Ando’s World Cup Recap: England Would Have Been Sweeter!

Gary Anderson has been recounting his struggles to get ‘match fit’, and in the groove for doubles, before Scotland tremendous win in the 2019 World Cup of Darts.

This years event has been delayed by Covid-19 and will now take place between November 6-8th. In the meantime the PDC have released a special highlights program with some of the events stars recounting their memories.

Anderson said: “It’s the only time in the year I play pairs and I’ve said that to Peter. Back years ago in the BDO you always played pairs, triples, games like that, you were used to it.

“So once a year is bad enough. It’s hard to get into, hard to get into your throw. “When I came back to darts my main target was the Worlds and a floor tournament, that was the first step”

“I think I had played in one or two ProTours prior to the World Cup, I was struggling”.

“Once we got across there, you know what you’ve got to do.

“Unfortunately we never got to play Netherlands or England because that would have been even sweeter”.

“Even when we started that tournament we kicked off well, I felt we were on it here. It just clicked from there.

“William and Steve had played well the whole tournament. But it was just good to get back.

“It’s not just yourself you are playing for, it’s someone else as well. If you lose a game you’re a bit naff because you are putting all the pressure on your partner. It works both ways.

“It was long overdue. We had lost in two finals to the two teams you couldn’t get harder with the players. We finally did it.

“But Willie and Steve are a pair of good lads. You have a cracking laugh with Willie. 

“I reckon we’ve got a few good years left hopefully. To be 21 again in this day and age would be great. We can still show them the way.

Although the tournament has been moved back to be held from November 6-8, fans can look back on some classic games in the World Cup’s history in PDCTV and at the OfficialPDC YouTube Channel.

Pix: Taylor Lanning

Peter Wright: Don’t Get Pooped Again!

PETER WRIGHT admits he “pooped” himself in World Cup finals before finally landing the trophy for Scotland. 

Wright had had a tough time in previous World Cups. Phil Taylor and Adrian Lewis had produced their best against him. (Pic: Taylor Lanning)

The Dartan Army pair of Wright and Gary Anderson had been beaten finalists twice in the previous four years before finally ending the jinx against the Republic of Ireland in Hamburg 12 months ago.

Snakebite, 50, revealed that he felt he had let the side down in the losing finals against England and Netherlands.

Wright told PDC Re-Watch: “The most important thing was that I didn’t want to let Gary or the country down. It’s so hard playing pairs. Like Gary said, the last time I played pairs was in the BDO, it’s very difficult.

“To play for your country puts even more pressure on. I found it very nervy.

To be honest I pooped myself in the finals that we lost.

“But I must admit that in the matches with England and Phil Taylor and Adrian Lewis was bashed up by Gary but I didn’t. Taylor had 116 and Lewis 108 average, they got lucky against me. I was just poo!

“You have to remember that Gaz was going through a lot of back problems and still was when he was playing.

“He had pulled out of the Premier League as well,

I was privileged that Gary and I could practice behind closed doors at the World Cup. That meant a lot to me”.

“I didn’t want to let him down for putting that hard work in. But before that last game he just said to me ‘make sure you win’!

“But for me it was hard to get into all these finals and keep losing. Then letting Gaz down and Scotland with the finals we’d lost before, it was because of my playing. Gas was playing fantastic and carrying me.

Finally a Scots pairing had their hands on The World Cup of Darts (Pic; L Lustig)

Only England and Netherlands had won the PDC World Cup prior to 2019 and Scotland’s record had been patchy to say the least. They had previously been KO’d by so-called minnows like Spain, South Africa, Northern Ireland and Singapore.

But in more recent times with Wright and Anderson as the pair they had narrowly missed out in finals.

“I was totally focused that it wasn’t going to happen again this year, this is our year. That was it. There was no other thought in my head”.

A determined and passionate Snakebite can be tough to keep up with!

“Steve and William played well the whole tournament, we were up against it. I’ve obviously had the experience of being in those finals, it’s taken the best players in the world to nick it from us. 

“To get over that line and actually for me to hit the winning double, it was nice.”

The 2020 BetVictor World Cup of Darts had been set to be staged from June 18-21, as 32 nations competed for the prestigious title. The tournament has been moved back to be held from November 6-8!

Watch World Cup ‘Highlights With The Stars’, here.

“All Hair and No Flair” They Said. How Wright Proved Them Wrong!

THEY said he was all hair and no flair. It was just a novelty act, a multi-colored Mohican, style over substance. He was even called a ‘clown’. But boy, has Peter Wright proved everyone wrong.

Wright’s flair has added to a game previously dominated by polo shirts and polyester!

In truth Wright, 50, is a total contradiction of persona v personality. The oche punk look could not be further from his real character. He’s quiet, reserved, and verging on shy, very softly spoken and often emotional. Wright was close to tears when he admitted: “My mum was 16 when she had me and my dad was in jail.“But her sisters didn’t think she was up to bringing me up at one stage and they were apparently talking about taking me off her.

Wright burst on to the elite scene six years ago by reaching the World Championship Final and has since been consistent at the highest level before landing the big one on New Year’s Day.

Ask anyone about darts and where once they’d talk about Eric Bristow or Phil Taylor, now they say: “That bloke with the colourful, spiky hair.”Wrighty admits he grew up watching the likes Ziggy Stardust and Boy George which inspired the hair – and the best is yet to come on the oche.

He added: 

“I know what people have said about me, I know people thought I was just a novelty and a weird haircut.“

When I was young I experimented I did have some sort of Mohican and I used to colour the back of my head with food dye!

“In the charts then were David Bowie, Boy George and all that lot all dressed up as well. “It was my idea of colouring my hair for darts. It was the Blue Square UK Open and I decided to have blue hair for it, I think that was 2009. “But I always believed in my own ability”.

“The hair, the clothes are just my stage persona. That’s what prepares me for matches, my warpaint if you like.”

 “I like to learn from other players, watch the top guys such as Phil, Michael (Van Gerwen), Gary (Anderson) and Adrian Lewis and pick up their best points. “I always go out to keep improving and that’s brought me to where I am now. But there’s a lot more to come.”

The ultimate reward! Snakebite captures the games’ biggest trophy. (pic: Taylor Lanning)

This wonderful down-to-earth guy Wright has shut down all the haters. The “clown” took the biggest crown.

Pix: Taylor Lanning

Wright’s No ‘Plastic Jock’- The Truth Behind Snakebite’s National Pride.

I’m passionate about my upbringing. I was only taken from Scotland so my mum could keep me. “I’m happy to tell my story now and hope people realise that I am a true Scot. I hate it when people say I’m not

Image preview

Peter Wright invites many assumptions, to be made about him, most are false. But perhaps the most hurtful are those concerning his national identity! The ‘plastic Jock’ tag is easily thrown around by those seeking to provoke controversy on social media or to gain a reaction from fans and supporters, but it does not hold water.

Wright might be based in Suffolk and sound more Bernard Matthews than Billy Connolly but his heart beats blue and white Saltire after his early life in West Lothian. Wright admits his burning passion for Scotland was born after his mum RAN AWAY with him when he was just three years old. He revealed that one night his young mum Jean took him away 40 years ago leaving West Lothian for London.

Wright, 49, has never met his father, who was in jail when he was born, and has lived an almost nomadic lifestyle since his mum left Scotland with him in 1973. In truth, he is a total contradiction of persona v personality. The oche punk look could not be further from his real character. He’s quiet, reserved and verging on shy, very softly spoken and emotional.

Image preview

Wright was close to tears when he admitted: “My mum was 16 when she had me and my dad was in jail.“But her sisters didn’t think she was up to bringing me up at one stage and they were apparently talking about taking me off her.

“So my mum decided one night to just run away with me to London when I was only three.“It was obviously a very difficult time for her but that’s the only reason I left Scotland.“We were in London until I was 18 and then I’ve lived in so many places since then – Suffolk, Norfolk, Cheshire, Ayrshire. “I’ve probably turned out for more counties in darts than any other player – I’ve represented all the places I’ve lived in. “I’ve settled in Suffolk now and my mum lives above my wife’s hairdressers down with us. But my heart still remains in Scotland. “My true identity is that I am Scottish – I’ve got Scottish blood running through my veins. “I’m passionate about my upbringing. I was only taken from Scotland so my mum could keep me. “I’m happy to tell my story now and hope people realise that I am a true Scot. I hate it when people say I’m not. I’m proud of my country and even prouder to represent it.” Wright burst on to the scene six years ago by reaching the World Championship Final and has since been consistent at the highest level before landing the big one on New Year’s Day.

Pictures by Taylor Lanning

Guess Who? Win Signed Red Dragon Darts.

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Freemium Day 6: The Ice Man Announces Himself!

Darts World’s exciting Freemium area offers a unique opportunity to explore how some of the current global stars of darts have risen to prominence.

Back in October 2015, we featured the charismatic Gerwyn Price who had just claimed the Red Dragon Darts Champion of Champions title. Within just a few years he would be winning back to back Grand Slam of Darts titles and is now unquestionably amongst darts’ elite.

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Humphries Gets The Hump With Social Media Abuse.

LUKE HUMPHRIES admits that revealing his anxiety has made him “stronger” for the challenges ahead. The World Youth Champion opened up just under a year ago about the anxiety problems that have hindered his progress.

Can’t Hear You! Luke has struggled to blank out the abuse on social media. (pic: Taylor Lanning)

Cool Hand Luke became the first-ever Challenger to win a Premier League match against Gary Anderson in Exeter two months ago. Now he’s next in action on May 28 in the PDC Home Tour against Gary Anderson, Jamie Lewis, and Nick Kenny. But he admits it’s been a struggle after getting more online abuse after becoming a World Champion.

He said:

“Sometimes it’s hard to sit back and let people, in a way, abuse you online.“It’s got very bad in the last five to 10 years the abuse online. Fortunately I’m very hard skinned so I didn’t let it affect me. 

“I just felt that I wasn’t the only 24-year-old World Youth Champion. Dimitri van den Bergh was 24 last year when he won it but he didn’t get any stick.“So it was a bit unfair I thought.

Apparently it’s my beard’s fault. But I’ve seen 17-year-old kids have better beards than me!

“Seriously though, it was hard. I thought people would celebrate for me especially because of what I had gone through over the past six to eight months. It was all real, I really did consider giving up the game.“

I was really struggling and anyone who has been through it, will know it’s not easy to stand on a big huge stage in front of thousands of people when you’ve got anxiety. “I was just hoping that people might have celebrated it a bit. Like this is great he is World Youth Champion but he could have given up the sport eight months ago. But unfortunately it didn’t end up like that. “People see the bad instead of the good in you. “

Cool Hand Luke says his beard and eligibility for last years World Youth Championship have added fuel to the social media fire.

To read stuff can be the toughest thing about anxiety. Like Fallon for instance. People should celebrate her success. People just like to say nasty and negative things about players who do well. “I don’t see a lot of congratulations and stuff like that going on Twitter.

There’s a lot of ‘why are you in this, why are you in that and you shouldn’t be in that’. “But we wouldn’t be in it unless we were eligible, simple as that. “I do agree with what people say, 24-year-old isn’t probably classed as a youth. I see where they are coming from.

“The problem is if you are eligible to play in something which you can become a World Champion in, you are not going to turn it down.”

In May last year Humphries bravely decided to reveal all about his demons. He admitted that he was having palpitations in his chest and it spooked him. But now does he regret being so honest? He added: “Being truthfully honest I do think that opening up about there anxiety has made me stronger. In my opinion if I can fight through this, I can fight through anything. It’s really not been an easy time for me over the past 12 months.“I never thought at my age I’d have to go through something like this. But life can throw up anything, everyone knows that.

“I’m just proud of myself the way I fought back and carried on because a lot of people might have given up. “

I nearly did but I’m very proud for battling back. It’s definitely made me a stronger human being in every aspect of life, not just darts.”

Pics: Taylor Lanning

Darts World Freemium Day 2: A Memorable Issue For Anderson & Waites!

As a special treat for darts fans, Darts World has launched an archive of Freemium content. There are over a bullseye’s worth of issues available for you to enjoy, completely free of charge!

The memorable February 2016 issue (519) featured newly-crowned World Champions Gary Anderson and Scott Waites, insightful coaching tips from the Performance darts team, and much more besides.

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The February issue of Darts World has proven a reader’s favorite over the years. It often features at least one World Champion on the cover and has full reviews of the recent championships.

There is less county and grassroots news than usual and often this makes room for other interesting pieces that may struggle for room in other editions.

In the highlighted issue there is a very good profile piece, from Andrew Devonshire, on a young Michael Smith!

Darts World hope you enjoy this fabulous edition and the 50+ other that are available absolutely free while we are in these tough times!

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Cover Shots: Woodhouse Makes Cover Of May’s Limited Edition!

DartsWorld Magazine May 2020 Cover
DartsWorld Magazine May 2020 Cover

The latest edition of Darts World is out now and available exclusively in our ‘Freemium Archive’.

Issue number 569 features Luke Woodhouse on its cover. Much of the magazine is a tribute to how darts has stepped up, and adapted, during these Covid-19 dominated times.

The Bewdley thrower hit the first 9-Darter of the Unibet Home Tour as the PDC launched the ‘darting from home’ league! Luke had joined a select band of ‘9 Dart’ history makers. Whether it’s John Lowe’s first televised perfect leg, Paul Lim’s first World Championship or the later ‘firsts’ featuring Taylor, Dolan, Wade & Thornton, Woodhouse’s effort gave the new event a did-you-see-it moment and generated a great deal of interest.

Talking to Phil Lanning recently it’s fair to say Luke seemed slightly stunned:

“To be honest when I did it, I didn’t think too much about it. As far as I’m concerned I’m just throwing darts at home in the kitchen. I didn’t know how many people would be watching.

“It’s gone a bit crazy. It’s been great that the fans have been able to watch some live darts, it’s brilliant and for the players as well to be doing something half competitive.”

We are sure that joining players such as Leighton Rees, Eric Bristow, Phil Taylor and MVG on the front cover of the longest-running darts magazine will be something that Luke will appreciate in years to come!

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