2017 BDO World Trophy Day 2 report.

The Viking – Still Battling After All These Years.

OCHE legend Andy Fordham is close to making a full recovery after previously being hospitalised in late February due to severe abdominal pain.

2017 BDO World Trophy Day 2 report.
Winmau’s Andy Fordham is recovering well after a recent hospitalisation. Photo: David Gill / DG Media

The ex-World Champion reckons he is now on the road to recovery and losing weight following his bowel blockage. Fordham, 58, is now even contemplating a return to darts in some capacity.

He told Winmau TV:

“I’m probably about 90 percent better now. It was a blocked bowel and there was nothing coming out at all and when it finally started to go, it weren’t nice.

The people in the hospital are just unbelievable, you can’t praise them enough.

“I think I’m always going to have a couple of issues but compared to what I was, I feel so much better. I lost loads of weight, but I’ve learned from last time. I’ve been moving around a lot more, I’ve had a couple of goes on the dartboard. It’s slowly picking up. I won’t say I will be getting back to tournament standard but if you don’t try you don’t know.”

Fordham admits that his days of competing at the highest level may be over but did make a bid for Lakeside a few years back.

He added: “I was going a few years back, I think it was Bridlington. It was the British Open on the stage, I beat Ted Hankey. Then I played Richard Veenstra and I missed three darts at double 20 and when I say I missed them, all three darts were on the wire.

“Then he beat me 4-3, I come off and I got told if I would have hit one of those doubles I would have qualified for the Lakeside. It proves it’s there, it’s just got to keep fighting to get it back again.”

Faversham Darts Raise Money for NHS

Faversham Darts got in on the act of web-based lockdown events by hosting a series of match-ups last night, including several county players and a guest appearance from recent Remote League winner and former PDC World Championship last-16 contender, James Richardson.


Over £500 was raised for the NHS through player and viewer donations, not least of all Richardson himself who pledged £5 for every 180 thrown and £2.50 for every 140. He threw plenty, and almost crowned the night with a 9-darter – missing double 12 to gasps from the Faversham hosts.

Darts has thrived in these strangest of times. The home entertainment of the traditional pub sport has hit new levels of interest with boards and accessories flying out of the factories and livestream tournaments all over the internet – the world waking up to the fact that you don’t need to be in the same room as someone to have a good old tungsten tussle. Faversham made their admirable attempt at putting a spectacle together for darts fans, bringing a couple of ‘undercard’ games before the main event which pitched Richardson against Kent County A player, Peter Allen.

The undercard games were as much a technology test for the organisers as anything – overcoming a host of technical issues in trying to dual-stream the event across both Facebook and YouTube, before settling on one channel and hitting full flow by the time the darts got really interesting.

Richardson was imperious against Allen, leading to an offer from the organisers for viewers to bid for an opportunity to play him as an encore. It was one of the undercard stars and another Kent County A player, Ryan Hope, who despatched Jamie Preston 7-0 earlier in the evening and who clearly had the wind between his sails, that stepped up to the challenge for a bid of £50. The encore didn’t disappoint, delivering 11 more 180s between the pair (6 for Richardson, 5 for Hope) and a ding-dong contest that eventually Hope clinched 10 legs to 8 with an impressive 3-dart average of 92.

In an act of pure sportsmanship, Richardson conceded the darts back to Ryan in one leg when the computer scores were out of kilter, to avoid having to reset the match stats. After all, this was about putting on a charity show for a great cause, giving local darts fans some entertainment and letting a few players blow off some cobwebs.

Well done to all involved. Let’s see some more of the pros mixing it with grass roots!

Keegan to Swap Needles For Darts. NHS Worker Brown To Play Home Tour!

Keegan Brown will swap his white lab coat for his trademark pink darts shirt as he returns to PDC action by competing in the Unibet Home Tour on Tuesday night.
Brown has been part of the NHS workforce over the past month during the global Coronavirus pandemic, expanding his part-time role in a testing laboratory on the Isle of Wight for full-time shifts at the hospital.
The former World Youth Champion will be using one of his days off to compete alongside Max Hopp, Conan Whitehead and Mike De Decker in Group 12 of the Home Tour.
“We stopped playing tournaments in mid-March, so it’s probably the longest break I’ve had from playing since I was 13,” admitted Brown.
“I’ve tried to do some practice in my spare time at home to keep my arm in, but it’s not been that much. The last week or so I’ve tried to make two or three hours a day to make sure that I’m not playing from memory.
“We’ve planned me being on the Home Tour on the second of two days off so that I’ve been able to do some more practice to prepare.”

Brown (Right) Has previously juggled a successful darts career with his NHS role. (Pic PDC)

Brown has previously juggled part-time midweek hours in the blood sciences department with his playing career, but has put his skills to good use as a key worker in recent weeks.
“It’s more or less the same role, but the shifts are longer and different hours,” he said. “As we’re support workers, it’s a 24/7 rota so I’m still on call – even on Tuesday when I’m playing in the Home Tour!
“There are procedures in place for us to stay safe and we’re following the guidelines that are there to keep us safe and well.
“I’ve had a lot of supportive messages from other players and it’s been overwhelming. It’s a nice feeling and it shows that people appreciate what people are doing in these tough times.
“I take my hats off to all of the key workers who are working at the moment – it’s not just me. My life has not changed as much as others.
“I’ve found out about another PDC player, Aaron Beeney, who is working full-time still as a prison officer, and so many people are doing such amazing things.”
Brown is one of two former World Youth Champions in action on Tuesday, alongside Germany’s Hopp – the 2015 winner who succeeded the Isle of Wight ace in lifting the trophy – while Belgian youngster De Decker is a four-time winner on the PDC Unicorn Development Tour.
Whitehead, meanwhile, is a five-time UK Open Qualifier who is in his second stint as a Tour Card Holder on the PDC circuit.

Hendo Worries Over Wife. Scots Star’s NHS Worker ‘Hero’.

John Henderson admits he’s “worried” for the health of his NHS hero wife during the coronavirus crisis.

The Huntly star, like the rest of the darts circuit, is stuck at home working hard on the practice board during the UK lockdown.

But Hendo, 46, has revealed that he fears for his missus Veronica working on the frontline as a Theatre Co-Ordinator at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

He said: “Obviously it’s a worrying time for everyone. Veronica is still going to work every day as per usual.

“It’s naturally a lot more hectic for her and the risks are higher. She books in all the surgery to be done and that’s been complicated because of ops being cancelled and stuff.

“I am worried about her, but I always am. This is a fairly normal situation for any frontline NHS worker to be honest.

“Right now the entire population has woken up to the NHS workers being heroes, but they are every day of the week, every week of the year. They are used to dealing with the hardest cases on a day to day basis.

“So life isn’t a great deal different in that respect. We have obviously discussed the risk of the virus but nothing stops Veronica, she just gets on with it. That’s always the attitude of NHS staff, they just have this incredible Dunkirk spirit.

“I’m extremely proud of her and all the NHS. It’s at times like that everyone appreciates what they do, but people should do all year, every year not just during this crisis.”

Cult hero Hendo also admits that he is sticking rigidly to Government guidelines to protect his own health as a diabetes sufferer.

He added: “It’s not just about me, everyone needs to stay safe. I have to be very careful because I fall into the vulnerable category.

“I am doing as I’m told with one bit of exercise a day when I walk Veronica to work. The rest of the time I’m just on lockdown at home.

“I’m doing far more practice than I usually do. Normally I do two or three hours a day, I’m doing up to twice that at times.

“I think the general belief is that when we do get back to the Pro Tours, every player will be hitting 115 averages because they’ve been bored and practising so many hours a day for so many months!

“All I do is practice because daytime TV is dreadful. There’s also no sport to watch, no football, life is rubbish without sport.

“I just clean the house and practice. Sadly I’m rubbish at cooking, I should maybe train to be better during this time. I’m a dab hand at a Pot Noodle, but that’s about it!”

Pix by Taylor Lanning ,Text By Phil Lanning (@lannomedia) Courtesy of Red Dragon Darts