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Porter Fears For Non UK Tour Card Holders.

Meanwhile PDC chief executive Matt Porter has revealed that there are still potential issues surrounding foreign players having to quarantine for 14 days.

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The Summer Series of Players Championships is set to commence on July 8 with the Matchplay to follow soon after. He told the Darts Show:

“The big issue at the moment which we need to resolve is the 14-day quarantine for overseas visitors to the UK”

If there is some form of exemption for sportsmen on that which we understand is being discussed, then that would certainly help the situation.“

We have got an obligation to 128 Tour Card holders. If there are one or two that have problems getting back into the UK, whether it is travel or their own personal situation, then they might be unlucky.“

“We can’t leave 124 people at home because four people can’t get in. That would not be the right thing to do.”

“It would be unfortunate for any individual who wasn’t able to come back, but assuming that number was a small percentage of the overall field of Tour Card holders, then we would need to look after the majority.”

PDPA Concerned Over Online Abuse Increase.

As readers, of Darts World, will know there seems to have been an increase in the volume, and spite, in the abuse of players over social media. Rob Cross, Luke Humphries and Paul Nicholson are among those to have been speaking out recently.

The PDPA is trying to assist players to tak simple steps to reduce the effects of such abuse.

Now the ‘players union’ the PDPA have stepped in to offer advice and support to players. They have introduced a simple guide to help those being victimised to deal with the instant problem and the longer term issues it can cause.

Darts World has reached out to cyberbullying and psychology experts in order that we may be able to suggest some positives solutions to this increasingly worrying phenomenon.

PDPA Extends Hardship Support Schemes.

The Professional Darts Players Association has extended the Hardship Fund for players during the ongoing suspension of tournaments through May and June.

The PDPA have stepped up in the current times and have now extended their schemes into May and June.

An Emergency Fund was announced at the end of March to assist Tour Card Holders with a one-off £1,000 payment for those suffering a negative financial impact due to the global Covid-19 pandemic.

A Hardship Fund, supported by the PDC, was also announced for any Tour Card Holders who required further financial support, and following a budgetary review the PDPA will now be extending this to payments of £1,000 per month in May and June.

Monies receives from the Hardship Fund would be repaid to the PDPA from future PDC prize money earnings.

In a statement to Tour Card Holders, the PDPA said: “It is hoped that this continued support goes some way to confirming the PDPA’s commitment to you as members.

“The aim of this initiative is to put much-needed funds in the bank accounts of players who are genuinely struggling financially due to the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Further details of the PDPA/PDC Hardship Fund can be found on the PDPA website, with details also being sent to Tour Card Holders by email.

The PDC and PDPA are continuing to monitor the global situation, with the PDPA’s support network including financial and accountancy advice for players and partnerships with other organisations, including Sporting Chance.

Click here to read Sporting Chance Founder Tony Adams Delivers Message To PDPA Members

PDPA Launches Financial Support Scheme.

Darts World are delighted to note that the PDPA is stepping up to assist pro, and semi-pro, darts players during the Covid-19 difficulties. It is often, wrongly, imagined that professional players have huge amounts of money and would be able to manage,

Long standing PDPA Chairman -Peter Manley.

However, many of those in the lower rankings have had their other sources of income dry up completely and need urgent assistance.

The PDPA acts as a type of Union for players and has acted accordingly. We hope they continue to keep the situation under review and help players and their families as and when needs change.

The PDPA statement is carried below:

A statement released by the PDPA on Tuesday March 31 read:

The PDPA has announced measures to assist PDC Tour Card Holders during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As always, our Members’ health and wellbeing is our utmost priority. Additionally, the financial impact on our Members due to the pandemic is something which we and the PDC continue to monitor daily.

Therefore, for our Members’ benefit we announce the following:

  • An Immediate Emergency Fund of up to £1,000 for any Tour Card Holder in real need of immediate financial assistance. This fund is SPECIFICALLY for Members who are currently suffering a real negative financial impact due to the Covid-19 outbreak. This applied-for payment will be non-repayable.
  • A PDPA/PDC Hardship Fund for any Tour Card Holder who requires further financial support in the months ahead in the form of an advance against future prize money. The details for this fund will be forwarded to all Tour Card Holders in due course.

Our Tour Card Holders will be emailed with full information about these packages and how they can apply for this support. If any Tour Card Holder does not receive this email, please contact the PDPA as soon as possible, with contact details available at



Challenge Tour to Spread Events Over Three Days – Details.

Following the opening Challenge Tour weekend, the structure of the weekends has been reviewed by the PDPA. Due to the events finishing much later than usual on both days it was clear the promised revisions would come swiftly.

A large increase in participants has lead to a changes in the Challenge Tour Weekends for 2020. Keep em peeled for more!

Weekend two of 2020 will be three day affair with an event on Friday, two on the Saturday and one on the Sunday. The Friday event will begin at 2pm instead of usual 10am while the Events on Saturday and Sunday (April 11-12) will the events commence at normal time.

Due to the vast increase in numbers attending Q School, thus eligible to play the Challenge Tour, it seems that the early take up of the opportunity has been high. the format remain under review as the season goes on in order that maximum flexibilty is maintained.

New Schedule
Friday April 10 – Event Five
Saturday April 11 – Events Six and Seven
Sunday April 12 – Event Eight

Players would be sensible to monitor the PDC website as well as their official social media on order to keep abreast of any ongoing changes.