Exclusive: ‘The Power’ Talks To Darts World.

PHIL TAYLOR believes that Gary Anderson will be “reborn” when darts returns after lockdown. The 16-times World Champion has been back in the spotlight thanks to online events with Paddy Power against Raymond van Barneveld and Fallon Sherrock.

The Power is still in the darts limelight after recent online specials.

But The Power is predicting a big comeback for pal Ando who finished runner-up in the PDC Home Tour a fortnight ago. He also laughed off suggestions by Michael van Gerwen that he only made controversial statements to stay in the spotlight.

Taylor said: “Someone like Gary Anderson will benefit from this enforced break. The time at home with his family will do him a world of good – he will almost be a player reborn.

A player reborn? The Power thinks the time with his family will benefit Anderson.

“I’d have loved being in Michael’s day as his peak. I do enjoy his company to be quite honest, he’s a funny lad.

“Am I trying to wind him up? No.

The question was who would be World No.1 if not Michael, it would be Peter Wright and Gerwyn Price is also climbing up the rankings. “But Michael will lose the fact that people are scared of him. He isn’t winning the titles like he used to.

“Do I need publicity? Not really. I think I’ve done 30 years at the top. If he can do 20 years at the top he’ll be doing well. “But he doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Do I care? No, not really. I’m quite happy where I am. “I can’t run him down, the lad has done brilliantly.

Is MVG missing his duels with The Power?

“You need someone on a pedestal and Michael was the one who took over from me. But I don’t think Michael will ever get me out of his head. “If you asked him truthfully, he misses me. Because it’s not the same. A lot of the players have told me this. The practice room where it used to be brilliant, ask James Wade, ask Gary, they say it’s dead. The characters are not there anymore.

“So deep down I think Michael would love me to come back as a rival. And then you’d see Michael up his game again because he’d have no choice.”

Taylor is convinced that the dominant MVG will find it hard now that he has a young family and a new baby son who was born in early April.

He added: “I’m really pleased for him. There’s nothing like fatherhood for changing your life. But it will get harder for him now – when you have to leave your loved ones week in, week out to play in the Premier League, and you’re only at home one or two nights a week, it’s really tough. Especially when your family is so young.“

Back in the day, I had to spend a lot of time on the road to pay the bills because there wasn’t a lot of money in the game. I got £24,000 for winning my first world title – now you get £500,000. But it’s getting harder and harder because the schedule is so full, and the travel is relentless.”

Pix: Taylor Lanning

Phil Taylor Trophy Introduced For BetVictor World Matchplay

Ando Will Be A Player Reborn. Taylor Tips Flying Scotsman To Surge.

The Power is predicting a big comeback for pal Gary Anderson who finished runner-up in the PDC Home Tour a fortnight ago. The 16-times World Champion believes that Ando will be “reborn” when darts returns after lockdown.

Taylor said:

“Someone like Gary Anderson will benefit from this enforced break.

The time at home with his family will do him a world of good – he will almost be a player reborn.

Taylor acknowledges it’s not all one way though, speaking exclusively to Darts World’s lead reporter, the Potteries legend recalled some of the challenges of combining family life with professional darts:

“when you have to leave your loved ones week in, week out to play in the Premier League, and you’re only at home one or two nights a week…

it’s really tough. Especially when your family is so young.“

The two Phils covered a wide range of topics, including recent remarks about MVG and how he sees the game changing since his retirement during a recent conversation for Darts World. You can read the full story later today at dartsworld.com

  • Feature Pic: L Lustig (PDC)
  • Interview: Phil Lanning
  • Gary Anderson Image: Taylor Lanning

Superman Clark is a Darts TV Hero!

SKY SPORTS presenter Dave Clark continues to win the biggest battle on the oche — but he still fears being floored by a BANANA.

The inspirational anchorman was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in late January 2011 and was told he only had two or three years left in front of the camera.

But when the William Hill World Championships kicks off later this year it will be his 10th since he was given that awful news. The Yorkshireman decided to “out” himself after it came to a head during the 2010/11 Worlds when his right hand started shaking fiercely as he was about to interview new champ Phil Taylor.

Clark’s father Alan also suffered from the illness and the Sky man is convinced that led to his tragic suicide. But Clark Jnr is determined to help other sufferers and prove that life can go on by being the inspirational anchorman for Sky Sports’ unmatched coverage. Clarky knows he can continue to defy Parkinson’s — but is equally worried about being rugby-tackled by a fan.

He explained:

“I can’t wait for the Worlds to start, it’s going to be tough for me but I get the best seat in the house in the studio and it’s pure entertainment, never a dull moment.“I’ve done all my preparation to deal with my illness but I’m more worried about the things I can’t predict.”

“I was once rugby-tackled by a fan dressed as a banana on stage.

That makes everything seem easy to deal with!”

But seriously I have had to get myself ready for the 16 days”. “Parkinson’s leads to a death of the brain cells that make dopamine, which basically is your mood barometer.“I have problems with my movement on my right side, some days it’s so bad I can’t write”.

“I’ve a dopamine agonist patch on standby should I need it — that ups my dopamine levels if I find my spirits lowering. I’m hoping I don’t need it.”

Clark is made of stern stuff. In a world of sporting hype, the word legend is thrown around like the ticker tape thrown into the air after the world champion is crowned. But he truly is a real legend, of Clark Kent proportions, a superhero superman of Sky.

The Bruce Springsteen fan has remarkably raised £500,000 from charity walks, hosting dinners and auctioning memorabilia, inspiring thousands of Parkinson’s sufferers to tackle the syndrome with a real fight.

He added: “I’m so fortunate to be in the public eye. I’ve had people phoning me saying I’m an inspiration, which is incredible.

“I seek my inspiration from fellow suffers like Muhammed Ali, Bob Hoskins, Billy Connolly and Michael J Fox.

That’s not a bad bunch to be associated with. If life goes on for them, it can for me and others.”

Pictures by Taylor Lanning

Flash in Japan – Darts World Exclusive!

MIKURU SUZUKI had to break the Japanese tradition of wearing shoes indoors to play The God of Darts. The current Ladies World Champion lost narrowly to the greatest player of all-time in a virtual match on Sky Sports.

But Suzuki revealed it was a weird experience. She admitted:

“I have never worn shoes in my house. So I feel weird. I will feel something strange.

I mean I feel weird myself wearing shoes in my room for the first time to play darts during the game.”

I always wear shoes to play in. It makes a difference when you play. When I train I wear shoes. Of course, I will wear it during this game. I am a bit worried I will be too loud and make too much noise with my shoes in this quiet Japanese house. Maybe I will bother my family. I am a bit worried and concerned about that during the game”.

“It’s a Japanese tradition, I would even say that 100 percent of Japanese people take off their shoes before entering a house. We have space to put all the shoes from everyone. It’s a huge tradition to take off your shoes before entering the house.” Suzuki, 38, narrowly missed out on becoming the first woman to beat a man at the Ally Pally World Championships before Fallon Sherrock achieved that feat.

She added:

“He is super famous here. Here in Japan, he’s known literally as the God of Darts. I don’t think there is someone here in Japan who plays darts and doesn’t know Phil Taylor. Also being able to play a charity game against him is something if anybody Japanese hears about, he will be super happy, really impressed.”

Suzuki also admits she may need to move to the UK permanently to pursue her dream of getting a PDC Tour Card as she follows the surge in women’s darts spearheaded by Sherrock and Lisa Ashton.She added: “This year my plans were to move around several countries, play worldwide, but unfortunately due to this current situation I have not been able to leave my country. Once things are back to normal, I’d like to start moving again. I want to follow Lisa and get a Tour Card. I’d like to challenge myself around the world.

“Women haven’t proven ourselves enough yet. For example it’s a win or lose thing, of course, we can always win. But honestly to keep winning at that level, to get consistent wins, it’s something we have not been able to do that yet. Basically there is a wall. We have to keep winning consistently.

“Of course, I’d really love to go to UK and to experience life there and live there. At the same time getting my visa sorted would be quite a tough thing. If I am able to get the PDC Tour Card, I’d decide to live in the UK for one or two years. That’s my decision.”

Pix: Taylor Lanning

Darts World Revs Up With Suzuki – Tomorrows Exclusive.

Tomorrow is ‘Ladies’ Day’ at Darts World. Our lead reporter chatted with Target’s Mikuru Suzuki and the conversation turned into quite a chat! See our latest stories from 8 am tomorrow. From risking family offense, to ‘the wall’ that faces women darts players. Oh yeah, ‘The Miracle’ loves her rugby too!

Look out for the full, and exclusive, story tomorrow morning and then keep your eye on Darts World twitter feed throughout the day.

Pic: Taylor Lanning

Freemium Day 14: A Deadly Darting Duo!

With a recent change in ownership, Darts World is embarking on a new era in its history and exciting times lie ahead, including some innovative developments that are coming this summer. Make sure you keep up to date at dartsworld.com.

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Betway Premier League - Fixtures Confirmation

Target’s Big Guns Go Head To Head – Taylor & RVB Stage Remote Re-Match.

One of the early LockDown darts headlines involved Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor and Raymond van Barneveld, in an internet-based, Paddy Power backed, re-staging of their classic 2007 World final.

RVB claimed the match after coming from a long way behind (not unlike the original), but charity was the main beneficiary, with the NHS being Phil’s chosen cause.

The two, Target backed, legendary dartists used a ‘soft-tip’ Nexus board for their first LockDown encounter. Tonight they will play again using a more traditional steel-tip, and sisal board, set up:

Details from Target:

The game, which is the first to 11 legs, will be played from Stoke and Den Haag with scoring taking place remotely as the players film and call out their own scores from home.

Viewers will be able to watch the game on Target Darts’ YouTubeFacebook and Twitter channels at 19:00 BST / 20:00 CET tomorrow (Thursday 4th June).

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Our excellent October 2016 issue featured a review of PhilTaylor’s capture of the inaugural Champions League of Darts, the first PDC event to be screened live on the BBC.

Between the covers you will find tips on improving your game, a behind the scenes look at the world of darts, and colums form some of the most well known figures in darts.

The issue also includes a striking feature on how professional players choose their arrows.

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Power And Glory – Taylor’s Unique Moment 10 Years On.

PHIL TAYLOR believes that his historic two nine-darters in the Premier League final can be repeated.The Power produced that epic night at Wembley Arena 10 years ago this weekend against James Wade in an epic 10-8 final win.It was without doubt one of the greatest nights in darts history and The Power reckons it can be done again.

The Power said:

“Course it can be done again, maybe even three nine-darters”

“The way things are now with the coronavirus and everything, I don’t know what’s going to happen to sport in the future, any sport, whether it’s football, golf, snooker. Whether we’ll ever get the atmospheres like we had before, I don’t know.


“It depends on the fans and the atmosphere. It’s like if you play football behind closed doors, it just doesn’t seem the same. “Could it happen? 100 percent. Peter Wright could do it, Gerwyn Price could do it, the way he’s been practicing. Gary Anderson definitely could and Michael. Adrian Lewis could, it all depends on the day and how they feel.“Now they’ve had a rest, you will see the best darts coming out now.”It was a bizarre 24 hours after the original staging of the final was postponed due to a power cut. But a day later it went ahead and there was not cutting the darting Power. He added:

“To be honest with you, you could have done eight nine-darters it wouldn’t have made a scrap of difference. It still would have been 10-8.“

It was one of those games. I remember coming off for a break and telling Rod Harrington there could be two nine-darters in this game. “I wasn’t saying that I was going to hit them, maybe get one each. We were both practicing and playing that well and both full of confidence. “The crowd, I wouldn’t say 50/50, I’ve played in good atmospheres but the atmosphere was probably the best I’ve ever played in.“It’s a massive feat. It sets a record really.

All the players want to break records. Michael (Van Gerwen) loves competing against my records, which he should do. “I was the same with Eric (Bristow) and John (Lowe). It was a talking point. I didn’t realise really what I’d done.

“I wish now I’d got the third one. But on the day you’re just happy to win the leg.”

Taylor believes it was a game-changing night for the sport due to Stephen Fry being alongside Sid Waddell and Dave Lanning in the commentary box. Phil said: “It was unbelievable. Sid and Dave were like Morecambe and Wise, they were brilliant. I’ve never known two commentators like it. “Dave was so knowledgeable and Sid was so funny. I know you’ve got the new commentators now Rod Studd and Wayne Mardle who are very good. But I think Sid and Dave will never be replaced. “They were the ultimate for me. That was my era anyway. So I love them two. 

“It created a new audience. Stephen is massive on his social media and I kept in touch with Stephen after that, we text each other. He just loves the darts, he admires anyone who is good at whatever they do. “He knows what you have to put into it.

‘Are you OK Stephen, I’m like a pig in Chardonnay’

One of the best quotes I’ve ever heard was ‘Are you OK Stephen, I’m like a pig in Chardonnay’. I’d never heard that before and I thought it was brilliant.“For his first live darts match and the first time in a commentary box at the best game ever on TV, I think, is an extra bonus.”

Matchroom Live To Launch On May 6th And Will Include Classic Darts.

Sports fans can relive many iconic moments and see fantastic archive footage with the launch of Matchroom Live on Wednesday, May 6.

Barney & The Power’s 2007 Clash will be on the
new service.

Matchroom Live allows fans to delve into the history books of Matchroom Sport’s portfolio of events, with many great moments from boxing, snooker, pool and darts any many more sports to be available for free.

Fresh archive footage will be added continuously, ensuring every sports fan has countless hours of sport to watch wherever they are in the world.

Classic moments available at Matchroom Live include the legendary 2007 World Championship final between Phil Taylor and Raymond van Barneveld alongside nine-dart finishes and other memorable contests from PDC history.

Fans will also be able to live stream ongoing events through a subscription package and pay-per-view options in territories without current broadcast rights holders.

This will give fans direct access to events including Pool’s Mosconi Cup and World Pool Championship, the World Snooker Championship and the remainder of Matchroom Sport’s catalogue of live events.

Matchroom Live is a video-first platform, with the ability to cast to virtually any device whether that be a console, Smart TV, or connected device. The services will also allow fans to watch up to four live events at once with ‘QuadPlay’.

The service is built and powered by sports streaming and video technology specialists StreamAMG, a longstanding partner of Matchroom Sport operating PDCTV since 2016 and streaming Anthony Joshua v Andy Ruiz II for the Indian Subcontinent in December 2019.

Fans can sign up for the free archive of sports from Wednesday May 6 at http://matchroom.live.

The Matchroom Live platform will sit alongside PDCTV, and those with an existing PDCTV Subscription will not be affected.