Elusive Exclusive: Superchin Rested & Ready!

You could be forgiven for thinking that Daryl Gurney had vanished into thin air over recent weeks. Unlike many darts stars, Superchin has been barely visible recently. After poor facilities meant he missed the Home Tour and has hardly appeared in the media. Darts World’s reader contributor Elias Wilhelm was keen to track down the elusive two-time major winner:

DARYL GURNEY was a whisker away from the final of the World Matchplay last year, but he lost out after an incredible chase by Rob Cross. It was one of his most painful defeats. He wants to do better this year.

In a short conversation Elias the World Grand Prix Champion admits that he enjoyed the time-out a lot. He was able to “spend more time with his son after the three and a half years of non-stop playing”.

The Northern Irishman added that he hadn’t had a dart in his hand for a long time. It is only very recently that he started his preparations for the continuation of the Pro Tour, which begins with the Summer Series on July 8.

“To be honest, I enjoyed the time not playing. […] I didn’t
touch a dart for 12 weeks. I’ve just started playing again.”

Daryl did not participate in the Home Tour due to his bad internet. In addition, his set-up has been temporarily hanging on his father’s bathroom door. Laughing, he said that there would be problems if someone needed the bathroom.

In addition to the Summer Series, the World Matchplay will also take place in mid July. Whether spectators are admitted will only be announced at short notice. In this respect, ‘Superchin’ agrees completely with the decisions taken by the PDC.

He has no doubt about what Barry Hearn and Matthew Porter determine:

“I think, Barry [Hearn] and Matthew [Porter] know what They are doing.

I trust them.”

Although it will be hard for the Players Championship winner to “get used to strict conditions”, he said that he has no other choice if he wants to play again.

Above all, Daryl is looking forward to the World Matchplay, which will start on July 18. Last he lost to Rob Cross in the semifinals despite an interim 7-leg lead. Now he is more hungry than ever for the Phil Taylor-Trophy.

“Yes, I’m very hungry. Especially after what happened last

Despite this, he yearns most for winning the World Championships. He never made it there further than the quarterfinals. He often lost in the first rounds of the tournament. He’d give anything to call himself a world champion:

“I would swap everything I’ve won to be called World Champion. I yearn for it more than any other title.”

Daryl will try to return to ‘fitness’ upcoming in the Summer Series. Afterward, it will be very exciting to see if the Winmau thrower can do better at the World Matchplay than last year if he can count himself among the glorious winners of the Phil Taylor Trophy.

Pix: Taylor Lanning.

Kong Departs Winmau.

Robbie Green appears to be moving darts supplier again. ‘Kong’, as Green is known, has had a difficult last few years whilst under the Winmau banner. Knee surgery and extensive rehabilitation have seen him struggle to maintain his previous level.

Robbie Green
Kong’s recovery from injury, has been a tough process.

Originally with A180 King’s darts have had several incarnations over the years. The basic shape and dimensions have proven popular, even collectable, regardless of the manufacturer. Both Target and Winmau gave produced multiple editions.

The Liverpudlian hinted that there is more news to come. He took to social media to thank Winmau for their support.

Some big things coming this month as I say goodbye to sponsors for the last 4 years winmau who’s been brilliant with me,

big thanks to all the team at winmau 🙌👍
But exciting things ahead as I look to keep improving

It would be no surprise to see Kong return to the limelight. He is very talented and, if fit, seems have have periods of outstanding form.

Green aand Winmau part on excellent terms.

Winmau meanwhile seem to be restructuring, their playing staff, after the arrival of MVG. I strongly suspect that a major ‘Ferguson-esque’ squad rebuilding is underway.

Chilton & Gillan win World ParaDarts United Lockdown Titles.

World ParaDarts’ maiden tournament, the World ParaDarts United Lockdown tournament, was played to a fantastic conclusion last Sunday evening, with Winmau duo Ricky Chilton and Rob Gillan taking the Stand and Wheelchair titles respectively.

The whole tournament was played remotely from each player’s home around the World and streamed live via the World Paradarts Facebook group here.

In the standing category Ricky Chilton defeated Jon Hirst 4-1 in what was a tighter final than the scoreline suggests. The Welshman also defeated David Johnson en route to the final, coming out the 4-2 victor at that stage.

New Zealander Rob Gillan was crowned the Wheelchair classification champion with a 4-1 win over Dutchman Arie van de Rassel. Gillan also defeated Darren Kennish by the same scoreline in his semi-final, whilst Arie defeated Patrick Morrison 4-0 in their semi-final.

Full results

Full results and original article at winmau.com

2017 BDO World Trophy Day 2 report.

The Viking – Still Battling After All These Years.

OCHE legend Andy Fordham is close to making a full recovery after previously being hospitalised in late February due to severe abdominal pain.

2017 BDO World Trophy Day 2 report.
Winmau’s Andy Fordham is recovering well after a recent hospitalisation. Photo: David Gill / DG Media

The ex-World Champion reckons he is now on the road to recovery and losing weight following his bowel blockage. Fordham, 58, is now even contemplating a return to darts in some capacity.

He told Winmau TV:

“I’m probably about 90 percent better now. It was a blocked bowel and there was nothing coming out at all and when it finally started to go, it weren’t nice.

The people in the hospital are just unbelievable, you can’t praise them enough.

“I think I’m always going to have a couple of issues but compared to what I was, I feel so much better. I lost loads of weight, but I’ve learned from last time. I’ve been moving around a lot more, I’ve had a couple of goes on the dartboard. It’s slowly picking up. I won’t say I will be getting back to tournament standard but if you don’t try you don’t know.”

Fordham admits that his days of competing at the highest level may be over but did make a bid for Lakeside a few years back.

He added: “I was going a few years back, I think it was Bridlington. It was the British Open on the stage, I beat Ted Hankey. Then I played Richard Veenstra and I missed three darts at double 20 and when I say I missed them, all three darts were on the wire.

“Then he beat me 4-3, I come off and I got told if I would have hit one of those doubles I would have qualified for the Lakeside. It proves it’s there, it’s just got to keep fighting to get it back again.”

Winmau Give Your Practice A Boost.

From the start of these Covid affected times Darts World has sought to give credit to those, within the darts ecosystem who have stepped up to provide players, and fans,, with extra opportunities to help out.

Practice boards at the PDC

Winmau have put together a threesome of free/trial offers that will boost your practice performances and may improve your game. Amongst them is SwitchBlade, a game which Darts World introduced to the world a few weeks back. Great to see our friends giving it an even wider audience!

With more people playing darts at home right now than at any other time on earth, we want to make sure that your putting your time to good use and progressing as well as you can. This treble of FREE games developed with our amazing partners GoDartsPro will make sure you have the easiest way to play some really exciting practice games that add a real edge to your game and understanding of how to get better – good luck we hope you enjoy them and as ever feedback always really welcome.


Lockdown Challenge


A. I. M: The iinventors of SwitchBlade

WDDA Winmau World Cup and Festival of Disability Darts 2021

Next year’s WDDA Winmau World Cup and Festival of Disability Darts has been scheduled to take place across the weekend of 29th April to 2nd May 2021 at the Hilcroft Hotel, Whitburn, Scotland.

The four-day event will be headlined by the second iteration of the WDDA Winmau World Cup, hosted by Disability Darts Scotland, with disability darts teams from around the globe playing in both Compris and Classic classified tournaments.

Full details of the darts festival are as follows:


29 April – 2 May 2021

The Hilcroft Hotel, East Main Street, Whitburn, West Lothian, Scotland, EH47 0JU.

Thursday 29th April; All countries will be collected from the Airport and taken to your Hotel.

Thursday 29th April 7.30pm; Pairs Event in the Cawburn Sports Bar £10 entry (transport provided ).

Friday 30th April 10.30am until 5.00pm; Cultural coach trips – two trips taking you to some of Scotland’s beautiful historical landmarks and sights (optional).

Friday 30th April 7.30pm; A Ladies only tournament in the Cawburn Sports Bar £5 entry (transport provided)

Friday 30th April 7.30pm; Men’s Singles event, Hilcroft Hotel Main Hall £5 entry.

Saturday 1st May 10.00am; Bagpipe opening ceremony, followed by the WDDA Winmau World Cup Team Event, Hilcroft Hotel; 9.30pm Karaoke in Hotel Lounge.

Sunday 2nd May 10.30am; Finals Day, see the World Cup come to a conclusion in the Hilcroft Hotel.

Sunday 2nd 8.00pm; Farewell Supper Dance with cabaret, buffet and disco.


Winmau and Disability Darts Scotland look forward to welcoming you to Scotland.

All information and bookings are available by e-mail to dartsscotland@gmx.co.uk

Notice originally published at: winmau.com

Player of The Month – Nominate & Win!

Darts World and our friends at Winmau give readers the chance to win sets of darts every month in our magazine. In the current circumstances, we have all agreed to open the competitions to all our readers and extend the deadlines until June 30th! Simply think of a deserving player and follow the instructions below to be in with a chance to win!

Don’t worry about the lack of recent live action. Whether you nominate a player who has excelled in a remote league or even from your own family matches we look at them all. Don’t forget a set of Winmau Pro-Line Darts could be yours!

Send your nomination to :

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“High Trees Take A Lot of Wind” – MVG Unconcerned By Comments.

MIGHTY Michael van Gerwen admits he doesn’t care what people say about him as he prepares for a return to the big stage. The mean, green machine World No.1 has not competed since the last Unibet Premier League night in Liverpool on March 12, having sat out the PDC Home Tour.

MVG – Bullish in his response to the remarks of others. (Pic: Taylor Lanning).

But MVG, 31, was in a bullish mood and quick to dismiss any talk that a switch of darts to Winmau, following his World Championship final defeat to Scot Peter Wright, maybe the start of any decline. Van Gerwen revealed on his YouTube channel:

“People love saying things about me. From the biggest names to the smallest names. I’ve got a big target on my back. High trees take a lot of wind I always say, it’s a big saying in Holland”.

I have to deal with it. I take it as a positive if people talk about you, it means you’re still doing quite well.“There’s nothing to complain or worry about, I need to focus on my own game. Whatever anyone says, I don’t really care.”

MVG seems to have taken the coronavirus lockdown in his stride, enjoying an unexpected extended paternity leave with wife Daphne, daughter Zoe and new baby son Mike junior who was born in early April.

He also admits that he will practice stage social distancing with sparring partner Vincent van der Voort before the TV events commence again. He added: “It’s a big hit for everyone and everyone around you. The coronavirus has hit everyone, you have to deal with it as good as possible. Try to make the most out of it. But I’m looking forward to being back on tour.

“My new little boy is doing well, at the start he was crying a lot, that was difficult. But now he’s doing really well.“ I have rumours that they try to put on the Matchplay behind closed doors, if that’s the target then we need to all hope for it and see what the Government body says of course. The only thing we can do is wait until the PDC brings out more information.

Michael is adjusting to the likely new distancing requirements. (pic:Taylor Lanning)

“I’m practicing now, I do my routine but I’m not really playing matches yet. Myself and Vincent spoke about this that there’s no point yet to play games against each other.

“It’s difficult to imitate a normal game but without knowing what the rules are going to be, it’s pointless.“We will do. But first we need to wait for more details and we can’t do anything yet at this moment. “Vincent always speaks highly of me when we talk about practice. He’s playing really good. We are starting to push each other towards a high level. That’s what you want. I hope we can do some damage again on the big stages, that’s what I love.”

Van Gerwen certainly quashed any thoughts of a barren few months without trophies by taking the UK Open and comfortably placed second in the Premier League table. He added: “In the UK Open I played some phenomenal games, only one game I lost a little bit of focus. But still, I was good enough and my form was there.

“I just need to make sure I keep my form from the UK Open. Winmau have created this monster version for me. I want to be back on the tour, I want to do well with the new darts”. 

“I’m changing darts more often but I think it’s 90 percent who is throwing the dart.

“If you give me a set of brass darts I can beat 70 percent of the field in the PDC as well!”.

Michael has offered ‘5 Top Tips‘ to help you improve your game and take it to the next level.

MVGs Top 5 Tips For Dramatic Improvement!

Tips for what can you take from Michael’s dedication to the game?

The perfect finishing position? Certainly works for MVG.

The World No 1 has offered a handful of strong pieces of advice. Darts World’s resident coach is very impressed: “It’s unusual for the top players to give such good information. Often the just say generic things.

“These five offerings are things that can be seen to work fir Michael and might also be practice for improving players.”

MVG’s Tips:

1. Perfect the set up

Michael used to have a habit of getting offline as a youngster and in fixing his set-up position allowed him to become a consistent winning machine. Try very slow motion back and through darts throws to see the true line of your dart aim.

2. Obey your natural rhythm

Great Rhythm is something Michael has always had from a young age, and has been extremely careful never to mess with it. His throw has a start and a beautiful finish with no bits and pieces inn-between. See your throw as one movement not separate pieces.

3. Start smooth forwards

Another area Michael has perfected is the transition. The shoulder stabilises the throw so make sure it stays stable as you smoothly accelerate forward.

4. Stick the finish

Michael’s trademark is his sublime extension and throw finish showing perfect balance and power. That can’t happen without a lot of good things happening in your throw first, so stick your finish.

5. Find your weakest link

A few years ago Michael found that his mind was wandering halfway through many games. Identifying that this was linked to focus and stamina Michael got himself ready for the dip, so find your weakness and make it a strength.

Original source at : winmau.com

Darts World Completes Exciting Takeover!

Darts World, the oldest and most widely read magazine in the sport will continue its proud heritage with news of an exciting new takeover.

Part of the ongoing plans include a comprehensive new print schedule and a massive range of engaging digital content.

A spokesperson for the new Darts World said:

Our latest magazine will be available very soon and we’re very excited to be working with all our writers, readers, subscribers, and sponsors that have supported us for the last 45 years.

We are extremely grateful for all the relationships that have made Darts World What It Is, and are looking forward to an exciting future!