Hawaii 501 Offers Lock-Down Coaching Tips.

Former Premier League darts star Wayne Mardale, now a TV pundit, has often contributed to the discussion around how to help players improve.

Below he offers his latest set of video tips. This time they are centred around helping those with ‘snatcher’ or ‘loopy’ actions.

The video contains useful tips and illustrations. Give it a watch and then see, under the vid, how our resident ‘Coach’ evaluates Hawaii 501’s advice.

Coach’s comments:

Wayne start by looking at the ‘snatchers’ his description is pretty good! The comments, regarding how hard work it can be are true for many.

Even Pro darters are often looking to improve how easily they can perform, rather than their actual skills.

Wayne’s suggested fix is a rhythm and practising it. While this is OK it’s not really a fix. Many snatchy players are full of nervous energy and make rapid recalibrations for almost every dart. As well as rhythm a routine for each throw can help here.

Wayne’s next target is the looped throw. He again wants us to be more direct. Bullet from a gun rather than the more lobbed arc. His suggested remedy is to focus on the follow-through to ensure the aim is fixed and the release is in line. The ‘visual confirmation’ phrase is helpful.

Lastly, Mardle looks at the abbreviated thrower. He is very catagoric in his condemnation of this and insists on, an almost over, exaggerated follow through. Again his advice is good generic information and well worth giving ago.


Much of Wayne’s advice, and demonstration, is clear, simple and well presented. If you are a newer player, or mid level and have a specific issue, it is recommended.

For higher level players Wayne’s advice is too general and too catagoric. He himself acknowledges that abbreviated throwers and loopy ones, Beaton and Barney, have risen to the very top.

I have long suspected that height and reach have a large effect. Wayne’s example, of the full follow through, Phil Taylor was very short whereas both Beaton and RVB are big guys.

This may also be why Ted Hankey needs to throw from such a long way to one side. Taller players, with longer wingspans, may either shorten their extention or lengthen the arc distance.

Twice World Champ Ted Hankey has a very long throw and stands wide of the Oche

So give Wayne’s vids a try, especially if you are getting started or trying to develop, but remember that, despite Wayne’s effort at homogenization, players of all types, and with varied throws, have risen to the very top.

It’s one of the truly special things about darts and would be a bad loss.


This Week – Our Weekly Troll Through Darting History.

Early March has become busier and busier over the last decade or so. The movement of the UK Open, from June, has added importance to the first quarter of the year. The PDC Pro Tour is strongly underway and the European Tour is about to start. Historically there has been plenty to look back at:

6 Years Ago:

Jenkins and Lewis have enjoyed magical moments in their careers, including the final of the UK Open in 2014 (Photo:Lawrence Lustig)

At the UK Open, Adrian Lewis claimed the title, with a crushing 11-1 defeat of Terry Jenkins, adding it to two World Championships and a European Championship. Jackpot has suffered, following injury and loss of confidence, since but had a superb run at 2014’s event. His only close call was a 9-8 victory vs Ronnie Huybrechts. That year’s outsider ‘fairytale’, there is one almost every year, was Aiden Kirk. His back-to-back wins over Gerwyn Price, Phil Taylor and Peter Wright took him all the way through to the last sixteen where he was narrowly defeated by Brendan Dolan.

10 Years Ago:

January 2018 Front Cover
Playing fewer floor event enabled The Power to play though to 2018/9

The Power was, again, asserting dominance over the PDC Pro Tour events. Phil adopted a policy of playing fewer and fewer Players Championship (or UK Open Qualifiers) competitions, in the last decade of his career, and had skipped the first four in 2010. This served two purposes, firstly, his opponents did not become immune to him or become familiar with the experience of playing him. Secondly, it enabled him to remain fresh and responsive when he did play. Taylor’s latest appearances of the 2010 season resulted in back-to-back victories. He claimed the Player’s Championship event on the Saturday for the loss of only 14 legs across 7 matches. The Power improved again for the UK Open qualifier the next day, he managed to win the seven matches needed, dropping only 7 legs! His run included four whitewashes and wins over Micheal Smith, Jelle Klaasen, James Wade and Colin Osborne Often Phil seemed to treat the early ‘floor’ events as ‘playing himself fit’, it certainly worked in 2010 he went on to claim the Premier League, The UK Open, The World Cricket Championship, The World Matchplay and the European Championship.

16 Years Ago:

Wayne Mardle triumphed in The Vauxhall Spring Open (PDC) defeating ‘Rocket’ Ronnie Baxter in the final. 2004 proved a bountiful year for ‘Hawaii 501’ he had just reached the first of three World Championship semi-finals and claimed two Pro Tour level titles as he rose through the rankings. The previous day had seen Alex ‘Ace of Herts’ Roy claim the famed Vauxhall Pro. Alex is often undervalued, as a professional player, but he has a remarkable record. The Watford based builder reached thirteen World Championships in-a-row and was an ever present at the UK Open from it’s founding in 2003 through to 2018. Roy reached the quarter-finals of the World Matchplay and UK Open as well as winning multiple Pro Tour titles, he was also an outgoing and bubbly person liked and much admired for his quiet and reserved nature!


Many Happy return to Peter Wright who turns 50 this week! That’s a Bullseye!

pic: L Lustig / PDC

Harrows Coup or Target Exodus? Chizzy Joins List of Departing Stars.

Harrows today launched a range of products attached to their latest recruit. Dave ‘Chizzy’ Chisnall has joined the Herts based company.

Betway Premier League - Night Ten Preview
Chizzy has enjoyed success whilst with A180 and Target.
Pic: PDC

Chizzy has been attached to a few manufacturers over the years. Beginning with A180 who initially made a simple version of his (Bristow style) dart and then a gold fusion version. Target, then took Chizzy directly onto their books and produced several versions.

Despite the St. Helens man claiming both a Players’ Championship and a European Tour title, in 2019, it appears that the market for such variations may have run its course.

Harrows, by contrast, seem to believe that the current World no.12 may have more to offer. The same seemed to be the case for a popular pundit, and former star player, Wayne Mardle. The former Harrows and Target sponsored player recently switched to Legend darts.

It seems, that Target or some of its signature players have decided to seek their fortunes elsewhere. Disagreements with marketing style or disappointment with return on investment might be some of the reasons behind these changes.

Will more follow these two through the exit door and who will replace them?

John Fowler & The Incredible Journey. Our BDO Official’s Column Continues.

John Fowler – @jayeffmc

Hello again everyone, I hope that you enjoyed my introductory account of how I got involved in the refereeing/MC’ing side of darts. This time I would like to tell you about some of the more exciting journeys I have made during my darting odyssey.

Taking nothing away from all of the other events, a particular example stands out. In November 2016 I was very fortunate to be invited to fly the 11 and a half hour journey to Tokyo and officiate at the PDJ final qualifying event for Ally Pally. My hosts were fantastic and I even had time to visit the city including the famous (and very high!) the Sky Tree Tower for some wonderful views of Tokyo. Great restaurants were certainly on the menu, you would never know from looking at me. I was very proud to be invited to return in September 2017 and repeat an unforgettable¬†experience. The ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ is truly an amazing place to officiate.

For the last 3 years, I have done both the German and Swiss Open weekends and I have a great story from the 2nd German Open (The 1st one at Kalkar). I was refereeing a stage game in the afternoon between Tony O’Shea and a Swedish player I can only remember as Patrick. It was 3-3 and in the final leg Tony started with 100, his opponent replied with 81. Tony then hit treble 20, treble 20 and before he threw his last dart the stage went into total darkness. I heard Tony say “Oh darn it!”, or words to that effect, and threw his 3rd dart while it was still dark. As the dart hit the board, the lighting returned and yes you’ve guessed it “ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY “.

Among many highlights in my near seven years as a professional MC are 2 superb visits to Galway, always a brilliant crowd of crazy and funny people. I’ve been as far North as Fraserburgh and Keith in Scotland, again brilliant experiences and crowds. Malta has also proven enjoyable, twice, and last year I had a late call up for Luxembourg as Marco Meijer had unfortunately picked up a back injury. Glad to say that he has recovered from that. Visiting Athens in March this year, for the inaugural Greek Festival of Darts, meant working within the sight of the Acropolis and I have to learn the Syrtaki (Zorba’s Dance) for next year, don’t ask!

Shortly, I will be working again with one of our most entertaining dart players, Hawaii 501 himself Wayne Mardle. Anyone that has seen Wayne, in exhibition play, will know that one of his party tricks is to blow the dart into the board with his mouth. I have worked with Wayne on many occasions now and he has actually blown the dart into the winning double on at least 10 occasions. As ever, I have had the best view in the house! 

Until next month, stay healthy and happy. Hopefully, I’ll see you at an event soon.¬†

Follow John on twitter at @jayeffmc or look him up on facebook. An extended version of John’s Column will be in a forthcoming edition of Darts World Magazine ( Print Edition) Subscribe here:https://www.dartsworld.com/product/magazine/