Norfolk & Merseyside Do Battle!

Norfolk travelled in the early hours over to Merseyside in their third B.I.C.C (Inter-Counties) darts match and, after their 24-12 win over Derbyshire, Norfolk were up for the challenge and knowing Merseyside had a strong team it was going to be an excellent darting weekend.

Mandy Gray, Darren Brown & Sue Brittain


Norfolk’s Ladies Saturday side went down 4-2 with Susan Brittain taking the Lady of the Match winning 3-0 with a 14.88 average, the other lady to win was Claire Broom.

The Men also lost but the score was closer going down 7-5 with Darren Brown taking the highest average award and winning his debut game for Norfolk with a 3-1 win and a 27.27 average. Other wins for Norfolk men were James Cole, Trevor Pearce, Mark Flawn, and Richard Stoddart also playing his first game for Norfolk, this leaving the home team with an overnight lead of 11-7, so all to play for on day two.


It was a tough battle for both the ladies, but they shared the points 3-3 with Norfolk wins from Lynsey Childs, Nikki Goldsmith and Lady of the Match Mandy Gray winning 3-2 hitting a 180 and an 18.98 average. Norfolk’s men put up a great fight but went down 9-3 to a Merseyside a team that that could hit the high shot outs when Norfolk’s men were sitting on a 1 dart finish,wins for Norfolk came from Darren Goldsmith , Nathan Potter and Man of the Match Steve Carrett winning 4-1 , hitting a 146 shot out and getting a 25.60 average. This saw Merseyside winning 23-13.

Well done to Merseyside and good luck for the rest of the season.

R.I.P: Our dear friend Peter, xxxx.

Norfolk would also like to thank Merseyside for the respect they showed as we all observed a minutes silence for one of Norfolk’s greatest characters, and outstanding dart player, Peter Taylor who sadly lost his battle against cancer last week.

Peter made over 250 appearances for his county of Norfolk and also played in local leagues in and around the Norfolk area. He played Superleague for Wymondham for many years and was a huge influence on the younger players there including James Hubbard and Nathan Potter.

Peters’ memory will never fade from Norfolk he will be forever in our hearts and thoughts, and we all send our deepest condolences to his partner Helen and all their family. R.I.P Our dear friend Peter xxxx.

Submitted by – Mandy Gray

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Norfolk Triumph Over Derbyshire in Rearranged Fixture.

Thanks to Mandy Gray for the details from this fixture. Drop your match/event summary to us at

Sarah Sharp, Chris Earll, Mandy Gray.

Norfolk were hosts to Derbyshire on the 5th /6th Oct a week earlier than all the other county games due to the venue being unavailable, so Norfolk would like to thank them for coming down a week early and in such awful weather conditions.

The draw was made and the teams were ready to play, Norfolk’s Saturday Ladies played well and secured a 4-2 win with Claire Broom giving the ladies the perfect start, wins also came from Teresa Felgate, Sue Brittain and Lady of the Match Sarah Sharp winning 3-1 with an 18.73 average.

Norfolk’s men also continued the winning streak  by beating Derbyshire Men 7-5, wins from Mark Flawn, Adam White, David Wilson, Trevor Pearce, Charlie Wilson, winning his first Norfolk game, newby Darren Youngs who was leading the way with the highest average until James Cole snatched it away from him winning 3-1 with a 25.79 average, all this this left Norfolk with an overnight lead of 11-7.

Sundays games again started well for Norfolk with the Ladies winning 4-2 , Sandra Page was first on for the home team but alas went down 3-0 to Derbyshire’s Lady captain Rebecca Hoyland who hit a 170 check out on her way to her win, next up for Norfolk was our captain Steph Mudd who won 3-2 with a respectable 19.10 average , wins also came from Lynsey Childs, Marie Stopher , and Lady of the Match winner Mandy Gray winning 3-0 and just beating her captain with a 19.52 average , now it was up to the men to do their stuff.

No player dropped below a 20 average. Norfolk went into a 3-0 lead with wins from Steve Carrett, Vinny Mudd and Evan Wilson, Wayne Wall continued his winning streak now 11 games unbeaten, wins also from Hamish Varnon, Craig Venman, Ollie King, 15 yr old Nathan Potter, and man of the match Chris Earll (26.57). This gave Norfolk a great 24-12 win and, hopefully, will push them up the table.

Presentations were then made to both teams, those that did stay from Derbyshire for these thank you and hope to see you all next season. Photos attached, left to right Sarah Sharp, Chris Earll, Mandy Gray, and Ollie King receiving his 25 appearance certificate.

Ollie King receiving his 25 appearance certificate.

Norfolk Bested by Cleveland in Battling Opener.

Norfolk travelled to the Thornaby sports club Cleveland for their first Inter counties division 3 game of the 2019/2020 season.

Mandy Gray has dropped us a summary from Norfolk’s perspective;

With Norfolk finishing off the previous season on a high, hopes were again resting on this weekend go get us off to a good start. Norfolk’s Ladies started the weekend off well with a 4-2 win, the Norfolk victors were; Kerry Mason, Claire Broom, Teresa Felgate and lady-of-the-match Sue Brittain.

Sadly the Norfolk men didn’t do so well coming up against a very strong Cleveland side, despite the 10-2 defeat most of the games could have gone Norfolk’s way, but with the doubles refusing to go in Cleveland stole the honours. Wins for Norfolk came from James Cole and Man of the match and making his return after being on the reserves for the most part of last season Trevor Pearce. New players Darren Youngs and Gary King settled in well to the Norfolk team and I’m sure their win for their new County will come sooner rather than later. Men’s captain Kevin Rudling described the Saturday Men’s side as “awesome and outstanding”.

Despite their efforts, Norfolk trailed 12-6 overnight. Yet, team hopes were high to turn this result around.

The Ladies fought well and  with Norfolk’s Mandy Gray on first found herself up against Welsh International Ann Marie Potts, Mandy took the first leg and played an outstanding game , but those doubles refused to go in and once again Ann Marie took her chance and won the game 3-1, Mandy’s average of 22,82 and Ann Marie’s 22.23 showed how well both ladies played. Lynsey Childs was next up for Norfolk but also went down 3-1, Marie Stopher lifted our spirits with a 3-2 win, Norfolk’s Welsh international Nikki Goldsmith was next on but went down 3-1, Sandra Page also lost 3-0, but Captain Steph Mudd won 3-1 and taking the lady of the Match award.

This left Norfolk the men with a bit of an uphill climb. They got off to the best of starts with Craig Venman winning 4-1 before men’s captain Kev Rudling went down 4-1. Young 15 yr old Nathan Potter was on next, showing so much composure took Scott Chatterson all the way to a deciding leg. Nathan held his nerve and took the game 4-3 to win his first senior A-game, with an outstanding 28.01 average to match. More wins for Norfolk also came from Hamish Varnon, Darren Goldsmith, Chris Earll, Olly King, Wayne Wall (who pipped Nathan to Man of the Match) and Steve Carrett winning 4-2 with a 28.28 average. This amazing comeback for Norfolk wasn’t quite enough and Cleveland held on to win the weekend 20-16.

Match awards were handed out and thanks go to all at the Thornaby Club and the Cleveland team for a fantastic weekend of darts.

All of Norfolk would like to offer our thoughts and prayers for our long-time player and great friend Peter Taylor and the Chairpersons partner, Phil Bacon, who are currently undergoing intensive treatment for cancer, we wish them both well in their treatment and recovery from this devastating illness.

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