PDPA Launches Financial Support Scheme.

Darts World are delighted to note that the PDPA is stepping up to assist pro, and semi-pro, darts players during the Covid-19 difficulties. It is often, wrongly, imagined that professional players have huge amounts of money and would be able to manage,

Long standing PDPA Chairman -Peter Manley.

However, many of those in the lower rankings have had their other sources of income dry up completely and need urgent assistance.

The PDPA acts as a type of Union for players and has acted accordingly. We hope they continue to keep the situation under review and help players and their families as and when needs change.

The PDPA statement is carried below:

A statement released by the PDPA on Tuesday March 31 read:

The PDPA has announced measures to assist PDC Tour Card Holders during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As always, our Members’ health and wellbeing is our utmost priority. Additionally, the financial impact on our Members due to the pandemic is something which we and the PDC continue to monitor daily.

Therefore, for our Members’ benefit we announce the following:

  • An Immediate Emergency Fund of up to £1,000 for any Tour Card Holder in real need of immediate financial assistance. This fund is SPECIFICALLY for Members who are currently suffering a real negative financial impact due to the Covid-19 outbreak. This applied-for payment will be non-repayable.
  • A PDPA/PDC Hardship Fund for any Tour Card Holder who requires further financial support in the months ahead in the form of an advance against future prize money. The details for this fund will be forwarded to all Tour Card Holders in due course.

Our Tour Card Holders will be emailed with full information about these packages and how they can apply for this support. If any Tour Card Holder does not receive this email, please contact the PDPA as soon as possible, with contact details available at www.pdpa.co.uk.


The Wizdom of the Wizard – The UK Open & The Changing Season.

February has changed beyond all recognition since I began my top flight darts career. In 2005 there were only a handful of PDC affiliated events and only one that I can recall being able to play. It was, however, the start of ‘The Wizard’s journey. I reached the Q-Final, of the Southwest UK Open Qualifier (PDC), and qualified for the TV event, on day one!

Being a ‘new boy’ on the tour, although you could barely call it a tour back then, can have its advantages. Catching an unsuspecting Peter Manley by surprise in round one and defeating hi 5-1 set me on my way.

In reaching the Qtr I squeezed past Kevin Painter and Ronnie Baxter 5-4 before being defeated in a good tussle by Andy Jenkins. Never one to doubt my own capability it seemed quite natural to perform as well, but to defeat three such world class players must have added to my confidence for future events.

The big stages and TV came quite easily and felt comfortable to me.

It seems that this was where my connection with the UK Open was formed and the event has played an important role ever since. I love the format and the intensity of it all. Bolton felt very comfortable to me and I expected to do well.

Right from that first qualification everything seemed to fall into place. The main event was held in June, which had given me even more time to settle in, and I was determined to make an impression.

Entering, as a pro qualifier, after a couple of rounds was a bonus. I was fresh and used to the atmosphere. I kicked off by defeating the resilient Andy Boulton and then a solid Belgian player, Yves Cottenge, to reach the last 32 and an encounter with Mick Manning. Mick was a fine, under-recognised, player who had won World Soft-Tip titles and reached the later stages of the World Championship. I learned a huge amount about Matchplay and pipped him 11-10. ‘The Wizard’ had begun to develop a knack of winning deciding legs!

The last sixteen pitched me against Lionel Sams. ‘The Lion’ has achieved many things in darts including a 9 dart finish and many event wins. However, the previous rounds experience served me well and a 10-6 win secured my place in the Qtr-Final, on debut.

The Qtr finals of a TV major is where the event changes, especially for a newcomer, procedures, TV briefings, and interviews etc. all become part of the package. It is impossibly to know how much effect this has or whether other factors such as fatigue or a sense of ‘already done well’ kicks in. Many outsiders fall at this hurdle, especially at the UK Open, after superb runs up to that point. It was no different for me as Roland Scholton waved me off with a comfortable 11-4 win.

Good luck to all those, Amateur or Professional, who are attempting to qualify for this years event. These days its the first ranking major of the season so it will be upon us within weeks. I will be working hard to join you!

The nickname ‘The Wizard’ is a storey for another day!

The 2005 UK Open was a superb experience and gave me an appetite for big events and everything that came with them. I felt relaxed on stage and believed that this would be just the start. The 2007 & 2009 events would cement that feeling, almost, completely………

Colin Osborne – is a former UK Open finalist and multiple Pro Tour winner. He also won the Championship League of Darts in 2009. He is known as ‘The Wizard’.

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Devonshires’ Darts Discussion – The Challengers: A Missed Opportunity?

AS many of you will have seen I recently published a piece on the PDC’s ‘Challengers’ concept. Some of our contributors then added their selections to my own. This week the PDC published their choices for the 2020 slots.

William Hill World Darts Championship Preview
The Power vs Barney in Rotterdam? A Challengers / Legend tie to wet the appetite!
Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Following the announcement, of the PDC Premier League Challengers, I wonder if more could have been done or a different path taken? Most selections were as predicted and could easily be accepted. What a missed opportunity for us darts fans to have seen something different in 2020.

The PDC could have reverted to selecting 10 players to play the league season with two relegated. Imagine if along with those ten players two legends were picked for each week to compete against each other!

Imagine Taylor v Barney in Rotterdam,  Beaton v Burnett in Cardiff, Priestley v Deller, Bob Anderson v Lloyd (with or without the horse!), Manley v Baxter the list could go on and on. Surely fans would support the chance to see the legends, after all they have helped the PDC on its journey.

Challenger on both merit and legacy?

Many of the ‘Legends’ style players are also highly skilled in entertaining an audience and, although their desire to win is unbowed, they may well provide a different style in terms of personality and flair. Perhaps next year!

Original Article by Andrew Devonshire – http://www.dartsworld.com/challengers-challenge-pick-who-should-face-the-premier-league-field/

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