Top Three Practise Tips!

Lockdown has given many people the opportunity to practise their darts in new and interesting ways. It has also given some of those who operate online systems a huge amount of information on how people practice and what can help.

The guys at have been looking at players practice efforts and have come up with a few guidelines to improve your practice quality:

Mixing up your practice
Darts is all about the right mind-set. That’s why you need to practice games and routines that you enjoy. But they also need to be suitably challenging. Their difficulty-level must be right for your current level and you need to want to do them over and over again. You need to gain some wins under your belt. Might they be just small wins? A win might be just a proper score or getting through your favourite routine swiftly.
That’s how you learn to win, because your biggest opponent and nemesis has always been and will forever be yourself.

Practice only fully focused
This is easier said than done with family, work, social media fighting for your attention. That’s why your training sessions need to be short to be able to be fully focused. Leading productivity experts discovered through extensive research that a human first burst of full concentration lasts approximately 25 minutes, and requires a short break of 3-5 minutes before attempting a second burst of focus. After your first 45-60 minutes of practice it’s time for a longer break of +30 minutes to maintain peak performance.

Practice needs to be fun
After two or three focused practice sessions (2 x 25 min) do a longer break (at least 30 minutes) I suggest you do a round or two of the ongoing challenges on GoDartsPro.These challenges are a fun way to practice and put you under more pressure since you want to score better than the other members. Try to reach the leaderboard and try to stay there until the challenge is ended.

DW Resident CoachThe GDP folk have built a very interesting practice engine that can be both enjoyable and effective.

The tips above align almost perfectly with much of what I have always practiced. The timings are close although, with most players, I would reduce them to 20 mins and not 25 if possible.

Even with elite players I always try to end on good note or a fun game!

Original text by Go Darts Pro: Try their practise games and routine here: Go Darts Pro