“All Hair and No Flair” They Said. How Wright Proved Them Wrong!

THEY said he was all hair and no flair. It was just a novelty act, a multi-colored Mohican, style over substance. He was even called a ‘clown’. But boy, has Peter Wright proved everyone wrong.

Wright’s flair has added to a game previously dominated by polo shirts and polyester!

In truth Wright, 50, is a total contradiction of persona v personality. The oche punk look could not be further from his real character. He’s quiet, reserved, and verging on shy, very softly spoken and often emotional. Wright was close to tears when he admitted: “My mum was 16 when she had me and my dad was in jail.“But her sisters didn’t think she was up to bringing me up at one stage and they were apparently talking about taking me off her.

Wright burst on to the elite scene six years ago by reaching the World Championship Final and has since been consistent at the highest level before landing the big one on New Year’s Day.

Ask anyone about darts and where once they’d talk about Eric Bristow or Phil Taylor, now they say: “That bloke with the colourful, spiky hair.”Wrighty admits he grew up watching the likes Ziggy Stardust and Boy George which inspired the hair – and the best is yet to come on the oche.

He added: 

“I know what people have said about me, I know people thought I was just a novelty and a weird haircut.“

When I was young I experimented I did have some sort of Mohican and I used to colour the back of my head with food dye!

“In the charts then were David Bowie, Boy George and all that lot all dressed up as well. “It was my idea of colouring my hair for darts. It was the Blue Square UK Open and I decided to have blue hair for it, I think that was 2009. “But I always believed in my own ability”.

“The hair, the clothes are just my stage persona. That’s what prepares me for matches, my warpaint if you like.”

 “I like to learn from other players, watch the top guys such as Phil, Michael (Van Gerwen), Gary (Anderson) and Adrian Lewis and pick up their best points. “I always go out to keep improving and that’s brought me to where I am now. But there’s a lot more to come.”

The ultimate reward! Snakebite captures the games’ biggest trophy. (pic: Taylor Lanning)

This wonderful down-to-earth guy Wright has shut down all the haters. The “clown” took the biggest crown.

Pix: Taylor Lanning