From The Archive: Around The Circuit.

During the Covid-19 difficulties we are publishing a series of articles, from various Issues, of Darts World Magazine. Often our most popular pieces are regular round ups from certain areas or with a special interest. Around the Circuit is one of those.

Liz Fletcher -Wright from late 2019 (Issue 564):

Masters Mayhem?

What a week it was at the World masters draws redraws seedings fictitious names you name it you could not have made it up, everyone blaming everyone else admitting they put in names in case they missed someone out how ridiculous, being held to ransom by 13/16 of the ladies seeds.

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BDO – Oops?

The draw in my opinion was wrong and should only have had 8 seeds in the ladies, yes people and players are still talking about this issue today it really does leave the doors open to many events regarding putting in false names just to try and seed 16 players, does this really happen I would hope not, however if common-sense had prevailed to allow 16 seeds you would needed to have put in 129 names.

Anyone who has to do a draw at any big major tournament, and the World Masters is one of 3 majors, so it needs to do it correctly, each player and representative who entered into the World masters had to pay £20 to make sure they were registered, the BDO must have had all those names down and with those payment it gave a correct figure of how many players had entered. The correct monies sorted out beforehand to register (that should have been sufficient) the draw to be out within 72 hours of the event, for such a big event as the WM where there has never been such a turmoil in both the ladies and the men’s was really quite embarrassing for some.

I could go on, but I just know that whatever is said and whatever happened it was everyone else’s fault except the organisers of the tournament.

Now apart from that the last 16 men and the last 8 ladies who were on the television it went really well at the Circus Tavern, the darts were awesome, it was not as busy as expected however the support was superb for every player, the commentary was second to none and it made a change to watch some excellent darts from both the men and the ladies.

Congratulations to John O’Shea and Lisa Ashton on securing both World masters Titles, such a shame the Trophies they gave out were abysmal for such a major Tournament, I have given out better for my players player of the year. That’s all for now regarding the World Masters it has finished now but plenty of lessons learnt from this I hope, and someone should be accountable for the errors.

The Grand Slam 2019:

After the World Masters it was the Grand Slam of darts in Wolverhampton where they decided to allow 6 men and 2 ladies from the BDO to enter this tournament, it has always been 8 BDO men and it was refreshing to see this change, the last time the ladies were invited was in 2010 when Tricia Wright and our lovely friend Stacy Bromberg, who is no longer with us, both those ladies played in the very first PDC Women’s World Darts Championship and it has never been played since 2010, these ladies played superb against the men, shame it has taken so long to allow another two very talented ladies into the Grand Slam, let’s hope they will allow the ladies to compete every year in this tournament, as they do in the PDC worlds. Or maybe Barry Hearn will do something for the ladies along the lines as the men do, maybe have their own challenge tours etc, something to think about as I am sure that a lot of ladies would go this time to play in the PDC if a ladies event was announced.


However, both Lisa Ashton the BDO World’s Number one and Mikuri Suzuki our BDO Ladies World Champion, those two ladies gave a great account of themselves and thoroughly deserved that chance, they I am sure will have learnt lessons from this great tournament, they both did themselves proud and even though they lost they can hold their heads up high. Onwards and upwards to them both in their next tournament.

I would like to mention our lady commentator of the week at the grand Slam, Laura Turner, what a credit to commentating she is and let’s hope she gets more of this in the future, she was very knowledgeable not just on the ladies playing but the men as well, I am pretty sure that anyone out there who was listening to her would love to have her as their permanent commentating partner, not just in darts but she came over as f she had been doing this for years, well done Laura and congratulations lets hope you will be doing the same at the 02 when you are not playing, we need more lady commentators within the darts and any other sporting events.


Rhian Griffiths in action (pic:BDO)

Surrey travelled away to Gwent for their 3rd game of the season, where we were hoping to gain another win, however Gwent had other ideas, our ladies B lost 4-2 LOM was Marie Barthrop with a 15.49ave our men’s B lost 7-5 MOM was Gary Trodd with a 27.71ave, going in to Sundays A games our ladies were back to winning way Laura Hewitt on her debt A game won, the ladies won 2-4 overall, welcome back to winning ways for our LOM Laura Tuner who had a 23.86 ave. Onto our men’s A who lost 7-5 our MOM was Darryl Pilgrim with a very impressive 32.17, the result ended in a win for Gwent 20-16, I would just like to mention one of the ladies from Gwent, Rhian Griffiths what an awesome talent and so good to see her back o winning ways, her ladies A average beat most of the other players men included who played over the weekend it was an incredible 30.67ave well done Rhian keep it going for the rest of the season.

Surrey lets regroup for our last home game against Kent lets get that win before the Christmas and new year break.

I would at this time like to wish all our readers Darts World and those that help me by giving me things to write about during the year of 2019, thanks to Andy for putting up with me getting my column in just before the deadline thanks for your help and being patient with me.

That’s all for now, Liz

Liz Fletcher-Wright

WDF 2020 – Ranking System & New Major Events.


DW Comment – As rumoured it appears that the WDF are attempting to step into the vacuum created by the BDO’s recent calamities. It would however be a positive in the medium to long term. With the more grass-roots / amateur game coming under one umbrella whilst each member nation looks after its own affairs.

The World Darts Federation is delighted to announce our intentions for the 2020 season and a brand new world ranking structure.

The WDF are fully committed to establishing two new major tournaments within the next 12 months.

The first will be a ‘World Masters’ style multi-board event for men, women and youth that will provide the opportunity for players from all member countries to compete, including the winners of every WDF sanctioned event in the calendar year.

We will also be launching an end of season finale in the traditional format of a staged ‘World Championship’ type event, where the top men, women and youth players within our global system have the opportunity to become WDF champions.

The WDF ranking system now includes over 100 events from almost 50 countries in 2020 and is explained in detail below.  These include a number of “Gold” events, which will see their champions promoted directly into our new major competitions.

We will also look forward to announcing news of additional staged international events under the WDF banner in the near future.

Further details on the dates, location, prize fund and the full qualification criteria for our new major tournaments will be released as soon as it is available.

Our WDF youth system is also a priority.  It will be fully reviewed in the coming weeks and further details of qualification for the majors will be announced.

We would like to emphasise that 2020 will be a transitional year for the World Darts Federation and that no tournament restrictions will be made regarding seeding, format or prize money.  A clear structure and definitive rules with regards to the 2021 WDF calendar and the world ranking system, tournament seeding, playing format and prize structure will be issued in due course.

WDF world rankings criteria for 2020

Our ranking structure has been modified with new categories of Gold, Silver and Bronze.  Men’s and Women’s events are given the same grading for each event.

Gold events are worth double Silver, which in turn are worth double Bronze.

An additional ‘Platinum’ category has been added for our new major events.  As the largest darts tournament in the world in terms of player participation, the Dutch Open has also been awarded ‘Platinum’ points.

Runner Up1671115628
Semi Final103683417
Quarter Final64432111
Last 163926136
Last 3226179
Last 64139

The WDF main ranking tables will continue as annual rolling tables and the new points system will be implemented for events in 2020 during this transitional year.  The best 10 results (highest points value) per player will count towards their overall ranking and this will be effective on the rolling table immediately.

Tournament grading for 2020 has been transferred from the previous WDF ranking system, based on entries in 2019.  All European events previously graded as ‘Major’ or ‘1’ have now been given ‘Silver’ status, with events previously graded as ‘2’ or 3’ given ‘Bronze’.  Events outside of Europe are graded by the WDF in cooperation with the respective national governing bodies.

With the valued support of a number of our leading WDF nations, the following events have been upgraded to ‘Gold’ status.  They will see their men’s and ladies champions qualify directly into our WDF Championship at the end of the season.

  • DUTCH OPEN (Platinum Points)
  • PACIFIC MASTERS (Australia)
  • CANADA (event TBC)

Gold tournaments will also award places for the top 4 into our ‘Masters’ event.  Finalists of Silver and the winners of Bronze events also automatically qualify.

WDF Regional Rankings Tables

Every WDF ranking event in 2020 will also be included in our new regional tables created for both men and women across the world.  The best 8 results (highest points value) obtained by a player within the region of their nation will count towards their regional ranking.

(Gold events will be awarded Silver points on the regional tables only).


(England, Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales)

North Europe

(Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Russia, Sweden)

East Europe

(Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine)

West Europe

(Austria, Belgium, Catalonia, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland)


(Brunei, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand)


New Zealand



Please note that Egypt’s WDF event will be included in our East Europe region.

Ethiopia and South Africa, plus our member nations from South America and the Caribbean do not currently run WDF ranked events, but will be given the opportunity to qualify via international playoffs.

The WDF’s aim is to ensure that there are various pathways for all players across all regions to reach the pinnacle of the WDF system.

Updated information available in WDF Calendar and WDF Tables page


Is a Masters Boycott On The Cards?

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Is the BDO flagship in trouble?

A potential boycott, of the World Masters, has been muted in recent days. Surely one of the oldest and most prestigious events on the darts calendar will not fall prey to such action?

The BDO recently announced a venue change and revamp of this classic event. Moving to the legendary Circus Tavern was deemed a net positive by most and a sign that the event was strongly valued. Along with this news came a restructuring of the format of the event. Seeding will now not see players bypass the floor stages. This seems to have left several unhappy.

Several players, from higher reaches of the rankings, are not registered for the event. Is this really due to dissatisfaction or simply error? Rumours abound that players have signed a petition calling on the BDO to make changes to the event’s logistics and seedings.

This year’s event is due to be dual-venue starting at Grays Civic Hall before concluding at the Circus Tavern instead of players playing their way from floor to stage in a single large venue.

No response or comment could be obtained from the BDO.


ONE80 and L Style to Sponsor World Masters.



The BDO is excited to announce the signing of a three-year deal with the famous Circus Tavern and the Civic Hall in Grays to host the newly named One80 L-style World Masters and the BDO World Professional Championship playoffs, commencing with the 2019 tournament in October this year.
The Circus Tavern is no stranger to darts, hosting tournaments, exhibitions and most recently the BDO Southern Youth Counties finals and we are delighted that this world-renowned venue will now be to home the One80 Lstyle World Masters for the next three years, where the top darting talent from across the globe will be vying for the prestigious title of ‘World Master’.

The initial rounds of the One80 L-style World Masters will be held at the Grays’ Civic Hall, before the top 32 Men and 8 Ladies will take their place on the celebrated Circus Tavern stage for the live finals from Friday 25thOctober, which will once again be broadcast throughout the UK, Netherlands and Australia via Eurosport.

Notably, in a return to the former format, all players including seeds will start from the floor stages instead of being advanced into the live finals, which will ensure some exciting clashes throughout the tournament!

The schedule will see the Men kicking off the action on Wednesday 23rd October, where they will play down to the last 32, followed by the ladies on Thursday 24th October, who will play down to the last eight. The Youth One80 L-style World Masters and the Youth World Professional qualifiers will both be played down to the final two on Thursday 24th October. The Men’s and Ladies World Professional play-offs will be held on Monday 28th October at the Civic Hall.

In addition, this year, all qualified players in the Men’s and Ladies One80 L-style World Masters will be required to pay £20.00 in order to take up their place at the One80 L-style World Masters. Qualifiers in the Boys and Girls Youth sections will be required to pay £10.00. Entries can be paid at

Tickets for the live finals go on sale from 10am on Friday 2 nd August. Single sessions cost £15.00, or £25.00 for the full day (plus booking fee) and are available direct from the Circus Tavern Box Office – or call direct on 01708 863838.

Come and join us for the final BDO major of 2019, soak up the iconic Circus Tavern atmosphere and witness the best BDO players battle it out to be crowned the One80 L-style World Master.

The Winmau World Masters Returns to the Bridlington Spa

The Winmau World Masters Returns to the Bridlington Spa

The Winmau World Masters Returns to the Bridlington Spa

After an eight year absence, the Winmau World Masters (the world’s oldest major darts tournament) will return to Bridlington, from Monday 25th September to Thursday 28th September, with some of the world’s top darts players competing at the Bridlington Spa.

The packed programme includes:

  • Monday 25th September – Winmau World Masters Play-offs
  • Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th September – Winmau World Masters (stage matches)
  • Thursday 28th September – Lakeside World Championships Play-offs

The Winmau World Masters is a unique tournament as it provides a global platform for the best men, women, boys, girls and disability players to showcase their skills on one of the biggest stages of all.

Ian Flack, Winmau’s Sales and Marketing Director, said: “We couldn’t be happier with our return to Bridlington! The Spa is a truly iconic venue and the atmosphere is always very special. This year is the 44th staging of the oldest major darts tournament on the planet, and we’ve no doubt it will provide some scintillating darts from the best in the BDO, WDF and WDDA/BDDA system.”

The tournament follows on from the BDO Winmau British Classic and BDO British Open, supported by EY Events, which takes place from Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th September at the Bridlington Spa.

Sue Williams, Chair of the BDO, said: “The board are pleased to be returning to the Bridlington Spa for the 44th Winmau World Masters. We appreciate the support that we receive from EY Events along with the staff of the Spa and are hoping for a record entry from around the globe, as many players will already be attending the Winmau British Classic and British Open. ”

Ticket information will be available on the Bridlington Spa website shortly: