A Credit To Our Sport – Darts Steps Up!

The Check Out (Darts World May 2020 Issue 569) this month featured a heartfelt piece from the magazine’s editorial team, dartsworld.com thought it deserved a wider audience!

DartsWorld Magazine May 2020 Cover
DartsWorld Magazine May 2020 Cover

The Covid-19 Outbreak cannot be said to have very many positives. Yet, those involved in the game of darts, and its many related groupings, have shown remarkable adaptability and resilience during the Corona crisis. From players forming ad hoc leagues through to the major brands retaining staff and attempting to carry-on regardless (where safe and possible to do so). Much of the darts ecosystem has responded strongly and the sport has been shown in a very positive light. 

Early on, there were various social media delights to enjoy, the three bulls game and even the loo roll challenge provided some light relief and a place to come together in a spirit of making the best of hard times. 

Many channels offered increased practice content for those with more time on their hands. winmau.com re-boosted their practice zone and those with a web presence such as GoDartsPro.com and even dartsworld.com got very creative with new games and tips for structure and enjoyment. 

Several brands concentrated on the community element of darts with remote tournaments, and virtual competitions, of various sorts. The dartsplanet.tv boys offered a combination of darts, banter,  giveaways and fun competitions to keep their audience entertained and focused.  

As always, many in our wider darts family began to raise funds for deserving causes, particularly the NHS, who needed the help more than ever, Chris Mason led the way raising thousands through memorabilia auctions and competitions. 

As time moved on several brands have launched live darts events to satisfy our craving for competitive sporting action with Modus leading the way. Their Icons of Darts events allowed players of such stature Paul Nicholson and Mark Webster to mix it with up and coming stars such as Red Dragon’s David Evans. The Remote Darts League joined the fray and gave the opportunity to more players. Tony O Shea, Daryl Fitton are battling it out with Andy Jenkins and James Richardson and many more. 

The PDC have brought their Home Tour to the table.

The PDC, who had shown themselves to be professional and proportionate in their management of the situation, then announced the Unibet Home Tour! Offering every Pro Tour cardholder the chance to compete in a month-long, nightly competition. So far it has proven a great success. Shocks and great moments have abounded, Peter Wright and Gerwyn price were heavily defeated and Lisa Ashton claimed a strong win over Mickey Mansell. But perhaps the best moment of the rapidly assembled league was Luke Woodhouse’s 9-darter from his Bewdley kitchen! 

Here at Darts World we rushed to provide more practise tips, and get our Freemium magazine archive operational, to provide entertainment and information whilst people where in relative isolation.

It is possible that even the BDO have managed to salvage something from such bad times. Their remote meeting, on April 19th, has enabled the troubled organisation to assemble a competent looking board and begin to plan on protecting the BICC county darts structure for the future. 

An example of darts unique response to the current crisis.

We suspect that many other sports will be looking at darts with envious eyes right now. Within a couple of weeks, the professional and amateur branches of the game have re-booted their systems and managed to serve their respective communities very impressively. There is even a scheduled Drive-In Darts Gala!

In addition, the media and commercial ecosystem, that surrounds our sport, have adapted swiftly and efficiently to ensure that they should be able to see out these troubled times and rebound with momentum when we are released from the COVID climate. 

Darts has shown itself to be resilient, determined, and remarkably flexible at the same time as being sensible and compassionate.

All at Darts World feel that it’s worth tipping our hat to all those involved, at any level, who have gone above and beyond in unprecedented times.

Thankyou all and well done indeed! 

Original article appears in the latest issue of Darts World Magazine (569)

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DartsWorld Magazine May 2020 Cover

Between The Covers: Darts World Issue 569 Highlights

The latest edition of Darts World magazine has been made available free of charge during the COVID-19 pandemic period, via our digital platform. Our editorial team has done a superb job in ensuring that our readers, sponsors, advertisers and contributors continue to enjoy Darts World Magazine during these difficult times. We look forward to launching our all-new magazine later this summer!

DartsWorld Magazine May 2020 Cover
DartsWorld Magazine May 2020 Cover

Highlights (Issue 569) include:

The Crafty Cockney – A Legendary Legacy – JR Lott paints an affectionate picture of Eric Bristow.

Switchblade – A superb new practice routine and how Darts World has boosted its success.

Wizard’s Wizdom – Colin Osborne shares his experiences of virtual darts and introduces The Wizard’s apprentice.

Mic Drop – World Championship official John Fowler illustrates the effects of lockdown on the wider darts family.

Guess Who – Win a signed set of Red Dragon darts if you can name the players in the identikit photo.

Six of the Best – Tartan tungsten titans. James Lincoln and JR Lott look at the oche legends from Scotland and offer their top six.

Mental Health Bullseyes – Darts World sought expert advice to enable us to offer readers some top tips on coping mentally during these tricky times.

The 9 Dart Questions – ‘Hendo’ is the first player to star in our latest feature. His answers will both please and intrigue.

The Devonshire Discussion – Is there a greatest game? Andrew looks at how we all have biases and, perhaps, there is only our favourite game?

Ones to Watch – Darts World reader James Smith offers his choice of six great games from 2020 that you can watch at your leisure.

Unsung Heroes – Lionel Smith. JR Lott looks back at the influence of the Staffordshire legend.

Game On – The Birth of the BDO. Alan Towe looks back to the dawn of the county scene and the beginnings of the BDO.

Player of The Month – Your chance to win a set of Winmau Pro-Line darts. Simply nominate the player you feel is most deserving and tell us why!

The Checkout – An acknowledgement of how our sport has stepped up to play its part in these difficult days! Thank you.

Read the full issue, and over fifty more (free of charge), in our digital archive: here

Practice Time – Just Can’t Get Enough? When Should You Stop?

A while back, in our ‘Coaching Corner’ we highlighted a piece from Mikko Laiho and Winmau in which they highlight the ideal time to be spent practising and some of the reasoning behind it. To help those will too much time of their hands (due to Covid-19) they have re packaged the information in a more accessible style:

Although our resident coach does not agree with every word (how many coaches does it take to change a light bulb?…….) he certainly thinks it valuable and a great starting point.

You can see the original article at winmau.com