Swiss Point 03 – In-Depth Review.

Product: Darts (Steel Tip) 
Brand: Target 
Model Name: Swiss Point 
Model / Edition: 03 (22g) 
RRP: £75+   
Content of the box for Target Swiss Point 03

General Summary

Swiss Point 03 is a superbly engineered, and finely tuned, addition to Target’s premium range. Straight barrelled and dual gripped to appeal to a wide audience. They feature the brand-new Swiss Point, an interchangeable point system patented by Target. 

The colour scheme and styling, (silver/grey combinations) ensure that the dart is visible in the board but not glaring/distracting. For such a heavily machined dart it has a remarkably slim feel and looks. The grip is strong, impressive and original.  

The SW03 will suit many players but especially those with a lighter grip who like a sharp feel. Relaxed, stylish throwers will be intrigued! The SW03 features the Swiss Point changeable point system, more of which later, but is a fine dart in its own right. 

At over £75 SW03 are a premium piece of design, production and performance for the higher end of the non-player market. 

In the Box: 

3 x Swiss Point 22g Barrels, 1 x Swiss Point Changing Tool, 1 x Extra Set Swiss Points, 3 x Pro-Grip Stems ( Medium) & 3 x Swiss Point badged Flights. 

Player Quotes:

“A seriously solid but stunning looking dart that combines solidity with ease and urgency of grip” 

“I love the grip, the front section is superb looking, but feels less likely to stick than deep/sharp old fashioned rings” 

….Great combination of style and performance, best I have seen for ages”. 

Testing Process: 

A.I.M used different players;  elite, strong amateur, youth and a lady player. We subjected the SW03 to a variety of throw styles, conditions and set ups. In total at least one hundred legs and close to two thousand darts were thrown. Our testers used the dart in competitive practice, training drills, over a weekend for social games, even an open knockout. 

Another model of the Swiss Point range is the latest iteration of Phil Taloy’s 9Five range (Gen6).

In addition to the supplied set up, Standard Shape Target Swiss Point Flights and Pro Grip Stems, players were asked to try their own or any other set up they felt might complement this type of dart. 

The Results:  

  • First Impressions: All three of our testers were very impressed with the general look and feel of the SW03. The milled and cut grips intrigued them whilst the subtle black/grey colour was deemed attractive and not “over done with gold and stuff”. Our players mostly liked the initial feel of the dart in their hand. The words stylish and weighty were used. Two players thought the dart would be heavier than the 22g it actually was. One player was weary of the grip, the new feeling felt sharp and he was doubtful as a result. 
  • Performance: Our youth player was most strongly positive about the SW03. In his view, the dart performed very well and felt very comfortable in the hand and was impressed by the styling. He felt his consistency level improved. In addition, our more social player liked the grip style as it “seemed grippy but not sticky” for their very loose hold on the dart. Both these players are quite relaxed (long) throwers and it seems the SW dart compliments this very well. Our female tester also liked the darts performance while having reservations over the grip level. 
  • Downsides: Our elite level player was intrigued by SW03 overall. However, as he uses a very strong grip, he did not find it as easy to get a regular, comfortable feel from SW03. After a while, he found a better holding zone, more toward the front of the dart and was much happier. 
  • The Tech Bit: For such a heavily engineered dart SW03 come in at a slim 6.4mm wide. The subtle cosmetics and grip pattern combine to create the impression of an even slimmer model. The 51 mm length is the middle point in recent times and allows many different throw styles to feel comfortable. The slightly rounded ‘nose cone’ area is essential on a dart with pronounced grip. The stem join area is superbly engineered, as is the nose area, allowing various Swiss Points point to be fitted whilst still allowing the “rested finger” to be consistent. The “Dual Force Machining” results in a square cut grip that acts more like a texture. 
  • Durability: Swiss Point (03) stood up very well over the 100+ legs that we subjected them to. Our strong amateur barely made a mark on them over a whole weekend. Our youth player is very direct and caused the usual surface marks.  Our elite player maximised the contact between the arrows. Yet, due to the colour scheme and styling, no difference was noticed to the appearance of the dart in the board. In the hand, the darts simply slightly used but not in a way that affected their appeal. It is possible that a worn set of SW03 may well be even better with those who hold the dart firmly being happier when they are slight worn in. It should be noted that the grips do seem to increase wear and tear on the flights. Two of our testers reported using extra flights over an extended period of use. 
A.I.M: Independent dart consultants.


After looking long and hard at these darts, and studying the players who tested them with us, we have concluded that they would be excellent for those who have a long throw and light or very light grip. If you think you’re a bit of a Barney or even a Terry Jenkins style thrower, then these may well work for you.  

Traditional style setups, medium stems and standard shaped flights worked best with the SW03. Shorter or more slimline setups seemed to affect the stability of the dart in flight. 

N.B. We will be looking at the Swiss Point System separately.  Check-out our stand-alone review. 

Swanscombe Darters Exceed Expectations in Charity Darts Marathon

Readers may recall a recent article in which we reported on a charity drive from darts players at The Sun in Swanscombe. A modest aim of £300 for dementia research was soon eclipsed and support arrived from many sources.

Players, and supporters, of The Sun pubs darts team in their charity marathon.

Dan Boucher, who led the effort, has updated us after the event took place this weekend. The teams, based at The Sun, sadly discovered that they had a common joint cause, dementia research after close relatives of at least three players were diagnosed in quick succession.

The 24-hour marathon was organised and became a very well supported cause. Saturday the 15th saw the event take place and raffles and other methods were used to maximise the funds raised for an excellent charity.

The generous support of Target darts can be seen here in the shorts and darts donated for auction.

The support of Target darts was warmly received and the organisers were sent various items, including player darts and shirts, to boost the coffers.

So far the total raised is over £1500, more than five times the original estimate.

If you’re in the area or would like to support this tremendous effort drop by or visit the just giving page:

A bit far to travel or a bit chilly? Stay in your warm armchair, while supporting fellow darters, and join their facebook group: ‘The Sun Pub Charity Darts’ and check out their future plans.

Good time had by all.

As the pictures here show a very good time was had by all with the playing members being ably supported by local folk and The Sun itself.

Well done to Dan and good luck to everyone in your future charity plans.

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Between the Covers! What’s in November’s Issue

We are just over a week away from the latest edition of Darts World. You may have noticed we are adding more and more features and contributors every month. Here are few to look forward to ……..

  • Colin Lloyd: answers ‘The Big Questions
Former No.1 Colin Lloyd talks to Darts World.

Our regular interview with one of the nicest people in darts.

Who does Lloydy think has the best throw?

Who would he rather be?

John Fowler: Life on ‘The Open Road

Our newly adopted BDO Official gives his inside view.

  • Choose Your Weapons: Target Swiss Point.
Look out for our reviews of this ingenious new system

We look at the latest point system and the Swiss Point 03 model.

  • Patrick Chaplin: Gives ‘The Last Word‘ every month. November finishes with Patrick’s thoughts on everything from Olly Croft to Shayne Burgess!

  • JR Lott: Introduces us to his Unsung Heroes

Player of the Month – Win a Winmau Prize, Guess Who? – Win a Set of Red Dragon Darts

In addition, there will be; Towe The Line, Top 5 Value Darts, County Lines, and much more………

Our next edition will be available on November 1st, to buy or to subscribe go here:

Coming Soon – The Underestimation of Colin Lloyd.

Whilst catching up with the gossip in the Darts World office the other day, I came across the draft copy of a player interview for an upcoming Darts World (Print Edition). The piece will feature Colin ‘Jaws’ Lloyd.

Darts World features an upcoming interview with Colin Lloyd. JR Lott was reminded of how he is underestimated by many.

I couldn’t resist a sneak peek at the interview and found it engaging, interesting and refreshingly honest. This should have been no surprise as it’s an accurate reflection of the Colin I have met regularly over the years. He is the same in good times and bad.

However, at the same time, it occurred to me that ‘Lloydy’ seems to get scant wider attention. Whereas some past players, with less of an achievement record, are lauded with praise, and media attention, Colin seems to be skated over when mentioned at all. This is very unfair. Jaws achieved a huge amount and has always been a superb ambassador for the game. ( OK except for the incident against Andre Welge)

Jaws’s practise space. Check out the trophies!

Colin Lloyd spent his entire elite career in the PDC. Starting in 1999 he spent almost twenty years in the top echelon of the game. Along the way, he claimed more than a dozen Pro Tour level floor titles. Indeed his floor performance was so strong that he rose to be World number one. The PDC system was then made up from points claimed from all events. With ‘The Power’ playing less, as time went on, ‘Jaws’ kept accumulating points until he sat on top of the pile. To this day PDC number ones make up a very select club. It is also forgotten that Colin’s entire career was played under the arc of Taylor completly rewriting the sport.

Next on Lloyd’s achievement list is that of multiple major winner! It is not easy to claim a PDC major, claiming more than one is seriously tough. In some ways, Colin’s two majors are the most contrasting you can win. The World Matchplay is a long-format, leg play, an elite seeded true test of matchplay. Winners of the World Matchplay can still be counted on two hands (winners of more than one title on less than one hand) and again that list features Colin Lloyd (2005). The opposite is true of the World Grand Prix, it is a shorter format, especially early on, and is a set based structure. Both are tough to win but as your two majors they stand up well.

Colin in the TV booth. Surely we should hear more from Lloydy?

Reflecting on these details of Colin’s career it struck me how many of them I already knew. He has also always been an accessible, open and entertaining person. ‘Jaws’ is popular in exhibitions and corporate events and is an ambassador for Red Dragon after many successful years with both Target and Unicorn.

Sadly, the underestimation of Colin Lloyd extends from other players all the way through the media and sadly to many fans as well. It would be nice to see this being put right.

I find I am very much looking forward to reading the finished article in the magazine.

Stephen Bunting Gen 3 – Review

The Bullet himself has been a little subdued for a while now, it’s not surprising then, that the time has come for a refresh of his darts. Could this new version result in Stephen recapturing his best?

Product: Darts (Steel Tip)

Brand: Target

Model: Stephen Bunting (Gen3)

Variation: 12g (90% Tungsten)

RRP: £39+

Marks: 7 – 9 /10 (overall 8/10)

First Impressions: After ‘The Bullet’ stuttered during 2017 & 18 he, and Target, seems to have gone back to basics here. Out goes the strawberry grip and the golden styling.
The Gen 3 is totally smooth but has a slight bulb toward the point (6.9mm widest). A flat smooth area lengthens the gradient from a narrower section to the curved nose area. A little like smooth Dennis Priestley darts. A lovely feeling dart that warms quickly and then is surprisingly grippy. At 48mm long it is much longer than most ultralight darts.

As Supplied: Fitted with short traditional points and set up with Pro Grip Target Stems, in medium length, and Bullet logo flights, black & red. All contained within the standard target packaging. A nice overall image and coordinated colour scheme is the result.

Testing Procedure: As usual, we used three players with different styles and skill levels. This time an elite player, a youth player and a decent amateur all were enthusiastic to try these highly unusual arrows. An initial practise session was used to adapt and then two more sessions were held over the next couple of weeks.

One of our players used these over a social darts evening with a group of friends. Another tried an open event in the Midlands. Overall the Gen 3 had well over 100 legs worth of use and were given a thorough work-out.

Results & Reactions:

  • Elite: Struggled with the weight initially. These are ten grams lighter than his usual choice. After adapting, however, our elite player enjoyed using these in practice. Trying to use them in a competitive leg seems to prove too much.
  • Strong Amateur: Our strong amateur player uses quite a light dart by choice and is quite wristy. This seemed to suit and it did not take long until our player was as effective with these as with his default arrows. He liked the smooth grip and the slight bulge made the dart feel more secure in his fingers. With time and practise he is sure these would become his new ‘weapon of choice’!
  • Youth: Our youth player was perhaps the least impressed of our testers. The short barrel was not easy for him to get used too and no comfortable grip could be found. The desperate remedy of a social night out, mixed with alcohol, was used. Could a less focused environment help? Sadly, this was not much of a success, although others who attended the evening got on much better, with the Bunting darts, than our player. Including somone who had never played before!


A.I.M:An excellent dart if you can persevere with getting used to such a light option with no apparent grip. Many will lose patience but those who didn’t may become permanent converts“. We notice that “players with less preconceptions are much more positive to these darts and perform well with them”.

I loved these and may get myself some on payday. The little bulge makes all the difference from other lightweights I have tried. These feel much better” – Amateur 1.

I liked these but could not translate practise into match form. Perhaps they would work as a practice aid?” – Elite Player.

Marks: The marks varied between a 7 from our youth player, generous because he saw others get on with them. and a nine from our strong amateur player. very light and smooth darts are always likely to polarise opinion. They do not obey convention and take time to master. But the overall 8/10 is pretty good for such a specialist dart.

William O’Connor Claims 1st Pro Tour Title. Irish Star Wins PC13.

WILLIAM O’CONNOR claimed his first PDC title at Players Championship 13 in Barnsley on Tuesday.


The opening day of the ProTour mid-week double-header at the Barnsley Metrodome saw O’Connor defeat UK Open Champion Nathan Aspinall 8-4 in just his second PDC final, following up his European Darts Matchplay final appearance in July 2018.

O’Connor, who has competed on the PDC ProTour circuit since 2011, edged out Rowby-John Rodriguez 6-5 in his opening game of the day, before seeing off Luke Humphires and Luke Woodhouse 6-2 to reach the last 16.

There, he produced a stunning display, averaging 105.8 in a 6-4 win over Steve Beaton, which the Irishman followed up with a 6-5 quarter-final triumph over Jeffrey de Zwaan.

A 102.2 average was enough to overcome Daryl Gurney 7-5 in the semi-finals, before a convincing victory over Aspinall saw O’Connor land the £10,000 top prize.

“I’m a bit overwhelmed by it but I’m so happy to have won my first title,” said O’Connor, who will represent the Republic of Ireland at the BetVictor World Cup of Darts in June.

“I’ve been playing well all year but haven’t had any good results, so maybe I’ve used all my luck in one day.

“I’m happy to move up the rankings a bit and now I want to add a couple more titles to my name and see where it takes me.

“I have the game to win more, I just need to be more consistent and produce a lot better than I have been doing over the years, but the same can be said for many players on tour.”

A hard-fought final began with four consecutive breaks of throw, before the pair exchanged holds to make it 3-3 after a tight opening.

O’Connor then hit tops to hold throw once again, and followed it with an 11-dart break to open up a two-leg gap for the first time at 5-3.

The Irish number two made no mistake on double 16 to assert his dominance at 6-3, before Aspinall stopped the rot with a hold of throw.


However, O’Connor showed no signs of wavering as he found double 12 for a 13-darter to go within a leg of the title, before the determined former Tom Kirby Memorial Trophy winner saw off 68 to seal a famous win.

Despite a below-par display in the final, Aspinall continued his sensational form with a first final appearance since being crowned UK Open Champion in March.

The World Championship semi-finalist, who claimed his first PDC title in Barnsley in September 2018, defeated Adrian Lewis 7-4 in a thrilling semi-final in what turned out to be the highlight of the Stockport thrower’s day.

Elsewhere, Justin Pipe made it two quarter-final appearances in just over a month, while Christian Kist enjoyed a return to form with a first quarter-final berth since November 2016.

Departing Dutchman Raymond van Barneveld continued his resurgence with a run to the last 16, which included a first-round defeat of Corey Cadby, while Peter Wright also made it to the last eight.

Premier League stars Gerwyn Price and Michael Smith were joined by Glen Durrant in exiting the tournament before the last 16 stages, while it was a disappointing return to Gary Anderson who was eliminated in the first round.

Wednesday will see the second day of the Players Championship mid-week action in Barnsley.

Players Championship 13
Tuesday April 30, The Barnsley Metrodome
Last 16
Christian Kist 6-4 Mark McGeeney
Nathan Aspinall 6-0 Robert Owen
Peter Wright 6-5 Raymond van Barneveld
Adrian Lewis 6-4 Cristo Reyes
William O’Connor 6-4 Steve Beaton
Jeffrey de Zwaan 6-5 Ricky Evans
Justin Pipe 6-5 James Wilson
Daryl Gurney 6-5 Danny Noppert

Nathan Aspinall 6-3 Christian Kist
Adrian Lewis 6-5 Peter Wright
William O’Connor 6-5 Jeffrey de Zwaan
Daryl Gurney 6-3 Justin Pipe

Nathan Aspinall 7-4 Adrian Lewis
William O’Connor 7-5 Daryl Gurney

William O’Connor 8-4 Nathan Aspinall

Words: Josh Phillips

Pics: PDC / L Lustig.