Flash in Japan – Darts World Exclusive!

MIKURU SUZUKI had to break the Japanese tradition of wearing shoes indoors to play The God of Darts. The current Ladies World Champion lost narrowly to the greatest player of all-time in a virtual match on Sky Sports.

But Suzuki revealed it was a weird experience. She admitted:

“I have never worn shoes in my house. So I feel weird. I will feel something strange.

I mean I feel weird myself wearing shoes in my room for the first time to play darts during the game.”

I always wear shoes to play in. It makes a difference when you play. When I train I wear shoes. Of course, I will wear it during this game. I am a bit worried I will be too loud and make too much noise with my shoes in this quiet Japanese house. Maybe I will bother my family. I am a bit worried and concerned about that during the game”.

“It’s a Japanese tradition, I would even say that 100 percent of Japanese people take off their shoes before entering a house. We have space to put all the shoes from everyone. It’s a huge tradition to take off your shoes before entering the house.” Suzuki, 38, narrowly missed out on becoming the first woman to beat a man at the Ally Pally World Championships before Fallon Sherrock achieved that feat.

She added:

“He is super famous here. Here in Japan, he’s known literally as the God of Darts. I don’t think there is someone here in Japan who plays darts and doesn’t know Phil Taylor. Also being able to play a charity game against him is something if anybody Japanese hears about, he will be super happy, really impressed.”

Suzuki also admits she may need to move to the UK permanently to pursue her dream of getting a PDC Tour Card as she follows the surge in women’s darts spearheaded by Sherrock and Lisa Ashton.She added: “This year my plans were to move around several countries, play worldwide, but unfortunately due to this current situation I have not been able to leave my country. Once things are back to normal, I’d like to start moving again. I want to follow Lisa and get a Tour Card. I’d like to challenge myself around the world.

“Women haven’t proven ourselves enough yet. For example it’s a win or lose thing, of course, we can always win. But honestly to keep winning at that level, to get consistent wins, it’s something we have not been able to do that yet. Basically there is a wall. We have to keep winning consistently.

“Of course, I’d really love to go to UK and to experience life there and live there. At the same time getting my visa sorted would be quite a tough thing. If I am able to get the PDC Tour Card, I’d decide to live in the UK for one or two years. That’s my decision.”

Pix: Taylor Lanning

Dutch Open Triumph Sees De Graf Top WDF Rankings.

The WDF 2020 ranking tables have been updated to show resulted after the recent Dutch Open. Aileen de Graff placed at number one, edging out Lisa Ashton who is concentrating on the PDC after gaining her Tour Card in January:


Updated February 4, 2020

1Aileen de GraafNetherlands978
2Lisa AshtonEngland957
3Deta HedmanEngland932
4Fallon SherrockEngland762
5Paula JacklinEngland642
6Anastasia DobromyslovaRussia513
7Laura TurnerEngland465
8Maria O’BrienEngland450
9Mikuru SuzukiJapan443
10Tina OsborneNew Zealand405
11Corrine HammondAustralia394
12Lorraine WinstanleyEngland390
13Elena ShulginaRussia381
14Paula MurphyUSA344
15Sharon PrinsNetherlands341
16Andreea BradRomania327
17Kirsty HutchinsonEngland321
18Kirsi ViinikainenFinland320
19Priscilla SteenbergenNetherlands316
20Kaisu RekinenFinland308
21Wendy HarperNew Zealand292
22Margaret SuttonEngland279
23Irina ArmstrongGermany275
24Jitka CisarovaCzech Republic272
25Tori KewishAustralia262
26Stacey PaceUSA261
27Helene SundelinSweden260
28Ksenia KlochekRussia256
28Veronika IhaszHungary256
30Vicky PruimSweden253
31Judy FentonNew Zealand248
32Darlene Van SleeuwenCanada239

The Devonshire Discussion – Have The PDC Jumped The Shark With Sherrock?

Now the dust has settled on this years PDC Q School, one of the big talking points has to be “Were the PDC too quick in their decision to include Fallon Sherrock in every single World Series Event”.

Fallon Sherrock has received many opportunities, after her superb run at Ally Pally, but is there room for Ashton and others?

Yes we all witnessed history at The Ally Pally’ Fallon winning two matches there to progress to the 3rd Round, an incredible achievement and rightly on the back of that she was named as a Challenger for one of the Premier League nights.  However given the recent situations with the BDO it was common knowledge that quite a few other female players were going to be attending Q School along with Fallon.


After Fallon was named as a Premier League Challenger she was then included to play in every single World Series event. There was always going to be the prospect that she may not have gained a Tour Card whilst another female player could have and today we have seen this happen with 4 time BDO Ladies Champion Lisa Ashton creating her own history by winning a place on the main PDC Tour. Surely this achievement should gain her an invitation to at least one World Series event?

Maybe the PDC will have two ladies playing every World Series event or maybe they could have announced Fallon to play two or three to begin with and then the opening was there to include another female namely Lisa Ashton to play a few of the events. Hopefully Lisa gets a place in a few of them.

Lisa Ashton has made history multiple times. Surely more opportunities will come her way?

Perhaps Barry Hearn will create other opportunities for Ashton, and other female players, from within the Pro Tour structure. Could there be a gender specific qualifier for the UK Open in the same as there was for the World Championship?

One thing is for sure it’s good for World Darts and for Ladies darts in general and this is only the beginning. 

Archive Article: Women Players Lose ‘Discrimination Fight’.

The DartsWorld archive is in the process of being digitalised and added to our various platforms. There are currently over 40 editions available via our digital subscription. Many of them are the more recent monthly magazines but others are being added regularly.

Every now and then we come across things that surprise, delight or even enrage us. Here is a genuine article from Issue 25 in April 1977:

A workingmen’s club who banned two women darts players from playing in the clubs bar was within its rights, The Equal Opportunities Commission has decided.

The club, which is only open to members, is regarded as a private institution and the Sex Discrimination Act does not apply.

The problem arose when two lady players, Mrs Rosalind Dine and Mrs Moira Stark were drawn in a local competition to play two men from the Ivy Leaf WMC at Burnhope, Lanchester. But the women were told that the lounge was not available that evening and they would not be allowed in “men only” bar.

The women complained to the Commission but this was rejected.

A spokesman said “This is an area of controversy where we have had a lot of enquiries. As the law stands there is nothing we can do about it”

Original Article Ends.

DartsWorld cannot help wondering if any similar situations still take place, what solutions have been found and also what the reaction of modern organisations would be……….