Aspinall Claims Home Tour In Style.

Nathan Aspinall was crowned champion of the PDC’s first-ever home-staged event by winning the Low6 Home Tour Championship Group on Friday night.

As the innovative tournament reached its climax with the final night of action, Aspinall recorded a hat-trick of wins over Gary Anderson, Jonny Clayton and Jelle Klaasen to seal top spot.

The Premier League star, who would have been defending his US Darts Masters title in New York this weekend, kicked off the night in strong fashion with a 6-3 defeat of Dutchman Klaasen.

Gary Anderson also began with a win over Jonny Clayton, before the Scot was edged out 6-5 by Aspinall in one of the highest-quality games of the tournament, which proved crucial in the final standings.

Anderson bounced back with a win over Clayton, to ensure the fate of the title would remain unresolved heading into the last game of a series which began on April 17.

However, Aspinall was not to be denied, as the former UK Open champion held his nerve to defeat Clayton 6-4 and clinch the title.

“I hope all the fans have enjoyed it in these tough times for everyone,” said Aspinall.

“Thank you to the PDC and Low6 for putting on a brilliant tournament.

“I think a lot of us were sceptical at the start but we’ve all loved it. I’ve fully enjoyed taking part and I’ve also won it, so happy days!

“With the announcement today that the World Matchplay will go ahead on its originally scheduled dates I can’t wait to be back on the stage and on TV.”

Spanning across 43 nights, the Home Tour began with a 32-group first phase, with live darts broadcast from the homes of 101 PDC Tour Card Holders, with Luke Woodhouse’s nine-darter the memorable highlight.

Ten nights of Play-Offs action followed, before Friday’s Championship Group ended with glory for Aspinall.

Low6 Home Tour Play-Offs
Championship Group
Friday June 5
Nathan Aspinall 6-3 Jelle Klaasen
Gary Anderson 6-2 Jonny Clayton
Jonny Clayton 6-2 Jelle Klaasen
Gary Anderson 6-5 Nathan Aspinall
Gary Anderson 6-3 Jelle Klaasen
Nathan Aspinall 6-4 Jonny Clayton

Aspinall Just A Tub Player!

NATHAN ASPINALL made history by becoming the first-ever PDC title winner is his own kitchen…and then jumped in his hot tub to celebrate.

‘The Asp’ added another PDC title to his UK Open Trophy!

The World No.7 added to his UK Open and World Series titles by taking Home Tour glory in a nail-biting finish on Friday night. The Asp won a crucial fourth game over Gary Anderson in a deciding leg 6-5 and then overcame Jonny Clayton in a similar fashion with double eight to take the title.

He also beat Jelle Klaasen on the way to the title and then held up a makeshift dinner plate he turned into a trophy after his 12th successful game win. He said: “I’m really pleased to win this.

On a plate! The Asp shows his everyman side.

It actually means a lot. “I found Gary’s anger side. I wasn’t that focused at the start. It’s hard on your own, I’m just in my kitchen.”

“I tried to focus so hard at the end of the day he’s one of the best players to ever throw a dart.

Any win over Gary whether it’s at home or on the World Championship stage”.

 “I wanted to be crowned the winner of this, it was a fantastic game.

I’m sure the punters loved that. “I’m now going to jump into my hot tub to celebrate! ”

Aspinall has now won three events this year despite the lockdown and now has his sights set on glory at the Matchplay from July 18.He said: “I’ve hardly been practising during lockdown to be honest, it’s been horrendous. I’ve been trying to play in a few online comps and getting beat first round and second round. I’ve been rubbish to be fair.“In the Home Tour the first few weeks I was pretty poor but I’ve started putting the work in because the rumours were that the Matchplay was going ahead. It takes a couple of weeks to get back to your best.“

“I’m not sure about the Pro Tours, I have a feeling they might put a couple on which I hope they do.“I am up there with the best on the world, I was playing really well before the break. Obviously no one can help what happened, it’s been a tough time for everyone.

“I’ve had two months off with the family, it’s been lovely. Enough’s enough now, I’ve got a job to do, I want to get back to being on the tour.”

Pix: Taylor Lanning & Feature Pic: PDC

From Sublime To Slime: The Asp’s Journey!

NATHAN ASPINALL reveals he has gone from sublime arrows to making slime with his daughters. The World No.7, who has roared up the rankings over the past 18 months, is getting used to life at home, social distancing shopping for his grandparents, and homeschooling.

Although its a myth that snakes are ‘slimey’, The Asp is doing his best to put that right!

Stockport star The Asp takes his place in the PDC Home Tour Championship group tonight against Gary Anderson, Jonny Clayton, and Jelle Klaasen. He admits: “I spent the first week of lockdown making slime with my two daughters. I leave the clearing up to the missus!“We haven’t got the biggest back garden, so it’s just been painting and a bit of homeschooling. We have Brooke who is eight and Milly is two.

 “We immediately set up a bit of a routine with Brooke doing an hour or two a day of school work and proper activities. It’s hard for the kids because they’re not seeing their friends so we have to do our best for them”.

Nathan continued:

“It’s hard for everyone really. I’ve been doing the shopping and get medication for my grandparents who live just five minutes away. They’ve been self-isolating for three weeks now. They leave a list under the green bin, I collect it and then leave the stuff outside their front door.”

“I’m actually loving spending time at home. It’s going to really tell me how strong my relationship with the missus is!

“We were planning to get married next year. It’s good for us to see how it is to be a normal couple day after day. “We were meant to book the venue last week but we couldn’t do that because they are not taking any further bookings.”

Aspinall admits that he is so relieved after two World Championship semi-finals and a UK Open win gave him money in the bank to survive the Covid-19 lockdown. But the kind-hearted rising star is concerned along with other top players of the plight facing pals and rivals on the breadline.

He said:

“I feel very lucky to be in an OK situation”. A lot of my family are in trouble with work. My mum works for the Co-op, my dad and stepdad are both self-employed and have no savings and are very worried.

“If push came to shove, I will do my best to help my family. I do look at my life and think ‘Thank God I’ve got this money in the bank’.

“It’s not even just getting through the situation we are in now. But when it all gets back up and running, the pressure I would have been under would have been incredible. I would be in debt and needing to put food on the table again.

“It’s been really hard for the players outside the top 32″.

When it does all start up again that’s what so many players will be facing, real pressure to win matches.“Any money that they have managed to save will have gone just surviving through the lockdown.“I’ve been in that position before and it’s really not nice, trust me. It’s so hard to play darts with that pressure.”

“To be fair to the PDC and PDPA they are constantly in touch with us and have been a real help throughout this time.”

Pix: Taylor Lanning

The Asp will attempt to capture another PDC title this evening when he does battle, with Gary Anderon, Johnny Clayton, and Jelle Klaasen, for the Low6 Home Tour title.

Championship Group
Friday June 5 (1930 BST)

Nathan Aspinall v Jelle Klaasen
Gary Anderson v Jonny Clayton
Jelle Klaasen v Jonny Clayton
Nathan Aspinall v Gary Anderson
Gary Anderson v Jelle Klaasen
Jonny Clayton v Nathan Aspinall
All games are best of 11 legs.

Fans in the UK & Ireland can watch through the Sky Sports App.

As well as being shown through a series of bookmakers’ websites, the Low6 Home Tour will also be broadcast live by a number of the PDC’s international broadcast partners listed below.

Low6 Home Tour: Asp & Ferret Fight To Final Group.

Nathan Aspinall and Jonny Clayton claimed the final two places in the Low6 Home Tour Play-Offs Championship Group with superb displays in Thursday’s Semi-Final Group Two.

A high-quality penultimate night of the innovative home-broadcast event saw four members of the world’s top 16 in action, with Clayton and Aspinall winning two games apiece as they progressed to Friday’s Championship Group.

2019 UK Open champion Aspinall opened the night with a ten-dart finish and produced a 12-darter in the deciding leg of his opening tie with Clayton.

Rob Cross averaged 107 as he edged his 11-leg clash with a 13-dart finish against Aspinall, who bounced back to take victory in his winner-progresses contest with Joe Cullen courtesy of a 14-darter.


“It means a lot,” said Aspinall. “I wanted to get through to the finals night and I’m very happy.

“Every game I’ve played tonight, the other players were brilliant. Tonight I wanted to play well and I produced good stuff.”

Clayton, meanwhile, raced to a 6-1 win over Cross in their decisive match to top the Semi-Finals Group Two table on Leg Difference from Aspinall.

Clayton responded to his narrow opening loss to Aspinall by coming from 5-4 down to defeat Cullen in a deciding leg, and reeled off five successive legs against Cross to seal his spot in the Championship Group.

“I’m chuffed to bits,” said Clayton, who has also been working delivering food parcels in his local area in recent weeks during the lockdown period.

“Let’s see what happens tomorrow night now. It’s going to be a tough night on Friday, they are great players in there and it’s going to be a hard job for me – but hopefully I can top the group again.”

Aspinall and Clayton join two-time World Champion Gary Anderson and former Lakeside Champion Jelle Klaasen in another strong line-up as the quartet compete in a round-robin format on Friday to claim the Low6 Home Tour title.

The tournament, which began in April, has featured 101 PDC Tour Card Holders competing from their homes on four continents, and also saw a nine-dart finish from Luke Woodhouse on Night Two.

The Low6 Home Tour Championship Group can be watched live and free through PDCTV for registered users (new users can sign up for FREE here), as well as through bookmakers’ websites and international broadcasters.

Registered PDCTV members can also watch for FREE through the official PDC App.

Feature Pic: Taylor Lanning

Rob Getting Cross With Social Media Abuse.

ROB CROSS believes that constant online abuse from fans will “alienate” players from social media. The 2018 World Champion is bidding for a place in the PDC Home Tour final tonight (Thurs) against Nathan Aspinall, Joe Cullen, and Jonny Clayton.

Reigning World Matchplay champion Rob Cross is getting fed up with the increase in social media abuse. (Pic: Taylor Lanning)

But the Hastings star, 29, admits that he feels the escalating problem of online attacks on players will stop them interacting with fans – and that’s a big worry for the sport. Over the last month Jelle Klaasen, Kyle Anderson, Peter Wright, Paul Nicholson, and Cross have been given major stick on Twitter. 

He said: “It’s getting way out of hand. I think most of the charm of darts is that the players are down to earth, in the main none of us are divas. “I think darts is the working-class sport now. We love to be amongst the fans, we do exhibitions so much and we all love it. “But over the past few weeks it has got so bad online that I think players will stop using social media, it will alienate them. I know players that are just going to not do it anymore. That would be such a shame.

“I definitely stepped back from social media a couple of years ago when myself and my family were getting death threats. You just don’t want to see that sort of thing.”

Cross admits that he has been on the receiving end of insults despite winning both his Home Tour groups and suffering the loss of his grandad to coronavirus. But he has also praised the PDPA for being so proactive to protect the players and giving them advice. He added: “I’ve played in the Home Tour despite losing my grandad to Covid-19 just a few weeks ago. We’ve had a really tough time.“

“My nan has moved in since he died and straight up I’ve not practiced hardly at all. We’ve had the funeral to deal with and naturally all the grief. It’s been a horrible time for us all. “Yet after winning both my group stages so far, my social media has been full of insults at me! “A link was put up on one thread pointing out the PDPA online abuse statement, and the guy replied that I deserved all the abuse”.

“I just think players will stop talking to fans. It’ll be such a bad thing because the minority will ruin it for everyone else.”

“Most of it is people losing bets and then blaming the player for it. The stupid thing is that I can guarantee no player in darts ever goes out to lose a match, we want to win every time. “The PDPA are brilliant, I have to say that. They are always quick to get in touch if abuse has been excessive. It’s just a shame no one can solve the problem because Twitter won’t change it.”

Plenty to to think about for ‘Voltage’.(Pic: Taylor Lanning)

Cross is now concerned for pregnant wife Georgia who is suffering from SPD as she carries their fourth child. He added:

“She’s on crutches at the moment, so it’s really tough for her. We think she’ll be induced in August. If it gets any worse she’ll have to use a wheelchair until the baby is born”.

“Life certainly isn’t dull. We’ll crack on with the Home Tour. I don’t think I’ve played that well, I’ve just done enough each time but it has been difficult to concentrate on darts over the past few weeks.

“If I can win this Home Tour it will be nothing short of a miracle considering what’s been going on.”

Home Tour: The Asp Finds A Way.

Nathan Aspinall became the latest player to reach the semi-finals of the Low6 Home Tour Play-Offs as he won all three of his matches on Monday night.


Premier League star Aspinall kicked off the night with a 6-4 defeat of Spain’s Jesús Noguera, before seeing off 2019 Czech Open winner Jamie Hughes 6-2.

Meanwhile, Jose De Sousa also picked up two wins from his first two matches as the Portuguese number one continued the impressive form he showed in the first phase of the tournament.

The final game of the night saw Aspinall run out a 6-4 victor over De Sousa in a winner takes all match, with Aspinall joining Rob Cross and Joe Cullen in Thursday’s semi-final line-up.

The Low6 Home Tour Play-Offs continue on Tuesday night with the final semi-final spot up for grabs in Group Eight, which will feature Jonny Clayton, Max Hopp, Scott Waites and Carl Wilkinson.

Low6 Home Tour Play-Offs
Group Seven – Monday June 1
Nathan Aspinall 6-4 Jesús Noguera
Jose De Sousa 6-1 Jamie Hughes
Jose De Sousa 6-4 Jesús Noguera
Nathan Aspinall 6-2 Jamie Hughes
Jamie Hughes 6-4 Jesús Noguera
Nathan Aspinall 6-4 Jose De Sousa

Home Tour Play-Offs – Groups Announced.

The eight groups have been confirmed for the Low6 Home Tour Play-Offs ahead of the tournament’s return on May 26.

Is your favourite amongst those who will feature in the second stage ?

The last 32 nights have seen elite level darts brought from the homes of 101 PDC Tour Card Holders around the world to the homes of fans through remote live broadcasts.

The Home Tour action included a brilliant nine-darter from Luke Woodhouse in Group Two, while PDC World Champions Peter Wright, Rob Cross and Gary Anderson were amongst the players who topped their group to progress to the second phase.

The 32 group winners are now set to compete in the Play-Offs over a further 11 consecutive nights of live action from Tuesday May 26 onwards, with a champion crowned at the climax of the tournament on Friday June 5. 

The 32 players have been seeded in order of their PDC Order of Merit ranking for the Last 32, and placed into groups based on the regular PDC seeding pattern.
The players who win Groups One-Four will proceed to play in Semi-Final One on Wednesday June 3, with the winners from Groups Five-Eight moving through to Semi-Final Two on Thursday June 4.
The top two players from each of the Semi-Final groups will then move through to compete in the Championship Group on Friday June 5.
All games from the Last 32 onwards are the best of 11 legs, with each group being a round-robin format.

Reigning World Champion Wright, who became the last player to secure a Play-Off place in Monday’s Group 32, will headline the opening night of the Play-Offs in Group One, which also contains Cristo Reyes, Jelle Klaasen and Ryan Murray.

Two-time World Champion Anderson, who improved his internet connection especially to take part in the event, will compete in Group Three, while Premier League table-topper Glen Durrant lines up in Group Two.

Reigning World Matchplay champion Cross is set to star in Group Five, with former UK Open winner Nathan Aspinall drawn in Group Seven.

The PDC is pleased to announce that the Play-Offs will be sponsored by Low6, the company behind the PDC Picks app which gives fans the chance to make their picks for each night’s action.

Wayne Stevenson, CEO of Low6, commented, “Low6 is absolutely delighted to be named the Title Sponsor for the PDC Low6 Home Tour Play-Offs. 

“This Title Sponsorship extends our already successful partnership with the PDC as their ‘Official Pool Betting Partner’. 

PDC Picks, the official pool betting app of the PDC developed by Low6, has seen significant engagement from avid PDC darts fans predicting the winners of each match in contests that see fans ‘picks’ climb atop the leaderboard to win huge cash prizes. 

“Be sure to enter our PDC Picks contests on the PDC Picks or the Low6 app available on both Apple iOS and Google Play. We look forward to crowning the Low6 Home Tour Play-Offs champion June 5!”

All Low6 Home Tour Play-Offs action will be broadcast live on PDCTV for FREE to ALL registered PDCTV users, regardless of membership type.

Registered PDCTV members can also watch for FREE through the official PDC App.

Fans in Great Britain and Ireland can also watch the action through the Sky Sports app.

As well as being shown through a series of bookmakers’ websites, the Low6 Home Tour Play-Offs will be broadcast live by a number of the PDC’s international broadcast partners.

Low6 Home Tour Play-Offs
Group One – Tuesday May 26

Peter Wright
Cristo Reyes
Jelle Klaasen
Ryan Murray
Group Two – Wednesday May 27

Stephen Bunting
Glen Durrant
Alan Tabern
Mike De Decker
Group Three – Thursday May 28
Gary Anderson
Luke Humphries
Jamie Lewis
Nick Kenny
Group Four – Friday May 29

Dave Chisnall
Darren Webster
Geert Nentjes
Damon Heta
Group Five – Saturday May 30
Rob Cross
Ryan Searle
Luke Woodhouse
Daniel Larsson
Group Six – Sunday May 31
Joe Cullen
Chris Dobey
Jeff Smith
Martijn Kleermaker
Group Seven – Monday June 1
Nathan Aspinall
Jamie Hughes
Jose De Sousa
Jesús Noguera
Group Eight – Tuesday June 2
Jonny Clayton
Max Hopp
Carl Wilkinson
Scott Waites

Low6 Home Tour Play-Offs
Group One – Tuesday May 26

Peter Wright v Ryan Murray
Cristo Reyes v Jelle Klaasen
Ryan Murray v Jelle Klaasen
Peter Wright v Cristo Reyes
Cristo Reyes v Ryan Murray
Jelle Klaasen v Peter Wright
Group Two – Wednesday May 27
Stephen Bunting v Mike De Decker
Glen Durrant v Alan Tabern
Mike De Decker v Alan Tabern
Stephen Bunting v Glen Durrant
Glen Durrant v Mike De Decker
Alan Tabern v Stephen Bunting
Group Three – Thursday May 28
Gary Anderson v Nick Kenny
Luke Humphries v Jamie Lewis
Nick Kenny v Jamie Lewis
Gary Anderson v Luke Humphries
Luke Humphries v Nick Kenny
Jamie Lewis v Gary Anderson
Group Four – Friday May 29
Dave Chisnall v Damon Heta
Darren Webster v Geert Nentjes
Damon Heta v Geert Nentjes
Dave Chisnall v Darren Webster
Darren Webster v Damon Heta
Geert Nentjes v Dave Chisnall
Group Five – Saturday May 30
Rob Cross v Daniel Larsson
Ryan Searle v Luke Woodhouse
Daniel Larsson v Luke Woodhouse
Rob Cross v Ryan Searle
Ryan Searle v Daniel Larsson
Luke Woodhouse v Rob Cross
Group Six – Sunday May 31
Joe Cullen v Martijn Kleermaker
Chris Dobey v Jeff Smith
Martijn Kleermaker
Joe Cullen v Chris Dobey
Chris Dobey v Martijn Kleermaker
Jeff Smith v Joe Cullen
Group Seven – Monday June 1
Nathan Aspinall v Jesús Noguera
Jamie Hughes v Jose De Sousa
Jesús Noguera v Jose De Sousa
Nathan Aspinall v Jamie Hughes
Jamie Hughes v Jesús Noguera
Jose De Sousa v Nathan Aspinall
Group Eight – Tuesday June 2
Jonny Clayton v Scott Waites
Max Hopp v Carl Wilkinson
Scott Waites v Carl Wilkinson
Jonny Clayton v Max Hopp
Max Hopp v Scott Waites
Carl Wilkinson v Jonny Clayton

PDC Home Tour
Play-Offs Format

* The Last 32 onwards will be played over the best of 11 legs in a round-robin four-player group format.
* The Last 32 will feature eight groups from May 26-June 2, with each Group Winner moving into the Last Eight. Group Winners will be allocated to one of eight groups in ranking order (one player from each pool of 1-8, 9-16, 17-24, 25-32). 
* The Last Eight will feature two groups on June 3-4, with the top two players in each group moving into the Championship Group on Friday June 5.
* If a player is unable to complete their group matches on the night from the Last 32 onwards, they are eliminated from the tournament.


Home Tour: The Asp Strikes To Claim Group.

Nathan Aspinall won Group Ten of the Unibet Home Tour, as the home-staged tournament continued on Sunday night.

The Bomber, JDC founder Steve Brown is enjoying a resurgence as a player.

Despite suffering an ankle ligament strain while running in the days prior to his Home Tour appearance, Aspinall swept aside his opponents with three wins from three.

The Premier League star began the night with a 5-2 win against Steve Brown, before going on to defeat Ryan Joyce by the same scoreline.

After Brown scored a 5-3 win over Joyce in the penultimate game of the evening, Aspinall knew he needed just two legs against Simon Stevenson in the last game of the night to clinch the group.

Aspinall wasted no time in sealing the group win, as he took the opening two legs, before going on to claim a 5-1 triumph to make it a hat-trick of wins on the night.

The Unibet Home Tour continues on Monday night with Group 11, which will see former World Championship runner-up Simon Whitlock in action, along with Kirk Shepherd, Alan Tabern and Mike van Duivenbode.

Unibet Home Tour 
Group Ten – Sunday April 26
Nathan Aspinall 5-2 Steve Brown
Ryan Joyce 5-2 Simon Stevenson
Steve Brown 5-1 Simon Stevenson
Nathan Aspinall 5-2 Ryan Joyce
Steve Brown 5-3 Ryan Joyce
Nathan Aspinall 5-1 Simon Stevenson

Group 11 – Monday April 27 (1930 BST)
Simon Whitlock v Mike van Duivenbode
Kirk Shepherd v Alan Tabern
Mike van Duivenbode v Alan Tabern
Simon Whitlock v Kirk Shepherd
Kirk Shepherd v Mike van Duivenbode
Alan Tabern v Simon Whitlock

PDC Home Tour

All Home Tour action will be broadcast live on PDCTV for FREE to ALL registered PDCTV users, regardless of whether you have a paid or free membership.

Registered PDCTV members can also watch for FREE through the official PDC App.

As well as being shown through a series of bookmakers’ websites, the Unibet Home Tour will also be broadcast live by a number of the PDC’s international broadcast partners.

Fans in the UK & Ireland can watch the first three nights through the Sky Sports App.

Home Tour 9 -12: The Asp & Bullyboy To Join The Action.

Premier League stars Michael Smith and Nathan Aspinall are amongst the next 16 players set to take part in the Unibet Home Tour, with the line-ups and fixtures confirmed for Groups Nine to 12.

Will Bullyboy buck the trend, many top names have struggled with the home format.

Former World Championship runner-up Smith will headline Saturday night’s Group Nine action, while former UK Open champion Aspinall will compete in Group Ten on Sunday as the home-broadcast event continues.

PDC Home Tour

Saturday will see the ninth of 32 consecutive nights of live PDC action take place, as Smith takes on Dutch PDC newcomer Martijn Kleermaker in the opening game of Group Nine.

2019 Players Championship event winner Harry Ward and experienced competitor Matt Clark will also be in the hunt to win Group Nine.

Sunday’s Group Ten will begin with a contest between Aspinall and former ProTour event winner Steve Brown, before Ryan Joyce and Simon Stevenson enter the fray.

Popular Australian Simon Whitlock will make his Home Tour debut in Monday’s Group 11, taking on Dutch youngster Mike van Duivenbode in his opener.

Another former World Championship runner-up, Kirk Shepherd, will also be in action, along with former UK Open semi-finalist Alan Tabern.

Dialling in from Germany, Max Hopp is the top ranked player in Group 12, with the former European Tour event winner set to take on in-form Belgian Mike De Decker in his opening match on a night featuring two former World Youth Champions.

Taking a well-earned break from his duties as a key worker in an NHS laboratory, Keegan Brown will join the live broadcast from the Isle of Wight, while Conan Whitehead completes the Group 12 line-up.

The nightly league format will see all four competitors play each other once in matches played over the best of nine legs, with a winner crowned each night.

The opening six nights of Home Tour action have seen a fast-paced, unpredictable start to the innovative new tournament, with Luke Woodhouse’s sensational nine-dart leg from his kitchen on Saturday night the highlight so far.

With each night’s action commencing at 1930 BST, darts commentator Dan Dawson will be on hand to talk through proceedings, which will also include live score graphics on screen.

All Home Tour action will be broadcast live on PDCTV for FREE to ALL registered PDCTV users, regardless of whether you have a paid or free membership.

Registered PDCTV members can also watch for FREE through the official PDC App.

Fans in Great Britain and Ireland can also watch the action through the Sky Sports app.

As well as being shown through a series of bookmakers’ websites, the Unibet Home Tour is being broadcast live by a number of the PDC’s international broadcast partners.

Unibet Home Tour
Group Nine Fixtures
Saturday April 25

Michael Smith v Martijn Kleermaker
Harry Ward v Matt Clark
Martijn Kleermaker v Matt Clark
Michael Smith v Harry Ward
Harry Ward v Martijn Kleermaker
Matt Clark v Michael Smith
Group Ten Fixtures
Sunday April 26

Nathan Aspinall v Steve Brown
Ryan Joyce v Simon Stevenson
Steve Brown v Simon Stevenson
Nathan Aspinall v Ryan Joyce
Ryan Joyce v Steve Brown
Simon Stevenson v Nathan Aspinall

Group 11 Fixtures
Monday April 27

Simon Whitlock v Mike van Duivenbode
Kirk Shepherd v Alan Tabern
Mike van Duivenbode v Alan Tabern
Simon Whitlock v Kirk Shepherd
Kirk Shepherd v Mike van Duivenbode
Alan Tabern v Simon Whitlock

Group 12 Fixtures
Tuesday April 28

Max Hopp v Mike De Decker
Keegan Brown v Conan Whitehead
Mike De Decker v Conan Whitehead
Max Hopp v Keegan Brown
Keegan Brown v Mike De Decker
Conan Whitehead v Max Hopp

Tournament Rules
* All matches are the best of nine legs.
* The player listed on the left of the fixture will throw first in odd-numbered legs.
* Two Points awarded for a win.
* Should players finish level on Points, the Leg Difference will be used to decide positions. Should Points and Leg Difference be equal between two players, then the winner of the game between the two players will determine who finishes higher. Should Points and Leg Difference be equal between three players, the Overall Average of each player (across the three games on the night) will be used to determine who finishes higher.

Ones to Watch: Six of The Best (PDC) 2020 Games For Lock-Down Viewing.

As a fan of our ‘Ones to Watch‘ series James Smith got in – touch with his suggestions of the best of 2020, while his ambitions may seem a bit bold, his viewing choice is solid:

How many lock-down weeks until you reach MVG standard?

As a darts enthusiast, being trapped indoors currently does present one with a great opportunity to work on one’s throw, with the hope of giving Michael van Gerwen a run for his money when we are allowed outside again.

James Smith

However, there is only so long that you can kid yourself into thinking that you are good enough to become a World Champion. In the meantime, with no new (live) darts being televised, we are left only to look back over what has happened already.

So, to aid this pursuit of entertainment, here is a run down of the six most exciting PDC matches of 2020 so far:

6. Dobey vs Ratajski: UK Open 4th Round.

The early rounds of the UK open of 2020 were graced with some fantastic clashes, especially this contest between top-twenty players Chris Dobey and Krystof Ratajski. Both players are expected to start picking up serious titles this year, and this match showed why.

Both players averaged over 105 across a match that went all the way to the final leg. With Ratajski averaging 56.25% on his doubles, and Dobey 43.48% it is no surprise that this was a close-fought contest.

Ratajski broke throw early in the match to go into a 4 – 2 lead. Dobey responded brilliantly however, breaking throw twice to win four straight legs to go 6 – 4 up. This included a fantastic 121-check on the bullseye in leg nine to break for the second time.

After another break of throw, Ratajski then missed two darts at double sixteen to win 10-8, surprising given then quality of the match. With the pattern of the game continuing however, the Englishman hit the bullseye again, this time for a 92-out, in the final leg of the match, to break Ratajski and go to the next round. Darting drama right from the start.

5. Dave Chisnall vs Daryl Gurney: Masters First Round

Following disappointing World Championship campaigns, both Gurney and Chisnall arrived at the Marshall Arena at the end of January, with a point to prove. However, with the format of the tournament bringing the top sixteen of the PDC Order of Merit, neither player was likely to enjoy an ‘easy’ first round draw.

Both players showed in this first-round clash their undeniable class. Starting well, ‘Chizzy’ raced into a 5 – 2 lead, only for Gurney to bring it back to 5 – 5. The following six legs were then shared to make things 8 – 8, in this first to ten match.

With both players averaging in the low nineties, this wasn’t the highest scoring game ever. But missed doubles throughout the match, including Gurney’s four across the final two legs, meant that this game was full of darting drama from start to finish.

Chizzy emerged a 10 – 8 winner…only to be knocked out in the second round 10 – 0 by title-winner Peter Wright. A great contest as we get stuck into the list:

4. Peter Wright vs Gerwyn Price: PC 5 (Final).

The first of two Players’ Championship events to make this list – the final of PC 5 saw newly-crowned World and Masters Champion Peter Wright, take on Welsh Number One Gerwyn Price.

The final saw the two Major-holders both average over 109 across the fourteen-leg match. This was a fitting end to a day of darts where ninety-one matches saw averages over a hundred – beating the previous world record (set in February 2019) by a staggering twenty-one matches.

Showing the eminent quality of both players, the first thirteen legs of the match went with throw, leaving Wright with a 7-6 lead going into the fourteenth. Then with Price sat on double top, after twelve darts, ‘Snakebite’ hit ‘The Big Fish’ (a 170 Checkout) to seal his first Players Championship title of 2020.

You will struggle to find a final of such consistent quality anywhere else from this season. In fact, Wright’s performance in the final meant that of his seven matches en route to lifting the trophy, he averaged less than one hundred on only one occasion:

3. Nathan Aspinall vs Dirk van Duijvenbode: Belgian Darts Championship Quarter Final

2020 is the first year that the PDC European Tour hosted an event in Belgium. The inaugural venue was the Expo Hasselt, in Hasselt, where forty-eight competitors took to the stage.

The final was won by Gerwyn Price, in an 8-3 victory over Michael Smith. Arguably, however, the game of the tournament came in the Quarter Final between Nathan Aspinall and Dirk van Duijvenbode.

With both players reaching averages of over 102, this match was full of quality, with the Dutchman edging his English opponent 6-5, as the match went right to the final leg. Having hit the twenty-five for a 170-Check, Van Duijvenbode was let off the hook as Aspinall failed to get a dart at a double from ninety-five. The Dutchman cleaned up on double eight to proceed to the semi-fianls.

Despite losing 7-4 to price in the semi’s, he must have been over the moon for his performance that weekend. As well as this being the Dutchman’s first final’s day at a PDC European Tour event, the financial implications are also clear. Van Duijvenbode last season earned £14,500 – after reaching the semi-finals in Belgium, he has already supposed that in 2020.

This is the perfect chance to watch one of the new greats of the game in Aspinall, coming up against a young player of whom much is expected in the years to come:

2. Nathan Aspinall vs Gary Anderson: P.L. (6)

Having not played a Premier League match in almost two years due to injury, Gary Anderson returned to the Thursday-Night tournament continuing to reach his former best. His match against Nathan Aspinall in Liverpool showed that he still has a lot left in the tank.

Gary averaged 94.27 across the match, and flew into a 5-1 lead straight away after Aspinall missed six darts at a double in the first leg. The man from Stockport rallied however, hitting eight maximums to bring the match back level at 5-5.

Aspinall then responded to the Scot’s ninety-five finish to win the final leg to claim a 6-6 draw with an average pushing 108. With both players coming off stage pleased with coming away with a point it isn’t hard to imagine how much quality the two of them were producing:

1. Michael Van Gerwen vs Gerwyn Price: Players’ Championship Six Final

The second match in the list from the Players Championship events from Wigan this year – the final of PC Six saw the MvG lose to the ‘Iceman’ 8-7 in the most thrilling contest of the year.

With over 1,112 180’s thrown over the two days, as well as two nine-dart legs (from MvG and Steve Lennon) the Sunday final had a lot to live up to. It did not disappoint.

Price raced into a 4 – 1 lead, continuing to show the class that has brought him up to number three in the PDC Order of Merit. MvG managed to bring the tie back to 5 – 4, only for the Welshman to win to extend his lead to 7 – 4. As Price struggled to close the game, MvG won legs in eleven, fifteen, and eleven darts again to send the match to a deciding leg for what would have been his first title in 2020.

Price however, took the £10,000 cheque by hitting the bulls eye to complete a 94-checkout with the big Dutchman sat on double eighteen.

Price continues to ooze confidence and class – stating after his victory “I truly believe now that if I hit my double I will win matches against Michael, Peter [Wright] or whoever; my scoring game is up there, if not better than them.”

So there are James’s picks for the best viewing of 2020, so far!

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