Wright Adapts To Lock Down Life.

Peter Wright has swapped clogs for eggs as he gets used to life in lockdown after taking the world crown.

Not quite the 2020 Snakebite was expecting.

The Livingston ace should have been strutting his stuff for two nights in front of a sea of orange 22,000 Dutch fans in Rotterdam this week.

But due to the coronavirus lockdown, instead of the bright lights and glamour of the Premier League, Snakebite has been supplying eggs to the elderly from his farm in Suffolk and clearing out poop from the chicken coop.

World Champ Wright, 50, said: “We’ve been giving out eggs to the local community during this time. Jo put it out on our Facebook community page that eggs can be collected and we’ve given the neighbours some as well.

“All this shutdown stuff works, we’ve all got to do it for everyone’s health and everyone’s benefit.

“Just be safe, just be careful and help the elderly if you can. All these little bits.

“Jo put up on our local shop if any of the elderly needed any eggs because they’re running out in some shops and supermarkets, then we’d also take them round from a distance, obviously.

“It’s been quite nice to hit the pause button in some ways. Instead of just being home for one and a half days a week, I’m here full-time which is great.

“I’ve just managed to put the Christmas decorations away at last, it’s been that hectic since the Worlds!

“I’ve been doing all the odd jobs that haven’t been done for years. I’ve even cleared out Jo’s sewing room.”

Wright admits that darts isn’t the main thing on his mind right now but would be gutted if he couldn’t bid to retain the World Cup for Scotland with the event on June 18 under threat because of the Covid-19 outbreak.

He said: “Obviously darts isn’t a priority right now. I wanted to retain the World Cup for Scotland with Gary (Anderson) and we don’t know if that will happen right now. I miss the competition of playing but everyone’s health comes first, end of story.”

DIMITRI VAN DEN BERGH IN Action. Dimi is staying with the Wright’s during this awkward time. Pic: L Lustig/ PDC.

The caring star, crowned World Champ on New Year’s Day, has even taken on a lodger in double World Youth Champ Dimitri van den Bergh – and he’s also been helping with farm duties.

Wright added: “We’ve got young Dimitri staying with us. He’s been here since the last Pro Tour in Barnsley, he didn’t want to chance travelling home because of the restrictions and he’s been here since.

“Dimitri is helping me out with a bit of practice every now and again. Two world champions practicing together can’t be bad.

“It’s a bit tough – he wants to go home and see his parents, stuff like that. It’s tough on him but he’s thinking of moving to the UK soon anyway to try the darts 100 per cent. Being UK based gives him a taster, I suppose.

“We were out on the farm collecting eggs the other day, I said ‘your job is not to drop them’, so he’s having fun.

“I’ve been practising a lot with Dimi, but just using all sorts of different darts. It will take a year for me to get through using all the different darts I use!

For reviews, of some Peter Wright Darts, see our ‘Choose Your Weapons’ area.

“Seriously though, I do change a lot as I practice otherwise I get bored and I won’t want to use them again when the Premier League starts up again.”

Wright’s wife Jo was meant to be in hospital yesterday (Thurs) for a major spine op but it was cancelled at the last minute because of the Covid-19 crisis.

He added: “The hospital phoned her up and it was OK, they definitely wanted to go through with it. They said their beds are OK for another fortnight. But then she got a message at 7am on Thursday morning to say it was off under Government authority.

“It was a massive worry for us. It’s a very big operation as it is on her spine. But it would have also put her into the vulnerable category for coronavirus. We’ve been through this as a family and Jo was adamant she wanted to go ahead with it.

“The operation could have gone wrong and she could have ended up in a wheelchair.

“I’m always a house husband anyway, I do all the work. I can’t even escape now to play darts all over Europe, so I have to do as I’m told or I’m in deep trouble!

“The strange thing is that this enforced time at home has worked out really well for us. Because if the op had gone ahead I would have been at home permanently to look after Jo which I couldn’t have done if I’d been away playing.

“I did say to her the plan was I would miss the Premier League if she wanted me to. But she said no way, I was to carry on playing.

“It’s a condition that Jo has in her spine that has progressively got worse over the years. It’s giving her pain with nerves so the operation has to happen, she is having her spine fused together in the lumber region and will be in hospital for 3-5 days. It will also include four to six screws and plate or rods put in her spine.”

By Phil Lanning (@lannomedia)

Original article: reddragondarts.com

Wayne Warren – Recreating the Perfect Dart.

New World Champion Wayne Warren was recently filmed discussing how he was able to take a brand new set of darts and turn them, and him, into World Championship winners in less than a month.

Three Wise Men?

The video features Wayne in discussion with Red Dragon’s Simon Hall and legendary dartmaker Lee Huxtable.

Now we know that a full discussion about the ins and out of darts design may not suit everyone. But within 10 minutes Lee, Wayne and Simon give a near perfect guide to dart selection, design and manufacture!


Wayne had his original darts made by Lee at Red Dragon over a decade ago. The main elements were a ‘feel’ that Wayne had from his ancient copper tungsten originals and the weight. After much trial and error the perfect ‘replica’ was produced. This involved shotblasting the tungsten to give the feel of a old worn set despite them being brand new. After further experimentation Wayne discovered that 17.5g was perfect for him. As this is an unusual weight a more usual 20g set was released commercially.

Time for Change

Wayne was aware that he had been “been going downhill” following an injury and thought that a little extra weight might help. Lee confirmed that it was possible to keep the vast majority of the dart exactly the same and gain some inertia. As with the original set as soon as Wayne tested the new specification he new it was right for him and it was simply a matter of using them for the three weeks until the World Championship!

The video features other elements such as the grip style, specifications and tungsten percentages etc. It offers a very unusual insight into the process of making a professional’s set of tools and the knowledge, patience and complexity involved. Despite his natural modesty, Lee is a master at what he does and has vast experience to bring to the task.

Three World Champions do not come by accident.

Darts World’s resident Coach, and our product testers at A.I.M:, feel that this ten minute video contains years worth of experience and know-how hidden under a layer of slightly stilted conversation, its clear that Wayne is a little shy and unused to all the attention!

If your thinking of getting new darts or making changes give the video a look. But, pay as much attention to what does not change, and why, as to what does!

Wayne Warren darts here: http://www.reddragondarts.com/wayne-warren-20-gram

Featured Pic: PDC

Darts World – February Issue – A Chat with Glen Durrant & Loads More.

The February Issue of Darts World magazine will be out shortly. This month’s issue is packed full of with columns and pieces on subjects across the darting world. Here are a few you may want to look forward to:

John gives us the Indig02 lowdown.

Mic Drop John Fowler gives us another insight into his life on the road. This month includes the BDO World Championships and working with a legend.

Glen Durrant JR Lott in conversation with the three time World Champion. Everything from ‘The Hitman’ being a better player than him! Through to trying avoid the news of his Premier League selection.

Choose Your Weapons – We look at a World Record setting dart used by a current World Champion.

Guess Who? – Your chance to win a signed set of Red Dragon darts.

Colin Osborne Joins Darts World!

Wizards WizdomColin Osborne looks back to the start of his career and takes a closer look at today’s game.

Player of the Month – Nominate a player who deserves to join our Hall of Fame, see who has won last months award and you could earn yourself a set of Pro-Line darts from Winmau.

County News & The Circuit – All the results, news and reports from around the UK.

The Last WordPatrick Chaplin always had the last word. What will he hold forth on this month?

Red Dragon Claim Unique World Champion Treble.

Welsh darting brand Red Dragon have a lot to shout about already. Major champions, innovative models and a solid reputation for service and value. Yesterday they moved to a new level. We pestered Red Dragon’s Simon Hall for his thoughts before the final took place:

With World Titles meaning so much to every player, and those behind them, the chance of three in one year is nothing short of breathtaking

Simon Hall – Red Dragon
Red Dragon’s World Champion.

With the crowning of Peter Wright, earlier this month, RD put the cherry on a long baked cake. Over the past decade they have developed a model and put together a group of players that rival anything seen previously. It results in World Champions!

Can Wayne Warren make it a rare double for the Welsh brand?

Wayne Warren lifting the BDO World Professional Championship gives the Bridgend based company a unique trio of World Champions. With Snakebite already holding the PDC crown and Luke Humphries capturing the World Youth title (PDC) it’s been a bumper few weeks. It may also make all the difference in the annual manufacturer rankings!

The RD model is not overly complex. The select their players carefully, work with them closely and stick with them for the long run.

A Celtic Flavour?

Success begins at home? – RD have a very good base of Welsh talent, but with Scots and more added!

In addition, to Warren, Red Dragon have Gerwyn Price, Johnny Clayton, Jamie Lewis and Barrie Bates all from their home pricipality of Wales. In addition, they boast a clutch of Scotsmen lead by Robert Thornton and backed up by John Henderson and Ross Montgomery. previous players include former world champ Richie Burnett. If you know sport you will understand that the Celtic passions work well in harness with sporting talent.

Multi Generational

Jamie Lewis
Jamie Lewis seems to have spent his whole life under the wing of RD?

Like all manufacturers RD have been keen to find and nuture young talent, they were the first sponsor for Adam Smith Neale, backed Richard North and have supported Jamie Lewis through thick and thin. But RD are not in thrall to youth. During the last decade they took considered risks on older, seasoned player who were coming on strong. Mark Hylton, Ian White and indeed, Wayne Warren were all in there forties or older when they were first signed up.

Back Your Decision

Those who make the decisions at RD seem to stick with them and are not afraid to throw the rule book out of the window if it may help a player or kick start a relationship. The Peter Wright story, and ever changing equipment, might have driven some companies over the edge. Instead Red Dragon have invented a totally new model for Peter and his sponsorship.


John Henderson has had ups and down as well as injury, Gerwyn Price has had much publicised disciplinary issues and Luke Humphries has well documented mental health concerns. Yet all are still with RD and have had multiple deals often renewed during tough times as well as good. This approach seems to allow players time and space to flourish at their own pace or to adapt to new circumstances.

Choose Wisely.

Initial signing decisions are a combination of analysis, external reports, observation and consultation. There is no fixed recipe for pursuing, or signing, a player but a number of differing factors can influence a decision. A good network of informative and reliable sources, very good data and carefully honed instincts all play a part.


RD are not the sort who sign a player as soon as he/she does anything of note and then reject them if they don’t hit that high spot again instantly. Instead they take advice and are prepared to move earlier at times and be more long term in their thinking. This has occasionally seen them miss out rather than make an error.

A good example is David Evans. ‘Stretch‘ is a fine player with huge potential. Several of RD sources pointed him out a while ago. Yet, other sources recommended a step by step approach as that thought he needed time to develop and adapt. The last twelve months, and his recent World Championship efforts, suggests that they were correct.

Red Dragon’s collection of a threesome of World Champions means they have reaped the rewards of a program, and a belief, that dates back well over a decade. It would be a wise move to keep an eye on their future signings and those already on their books.

We’re so lucky to have these great players out there fighting to win & carrying the Red Dragon Name

Simon Hall of Red Dragon Darts

More than just luck Simon! In the meantime congratulations are in order! Well done indeed.

Snobbery or Ignorance? The Economist Sells Darts Short.

One of the most frustrating things, about being a passionate darts fan, is the refusal of people and organisations to take the game seriously or give credit for the game’s achievements and the progress it has made.

Fallon Sherrock – The Economist uses her recent success as a mask for a smooth hit job on Professional Darts.

A fine example was a recent article in The Economist. The title (Bull Market) and the sub heading – A Pastime’s Journey From Pub to Prime Time – suggested that this would be a serious and even positive look at the modern game.


Bull Market or Bullsh*t? The Economist on the darts business.

Oh, how I should have known better!

In seven bitter paragraphs, disguised as a serious business article, darts players, its business model and fans are disparaged or belittled on multiple occasions. As much doubt as possible is then cast upon its likely long term success.

“Bear bellied blokes” , “peculiar British pastime”, “staggered out of the pub and onto television”, “loutish reputation”, “Britain’s biggest pantomime”, “pint swilling fans”, “Results of the matches don’t matter”.

The above remarks are just examples from a piece, that claims to explore the likelihood of Darts and the PDC model being successful in the USA, in one of our major (business/politics) ‘serious’ publications.

It is amazing how often the press resort to lazy stereotypes, when looking at darts, and how infrequently they comment on the huge potential of such an inclusive, diverse and equal professional game. No one is suggesting that some of the points are not valid, or have elements of truth in them, but the imbalance and sloppiness is shameful. No effort appears to have been made to explore the progress made or the increasing professionalism of all involved.

Surely, Barry Hearn, on behalf of the PDC and its players, should pen a rebuttal to this and send it to the editor in the hope of representing the positive elements of their remarkable efforts in the last fifteen years or so. In addition the PDPA and the major darts manufacturers should also be up-in-arms at the way their efforts and investments are dismissed perhaps they could demonstrate the true nature of the industry to our friends at The Economist.

Finally, I feel that the author, editor and The Economist in general should have a good look at themselves to see if they have fallen for the ancient error of dismissing something that they feel is beneath them. The piece stinks of the basic forms of snobbery.

Perhaps the powers that be feel that any publicity is good publicity. In this case I sincerely hope not!

Unsung Heroes – You Know FullWell!

Nick Fullwell, 50, is a familiar name on the darts circuit, but 2019 saw the man known as ‘Hero’ become known to many more darts fans and he is not finished yet! 

Nick has previous. Having played many PDC majors, his experience should stand him in good stead.
PIC: PDC L Lustig

Nick Fullwell has been playing professional darts for almost fifteen years, but his results in 2019 across both codes were the best of his career. A televised appearance appearance at the World Masters against Scott Waites was followed by immediate qualification for the BDO World Championships where Fullwell became the latest addition to the band of dual-code World Championship contestants after playing in the PDC version in 2009. Fullwell lost a tight game 3-2 to David Evans in the last 32 at the O2, but he can be very proud of his recent progression.

It is, perhaps, at the level just below that Fullwell, the former Pro Tour finalist and West Midlands County player, has demonstrated the most improvement. He claimed a PDC Challenge Tour title at Peterborough, but was not quite consistent enough to challenge in the Order of Merit. Yet, having begun to enter more and more BDO events, he started to pick up other titles and record consistently strong results. 

Winning is beginning to come easier to the Black country player!
Pic: PDC

Fullwell claimed the Toremelinos Classic and reached a clutch of other finals last year, including the very competitive Lincolnshire Open. In what was to prove a common trend, he also reached the semi-finals of the English Nationals in June as his run of success kicked in. 

Fullwell achieved all of this despite finding himself in a tough spot back in 2015. In April of that year, Nick had simply had enough. An extended poor run of form had resulted in very few earnings or ranking points on the PDC Challenge Tour, with things seemingly going from bad to worse. Not a man to give up easily, as his kickboxing belt would indicate, Fullwell sought out some assistance on the oche. For the next twelve months, he dramatically increased his practice time and worked with a coach/mentor to see if he could change the tide.

With a change of darts and a stronger mindset, Fullwell’s hard work began to pay off. Just over twelve months on from his worst performances, he claimed his first PDC title when winning a Challenge Tour event in May 2016. He was also showing superb form in open events and, together with his ‘partner in crime’ Ian ‘Whippet’ Jones, was reaching the latter stages of almost every tournament he entered. 

Tragedy, however, was imminent. At the same time that this superb turnaround in Fullwell’s form was taking place, his wife, and childhood sweetheart, Sharon, was diagnosed with cancer. Showing remarkable courage, the couple managed Sharon’s illness as best as they could whilst raising money for various cancer charities and trying to ensure that their two children were spared as much trauma as possible. Tragically, after a courageous and lengthy fight, Sharon passed away. 

Fullwell’s focus and energies were then almost entirely devoted to ensuring that his children were comforted and helped through school, college and many other of life’s journeys. His form on the oche was put in to perspective. When time allowed, he did pick up his darts and played for the sheer enjoyment of playing, mainly in local events, county matches and a memorial event in honour of his wife.

Slowly over the next couple of years, Fullwell built up the next stage of his life and began to place more time and effort into the game he loves. He now plays for Lincolnshire and has been playing BDO events frequently, as well as the PDC Challenge Tour. The rewards unquestionably arrived in 2019. 

A few years back Fullwell was encouraged to be aggressive and almost angry when he played as it was thought that this might get the best out of him. However, he has resisted this and instead tries to be as relaxed as possible and enjoy the game. In short, he refused to be who he was not and remained true to himself. 

So, when you next see Nick Fullwell stride on to a darts stage, spare a thought and perhaps a cheer, for one of the nicest people in the game of darts. Few have worked as hard, suffered such misfortune or deserve success more than he. 

He really should keep a closer eye on those darts though!
Pic – PDC


Ultimate Guide to The PDC World Championships – Free eMag.

DartsWorld Magazine and dartsworld.com are very pleased to have contributed to a great fan guide to the William Hill PDC World Championships.

Some of our friends, colleagues, and writers have put together a great eMag that is free for anyone to down load here:

Click to download your copy

Inside you will find ‘player card’s for all 96 players will details of their careers. Articles about various World Championship stories, betting info and fun stories.

If you like what you see, or reed, keep an aye out for future apecial editions and here at dartsworld.com

SnapShot Review: Red Dragon – Raptor (Points).

  • Product – Raptor (Points)
  • Brand – RedDragon
  • RRP – £8.90
  • Dimensions – 33mm (28mm exposed)
  • Features – Collared, Grooved & Barbed

Our resident coach is strongly of the opinion that “there has been little, or no, beneficial innovation in darts since the tungsten barrel”. He does, however, allow one notable exception, points!

Red Dragon Raptor Points – Perfectly paired.

Our friends at A.I.M: are currently conducting extensive tests on the various types of points on the market. Collared, coloured, grooved, coated and almost every other option available are being put through their paces. Some things have become obvious early on in the testing. The first is that Raptor from RedDragon is an exceptional product.

First Impressions: These points don’t come with flash packaging or attached to their own range of dart. However, it is immediately noticeable that they are unusual. They are plain and appear very well made indeed. They are 33mm long with 28mm exposed after fitting. The point is collared in style (to eliminate join between point & barrel), there are 4 grooves, from the collar downward, that allow for exact finger placement/grip. The lower section is slim and sharply tapered, for good board penetration and there is a small (2mm) barb for both finger feeling and board retention.

Fitting: We fitted Raptor points into three different brands of darts. The fitted easily and snuggly into all three with no complications.

Raptor’s grooves, barb and slim lower section all proved very popular.

Grooved Section: The grooves worked excellent for those who like to feel their finger in the same place but not to slip during delivery.

Lower(Smooth) Section: Testing showed that this penetrated the board well and was a good alternative resting point for those who like their finger on a smooth area.

Point Barb: Very unusually Raptor has a small, less than 2mm bard at the very tip of the point. This proved excellent in improving board retention, even the gentlest thrower had full confidence that their dart would stay in place. In addition, it proved very useful with those who naturally rest their finger at the point, Dennis Priestley style, for control.

Durability: The Raptor seems to have overcome one of the problems of newer complex points. Despite heavy usage, and a few drops, we have not broken one yet!

A.I.M: Independent Darts Consultancy

Player Quotes:

  • “Brilliant, much stiffer than my current collared point” – Serious Amateur
  • “Nice and not all flashy” – Elite level player
  • “All round winner” – Coach

Downsides: The only recorded downside was that they seem to be only available in this length. At least one player would move to them if a 30mm (external) option was provided.

The SnapShot: First impressions, and initial testing, reveal raptor to be an exceptional product, that raises the bar for modern points. The problems of over flexibility, breakability and clumsiness that affect some complex, or collared, points are solved in one go. Red Dragon have produced a superb product and the fact that it can be added, at point of purchase, to a huge range of darts, is a boon.

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  • Colin Lloyd: answers ‘The Big Questions
Former No.1 Colin Lloyd talks to Darts World.

Our regular interview with one of the nicest people in darts.

Who does Lloydy think has the best throw?

Who would he rather be?

John Fowler: Life on ‘The Open Road

Our newly adopted BDO Official gives his inside view.

  • Choose Your Weapons: Target Swiss Point.
Look out for our reviews of this ingenious new system

We look at the latest point system and the Swiss Point 03 model.

  • Patrick Chaplin: Gives ‘The Last Word‘ every month. November finishes with Patrick’s thoughts on everything from Olly Croft to Shayne Burgess!

  • JR Lott: Introduces us to his Unsung Heroes

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