Collins Looking To Capitalise On Good Form. Q School 2020

Our resident coach has eyes and ears all over the darting scene. For a little while he has been telling us about a few players he feels may come through to the next level. One of those he keeps coming back to is Rob Collins.

Collins recently claimed the New Forest Masters.

Collins’ record shows potential but is nothing to really get excited about. Yet ‘Coach’ is adamant that he is one to watch. Last year saw a definite improvement in his results and his late season BDO and open form was certainly eye catching.

Rob claimed the New Forest Masters, which is a tough, long standing event, at a cantor and seems to have attracted the interest of Red Dragon darts at some point, so perhaps ‘Coach’ is on to something.

We will keep an eye on Rob at Q School this year and see if he is ready to add to ‘Coach’s rep as a talent spotter!