now you get £500,000. But it’s getting harder and harder because the schedule is so full, and the travel is relentless.”

Pix: Taylor Lanning

Van Gerwen To Dominate for a Decade!

MIGHTY Michael Van Gerwen has blasted that he’s still “hungry” to dominate for another DECADE.

The mean, green winning machine opted out of the lockdown online PDC Home Tour to dedicate time to his new son and practice. In his absence, there’s been an awful lot of chat from rivals that his rule at the top of the sport could be on the slide. But MVG has dismissed any such talk.

He told the Sky Sports podcast:

“Of course I want to play darts but I didn’t really fancy it.

That is my own opinion and everyone thinks differently about it. Other people like to do it, but I don’t.

“I practice a lot with Vincent van der Voort, who is a very good friend of mine. We had a lot of battles and I think for myself, that’s better preparation than the Home Tour, so that is why I chose not to play the Home Tour. It’s for myself and nobody else.”Practice has been going well, really good to be fair. Lots of people competed in the Home Tour so you know if they’re playing well or not so well, but nobody knows anything about me, but I can tell you now, nothing has changed, trust me.

“Of course I’m going to come back with a bang. What I noticed is that I really missed playing on the highest level and that was a good sign to myself.

‘Hey, I’m still hungry to win more titles.’ I still want to be the best for another five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 years.”

This charming Dutchman, ever the consummate professional has been an incredible leader for the sport. He removed Phil Taylor from the throne of World No.1 when he became World Champion in 2014.

MVG is undoubtedly the man to beat, the yardstick, racking up 54 televised titles and 77 other ranking events.Yet he was still under huge scrutiny when he switched to Winmau at the start of the year until he won the last major player, the UK Open.

He added: “There was a lot of talk about me. I moved over to Winmau, my new sponsor and darts manufacturer. There were a lot of question marks behind my name until I played the UK Open.“I played a phenomenal tournament over there, smashed everyone up and that gave me a lot of confidence. You need to believe in your ability, to know where your strengths and weaknesses are. I don’t have many weaknesses I know that.“

“I always say you need to invest in something and you need to give yourself some time and that is exactly what I did and it worked out quite well.”

It was announced on Friday that five Players Championship events are set to be held behind-closed-doors at Milton Keynes’ Marshall Arena from July 8-12, subject to the UK Government’s quarantine policy on overseas visitors. With the World Matchplay also set to go-ahead on July 18, it also seems increasingly likely that it will be held at the Marshall Arena rather than the iconic Winter Gardens.

Incredibly, Van Gerwen has failed to go beyond the quarter-finals at the Matchplay since winning in 2016. He added: “At this stage, nobody knows if you are going to play with a crowd or without a crowd. If I had to gamble I would say it will be without a crowd.

“This is bigger than the darts. This is about what is going to happen for the rest of the world. I am just a person in this scenario.

“If I can travel, I will be there. I didn’t perform well in the last two years at the World Matchplay. I have got nothing to defend at all so I think I might be hungry for that title.”

The Asp & Snakebite To Displace MVG As No.1? Aspinall Confident.

NATHAN ASPINALL believes that Michael van Gerwen can finally be toppled off the World No.1 spot over the next year. Stockport star Asp reckons MVG’s six-year reign on the throne could be ended by Peter Wright in the coming months.

Nathan Aspinall is climbing the rankings at a rapid pace, can he make the top spot?

Aspinall, PDC Home Tour champ from a week ago, is then wanting to follow World Champion Scot Snakebite to the top of the sport. He revealed on the Target Darts podcast:

“That is my target. Obviously Van Gerwen has been there for as long as my kids have been alive! 

“He’s been there a long time and it’s time for someone to knock him off.”

I think it could be Peter (Wright) if he has a good year and another good World Championships. I do think that Peter could take that No.1 spot in the next 12 to 18 months.

The Asp get serious!

“ it’s not going to be in the next year or two, I doubt it, but I do believe that I can be the World No.1 and a World Champion.“But it’s believing in it and I’ve got to do it. At the moment I am doing it and proving that these wins that I’ve had, these good runs, aren’t just lucky tournaments. I’m doing well and I do believe in the next five years certainly I can get to that No.1 spot which would be a dream come true.”

Aspinall, a World Championship semi-finalist two years in succession, is also hoping that the World Matchplay goes ahead in Blackpool from July 18. The tournament will definitely be the comeback to the big stage on TV for the sport but the PDC has been unable to confirm whether it will be at the legendary Winter Gardens.

He added: “To be fair I was itching to get back after two weeks. It’s been nice to spend some time at home doing things around the house that I wouldn’t have done if lockdown hadn’t happened. I’ve done all my garden up and spent some good time with the kids.

“It’s hard work for me because I’m not used to manual labour, I was originally an accountant. Digging and stuff isn’t my cup of tea!

“Obviously the Matchplay being the second biggest tournament of the year I think that’s a great way to kick it all back off.” “Personally I hope it goes ahead in Blackpool because the reception I got last year was phenomenal, even though I got beat the first game. It’s my home tournament, I’m only 45 minutes away from Blackpool.“Fingers crossed we can have some kind of audience there, even if it’s only 500 people, that’s better than nothing.”

Aspinall was also delighted to land the Home Tour title, defeating Gary Anderson, Jonny Clayton and Jelle Klaasen in the final group.He said: “It was a tough night, some quality players involved. So hopefully the first and only ever winner of the lockdown event. Even though it was nice to win it, I don’t want to have to retain it. Hopefully I’m the one and only.

“It was hard. The key part of it being hard was the rhythm, looking in the other player’s eyes, getting their reaction.

All you hear is the scores and the occasional comments.

“Luckily for me I did the trial run so going into the third group game I kind of knew more than anyone what to expect.“But I’d also played in a few online games with my mates in Stockport, I wasn’t doing particularly well. 

“I did find it tough but I think it was my fifth night involved when I won the final. So I’d got used to the format and how to play the game differently.”


Pictures by Taylor Lanning

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Clayton Is Key. Welshman Helps Out In Covid Crisis.

JONNY CLAYTON reckons he’s ready for the new normal on the oche of playing with a stage ‘lollipop social distancing’ man. The World No.16 Welshman has become a key worker for Carmarthenshire council making sure the self-isolating get their shopping during the coronavirus crisis.

The Ferret was gaining moment in 2020. Covid-19 has arrested that for now!

Clayton, 45, resumes his lucrative hobby of darts to bid for a semi-final place in the Low6 Home Tour online streaming event tonight (Tues) against Scott Waites, Max Hopp and Carl Wilkinson. In a recent German tournament, it was played with a ‘stop and go’ stage referee to tell the players when to step forward to the oche.

He said: “If the Matchplay goes ahead then, as far as I know I’m in it. If there is a stage lollipop man, it’ll be funny and different!“It’s just something that we are going to have to do. It will be strange but it’s important for the sport to get going again if it’s safe.

“Without a crowd, it’s always going to be strange, you get fired-up with the fans and the banter. The fans do play a big part but we need to get used to it if we have to.

“I played in the UK Open a couple of years ago behind closed doors because of the Beast From The East cold weather.”

“I remember it being quite odd, but I remember more being freezing cold playing in Minehead, that’s what bothered me the most, not there being any fans. “But it’s important to get back playing. It’s been boring not being so busy with the darts”.

“I’ve been delivering food to the vulnerable every Wednesday and also doing emergency work for the council like water leakages or ceilings have come down”.

“I’m always busy me. I don’t sit still for long. I’ve bought a second home and that will be where we live and sell this one. So I’ve been doing lots there as well. The only problem is that I’ve not been able to get any building materials, so it’s been frustrating.

“I like keeping darts as a hobby. If I gave up my job, I don’t know what I’d do all day. Playing darts to earn a living is extra pressure and I don’t need that!”

Clayton kicked off 2020 in epic fashion, beating Michael van Gerwen in his first TV match of the year at the Ladbrokes Masters in Milton Keynes – before hitting a nine-darter at the UK Open in early March.It has been suggested that the Matchplay could be run at the Marshalls Arena where he beat MVG, the same venue as where the snooker is being played this week.

But he admits that the pandemic has flushed his momentum down the pan, adding: “I started off the year pretty well. Don’t get me wrong, my floor tournaments weren’t the best. But my TV performances were really good. I beat Michael (Van Gerwen) and got a nine-darter, I felt I was going in the right direction for a big year.

“You build confidence obviously and this has put a stop to it. How dare coronavirus do that to me!“

Seriously though, sport is sport. Nothing is guaranteed. I personally think I’m more than capable of beating anyone with a bit of luck and consistency.

“If everything sits in place, I know I can get results in any tournament. But nothing in sport is set in stone so you need to keep going and battling.

“Maybe I should live up to my nickname The Ferret in darts. I got it from my rugby days, because I was quiet and small in the scrum.“ In darts I’d be happy to win trophies when I’m not expected to. Just the quiet one who sneaks up to win majors.”

Clayton, who has racked up over £250,000 in prize money in two years as an oche part-timer, faces an interesting last 32 Home Tour group against Waites, Hopp and Wilkinson. But thus far the online tournament has been all about the underdogs.

He said: “I just play in my spare room, that’s where my dartboard is. So I’ve no had anything special to do to get set up for playing live at home.“I’m not a massive practice player, I’ve not got any routines. So basically I don’t know how to take this Home Tour event but it was good to win my group. It’s a weird feeling to be doing this live in my spare room.“I just find darts a weird sport.

If you are on form you can beat anybody but if you’re not you could be the worst player ever. It just depends if you turn up on the night.”

Freemium Day 10: Thanks A Million.

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“High Trees Take A Lot of Wind” – MVG Unconcerned By Comments.

MIGHTY Michael van Gerwen admits he doesn’t care what people say about him as he prepares for a return to the big stage. The mean, green machine World No.1 has not competed since the last Unibet Premier League night in Liverpool on March 12, having sat out the PDC Home Tour.

MVG – Bullish in his response to the remarks of others. (Pic: Taylor Lanning).

But MVG, 31, was in a bullish mood and quick to dismiss any talk that a switch of darts to Winmau, following his World Championship final defeat to Scot Peter Wright, maybe the start of any decline. Van Gerwen revealed on his YouTube channel:

“People love saying things about me. From the biggest names to the smallest names. I’ve got a big target on my back. High trees take a lot of wind I always say, it’s a big saying in Holland”.

I have to deal with it. I take it as a positive if people talk about you, it means you’re still doing quite well.“There’s nothing to complain or worry about, I need to focus on my own game. Whatever anyone says, I don’t really care.”

MVG seems to have taken the coronavirus lockdown in his stride, enjoying an unexpected extended paternity leave with wife Daphne, daughter Zoe and new baby son Mike junior who was born in early April.

He also admits that he will practice stage social distancing with sparring partner Vincent van der Voort before the TV events commence again. He added: “It’s a big hit for everyone and everyone around you. The coronavirus has hit everyone, you have to deal with it as good as possible. Try to make the most out of it. But I’m looking forward to being back on tour.

“My new little boy is doing well, at the start he was crying a lot, that was difficult. But now he’s doing really well.“ I have rumours that they try to put on the Matchplay behind closed doors, if that’s the target then we need to all hope for it and see what the Government body says of course. The only thing we can do is wait until the PDC brings out more information.

Michael is adjusting to the likely new distancing requirements. (pic:Taylor Lanning)

“I’m practicing now, I do my routine but I’m not really playing matches yet. Myself and Vincent spoke about this that there’s no point yet to play games against each other.

“It’s difficult to imitate a normal game but without knowing what the rules are going to be, it’s pointless.“We will do. But first we need to wait for more details and we can’t do anything yet at this moment. “Vincent always speaks highly of me when we talk about practice. He’s playing really good. We are starting to push each other towards a high level. That’s what you want. I hope we can do some damage again on the big stages, that’s what I love.”

Van Gerwen certainly quashed any thoughts of a barren few months without trophies by taking the UK Open and comfortably placed second in the Premier League table. He added: “In the UK Open I played some phenomenal games, only one game I lost a little bit of focus. But still, I was good enough and my form was there.

“I just need to make sure I keep my form from the UK Open. Winmau have created this monster version for me. I want to be back on the tour, I want to do well with the new darts”. 

“I’m changing darts more often but I think it’s 90 percent who is throwing the dart.

“If you give me a set of brass darts I can beat 70 percent of the field in the PDC as well!”.

Michael has offered ‘5 Top Tips‘ to help you improve your game and take it to the next level.

MVGs Top 5 Tips For Dramatic Improvement!

Tips for what can you take from Michael’s dedication to the game?

The perfect finishing position? Certainly works for MVG.

The World No 1 has offered a handful of strong pieces of advice. Darts World’s resident coach is very impressed: “It’s unusual for the top players to give such good information. Often the just say generic things.

“These five offerings are things that can be seen to work fir Michael and might also be practice for improving players.”

MVG’s Tips:

1. Perfect the set up

Michael used to have a habit of getting offline as a youngster and in fixing his set-up position allowed him to become a consistent winning machine. Try very slow motion back and through darts throws to see the true line of your dart aim.

2. Obey your natural rhythm

Great Rhythm is something Michael has always had from a young age, and has been extremely careful never to mess with it. His throw has a start and a beautiful finish with no bits and pieces inn-between. See your throw as one movement not separate pieces.

3. Start smooth forwards

Another area Michael has perfected is the transition. The shoulder stabilises the throw so make sure it stays stable as you smoothly accelerate forward.

4. Stick the finish

Michael’s trademark is his sublime extension and throw finish showing perfect balance and power. That can’t happen without a lot of good things happening in your throw first, so stick your finish.

5. Find your weakest link

A few years ago Michael found that his mind was wandering halfway through many games. Identifying that this was linked to focus and stamina Michael got himself ready for the dip, so find your weakness and make it a strength.

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