The Hague European Championships Delayed Until October.

With the Coronavirus effecting every darts event the world over, the Stichting HSG team have taken the decision to move the disability European Championships to the back end of the year.

Hans Willink, Chairman of Stichting HSG, said: “The new dates are October the 16th to 18th 2020 at the stunning venue Lourdeskerk in The Hague, and we very much look forward to welcoming all players from across Europe. A huge thanks to our sponsors Vegro and Winmau, who are both massive supporters of disability darts and without their help we wouldn’t be in a position to put on such a large scale event.”

The tournament carries an impressive prize fund of 7,000 euros and the finals on the Sunday will be broadcast live and for free via Winmau TV.

The event will be played under the jurisdiction of the Dutch Darts Federation (NDB) and according to the rules of the newly formed World Paradarts organisation.

Ian Flack, Winmau’s Sales and Marketing Director, said: “We are proud to continue our association with Hans and his team. The players always love taking part in Stichting HSG events and they are staged with the utmost professionalism and with a large element of fun! Good luck to all participants.”

Registration closes on the 17th of May 2020 and you can register via these links:



National teams, that are not registered yet, are welcome to apply by sending an email to:

Full tournament details are available here:

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Legends Of The Oche: New Light Through Old Windows?

Sports journalist, and Darts World contributor, Tom Beresford, recently launched a new podcast aimed at capturing the spirit of darts’ first golden era. Tom aims to bring a contemporary take to darting tales of yore and seek the insights of some of the game’s biggest and most influential characters.

Alongside Tom, for the debut edition is Bobby George. It’s not a stretch to say that Bobby brings decades of anecdotes, memories, and serious darting knowledge to any conversation.

Dr Linda Duffy is expected be a regular contributor. Her insights, both academic and affectionate, are always insightful.

Darts World would wish every success to Tom and the team behind this new venture. Crediting our sport’s modern founding, enjoying it, and learning from it seems a sure-fire winner for darts fans everywhere.

The King of Bling, a certainty for stimulating conversation? We would think so!

SwitchBlade Goes Pro: Darts World’s ‘Drill of the Day’ Gets The Go Darts Pro Treatment.

In response to a Darts World article, and player demand, Go Darts Pro have turned SwitchBlade into a fully fledged part of their training program:

SwitchBlade in its Go Darts Pro edition. With Credit to A.I.M: and Darts World.

Just because Darts World has been going for almost 48 years does not mean were not bang up to date with what dart players need and want! As soon as Isolation, and LockDown, started to hit home, we asked our resident ‘Coach’ and our friends at A.I.M: to help us with practise tips, structure and some fresh thoughts to keep you all entertained.

Coach has been using a drill, with elite players, for several years but he freshened it up and it seems to have caught on! Players then began to petition Anders. a founder of GDP, to include the game. The Go darts pro guys developed the new game speedily and its now ready to go!

Coach is particularly pleased that the drill proved popular at the current times and that its was GDP who took it on:

Mikko was Unique wonderfully intelligent & passionate, about all things darts, we agreed on almost everything. To have one of Our drills included in Go Darts Pro is extremely rewarding.

Mikko Laiho was the co founder of GDP and one of the best darts practise experts we have known. ‘Coach’ added:

That it was players, and readers of Darts World, who flagged it to Anders is the icing on the cake.

So check out the article that started it all here and then head on over to and play the challenge version. Either way your sure to find your switching fluidity improves and you can add a new drill to your daily routine!

Another ‘Drill Of The Day’ is coming soon!

#StaySafe #PlayDarts

In game action!

Practice Time – Just Can’t Get Enough? When Should You Stop?

A while back, in our ‘Coaching Corner’ we highlighted a piece from Mikko Laiho and Winmau in which they highlight the ideal time to be spent practising and some of the reasoning behind it. To help those will too much time of their hands (due to Covid-19) they have re packaged the information in a more accessible style:

Although our resident coach does not agree with every word (how many coaches does it take to change a light bulb?…….) he certainly thinks it valuable and a great starting point.

You can see the original article at

World ParaDarts Organisation Gain Support.

The World ParaDarts’ mission is to provide the highest possible standard of presentation and organisation of disability darts around the World, pro-actively looking to work with the World Darts Federation to promote the game whilst moving forward to get International Paralympic Committee recognition.

Winmau is proud to announce a brand-new partnership with the recently formed World ParaDarts Organisation.

This will see the World’s leading darts brand work together with the organisation to promote disability darts worldwide, with all World ParaDarts tournaments being played on the class-leading Winmau Blade 5 dartboard.

The WPDO will provide a World ParaDarts Grand Slam of tournaments on an International basis. All 6 have been arranged and will be announced shortly.

Winmau has long been a strong supporter of disability darts, dating back to their first disability partnership with the World Disability Darts Association and continues to further it’s backing of darts’ inclusivity as a sport for everyone, no matter your circumstances.

Sarah Smale of World ParaDarts said: “Having been a part of the disability darts journey for many years, it fills me with immense pride to help take the sport forward with the work that we are setting out to do at the World ParaDarts organisation.

“Winmau have always been such amazing disability darts advocates and have provided darts Worldwide with fantastic support and the equipment to give our players the best environment possible to play their game.”

“With the Covid 19 Pandemic the health and safety of our players is our most important consideration, therefore whilst 6 tournaments have been organised for the first years Grand Slam events, we are constantly reviewing the situation before announcing their full details and looking forward to 2021’s calendar.”

Ian Flack, Winmau’s Sales and Marketing Director, added: “As a leading company in the market, we are determined to ensure that our beloved sport is played and accessible to as many people as possible globally.

“The atmosphere and comradery at every one of the growing numbers of disability darts events across the World, is truly amazing and we’re delighted to support the next part of this journey to once again expand the sport.”

 For full details and more information about World ParaDarts, you can visit their website at:

Facebook Page:

Facebook Group:

Twitter: @Worldparadarts

Winmau Wielding Their Blade!

It’s been noticeable over the last few years that Winmau have stepped up the independent marketing of their premium board products.

After withdrawing from the supply/sponsorship of the BDO they have moved to a more direct model. This, in combination with the signing of MVG, has seen them seriously raise their game.

The brand’s latest promotional piece traces the evolution/history of the Blade over the years:

It’s hard to argue with much of that, (OK,OK, so the language is a bit flowery, but hey it’s their baby). With Unicorn having taken a bit of a PR beating, and other brands yet to really gain traction in the UK, it seems certain that these efforts will keep Winmau in the lead, with regard to ‘the darts space’, for a while yet.

What’s your favourite board & why?

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MVG Announces Family Addition!

Michael’s Wife gives birth to new Son Mike Jnr

Congratulations to Daphne and Michael on the birth of their new son Mike, who arrived in the late hours of Wednesday the 1st of April.

Michael said: “My wife was absolutely amazing during the pregnancy and we are overjoyed to have a healthy new son.

It’s so overwhelming the support we’ve received and were going to take full advantage of the extra time at home as a family, we hope that everyone out there is staying safe and doing well”.

Darts World are delighted to add our congratulations to the many that the Van Gerwyn family have already received!

Player Of The Month – Win A Set Of Winmau Darts!

Darts World Magazine’s Legendary PoTM competition has been going for several years now. If you know a player worthy of credit follow the instructions below. In addition to the fab prize he/she will enter our Hall of Fame

Thanks to Winmau for their unstinting support of this competition.