Turle Takes Advantage of Mitchell’s Absence as Dorset Claim Win

Martin Maidment dropped us this extensive summary of the recent Dorset vs Sussex Clash

Week ending Saturday 12th to Sunday 13th of October saw Dorset travelling to Worthing to play Sussex at there home venue on Marine Parade on the seafront.

Unfortunately Scott Mitchell couldn’t be with us he was off playing in the Internationals for England as there captain again, but as Scott said he’s just one man and one man can only get one point and he like me was very confident that our beloved Dorset could come away Victorious and the Men’s B could only better there last 0-12 defeat THE ONLY WAY IS UP springs to mind. So how did we do?

Up first for Dorset our lady’s star from the last match Peri Yarrow ( last game she not only had the highest lady’s average but only one B team Men player bettered her average from our team) Peri kicked off with a 140 and we all thought “Here we go again”. Peri did more than enough, running out a 3-0 winner, hitting a 18.33 average and again was our Lady of the Match. Up next our lady’s captain Sally Old who missed a few doubles and loses 1-3. Next up Trina Perry winning 3-0, the scoreline not reflecting how close her match was, Sussex missing doubles Trina taking advantage of that. 

Lorraine Woodrow went 2-0 up punishing Sussex’s missed doubles but Sussex fight back and get a final deciding leg which could have gone either way both having a go at that winning double, game going to Sussex levelling at 2-2. Next, Kelly Stroud (18.82) who has a great start poking out in just 17 darts and takes the first leg. Kelly is back on 129 as Sussex’s Ashleigh Turner (19.76) takes the 2nd, and goes onto take the 3rd leg also. Kelly hits scores of 125 and 121 in the 4th leg and levels at 2-2 both players throwing some great darts. A deserved final leg decider, unfortunately for Kelly, Ashleigh saved her best darts for the deciding leg hitting a 180 followed by a ton and no messing at the winning double. The game of the Saturday lady’s for me. Ashleigh, no surprise, was Sussex’s Lady of the Match. That left up last for the draw Donna Mabbatt (no pressure then) Now Donna has been scoring well but struggling around the double. Donna started well hitting a ton and a 140 in the first leg missed a few doubles but takes the first two legs. That winning double can be so hard to hit at times but Donna saved her best leg for last winning 3-0 and getting our Lady’s a 3-3 draw.

Bring on our Men’s B.

Up first making his debut for Dorset Damian Mudge. Unfortunately for Damian he came up against Sussex’s Craig Stoner who out scored him and was Sussex’s Man of the Match winning 4-1 with a 26.81 average. Next up Ryan Mabey whose been struggling up on stage but doing it on the floor strange how playing 4 feet higher with a crowd watching can make all the difference. Ryan had a mare and Sussex’s Connor Lovett (25.37) didn’t miss much. Dorset go 0-2 down. Thoughts of ‘o dear not again’ entered my head briefly until Nigel Lamb (24.22) up next scored well and went into a 3-0 lead, then suddenly Nigel can’t find a twenty let alone a treble and Sussex pull a leg back. Nigel well in control (normal service resumed) in the 5th leg and he gets a MASSIVE CHEER as he hits that winning double breaking that B team curse. Next up Daniel Perry (23.26)v Josh Langridge (24.29) now it was never going to be easy for Daniel because when Dorset folded there youth team due to lack of interest Daniel went and still does play for Sussex’s youth team and so does Josh. So good mates on and off the stage. Daniel’s game went to a deciding 7th leg which went to Josh. Dorset now 1-3 down. 

Next up Matt MOOSTER Read, now MOOSTER has been scoring so well but just not getting over that winning line having a bad run, to say the least. Today he scored well finished well and hitting a 26.99 average was Dorset’s Man of the Match winning his game 4-1.  Robby Morris (24.55) up next his game going to a deciding leg which goes Dorset’s way. Matty Woodhouse up next playing his first game this season Matty no problems winning 4-1. Dale Masterman (24.67) up next unlucky last game running out a 4-2 winner this time and putting Dorset ahead of Sussex 5-3 and what a cheer as his winning double went in.

Henry Cooper (26.08) v Tim Pierce (26.78) as the averages suggest not a lot between them and no surprise the game going to a deciding leg Henry with the throw poking 82 (as Sussex’s Tim Pierce is sat on 36 having hit 3 consecutive red pen scores) to take the win. Next up Kevin Smith (23.64) v Jordan Langridge (24.88). Now I’ve always said that Kevin Smith is the luckiest man in Dorset, today was no different as he goes 0-3 down. A few missed doubles from Sussex and Kev gets a deciding leg and after winning the last 3 he was favourite to take it, even if he was against the throw, and he does (better to be lucky than good springs to mind) giving Dorset that magical winning 7. Declan Harris (24.08) up next, despite hitting a better average loses 1-4. That left Richard Perry up last, Rich missed a few doubles his game going to a deciding leg which went, with throw, to Sussex.
So Men’s B gets a deserved well-fought win (7-5) and going into Sunday Dorset were 10-8 up the Men’s B performing so much better than last game.

Now I believe we have a cracking Lady’s & Men’s A teams who never give up. So hopes of a win were high. On to Sunday.

Up first, for our lady’s A, Cath Campbell who missed winning doubles in both of the first two legs and goes 0-2 down. Cath wins the 3rd leg misses doubles again in the 4th and loses 1-3 despite hitting the higher average “scores for show doubles for dough” Next Suzy Trickett (18.02) goes 2-1 up then in the 4th leg hits a 134 to leave 60 returns and takes the leg and the win. Katie Mitchell up next ended up in the madhouse that is double one in the first leg and eventually it went in, from there no looking back as Katie wires tops for a 76 shot out returns and hits it, going on to poke 92 in two darts to win 3-0. 

Next up Sara Chick (19.11) who hits a 121 & 135 in the first leg both had goes at a double,leg going to a relieved Sara. Hayley Philips (17.62) levels at 1-1, Sara going onto take the next Both miss doubles in the next Sara taking the win 3-1. Next up Julie Frampton (17.01) v Kelly Ryan (18.60) Julie’s was a hard-fought game deservedly going to a deciding leg the only difference Kelly hitting a 180 and takes the win and was Sussex’s Lady of the Match. So with Sussex trailing 2-3 it left Sam Kirton (19.13) up last for Dorset to get the Lady’s A a win. Sam did what Sam does, scored well and finished well, Denise Peake (16.26 Sussex) not really troubling Sam who ran out a 3-1 winner and was our Lady of the Match, giving our Lady’s a 4-2 win and putting the over all scores at Sussex 10 Dorset 14. Bring on the Men’s A.

Now there was a short break between the Lady’s A and Men’s A while Sussex did a presentation to there Men’s A for winning the league last season one by one they were called up on stage and of course the group team photo. Did it put our A team off no I think it rallied them as Sussex’s Men’s A might of won the league last year BUT THEY DIDN’T BEAT US it was a 6-6 draw. Tactics I think so and why not would we of done the same probably NOT we would like normal done it at the end of the Match.

Up first, (seemed like he waited for ages for his name to be called) Lee Turle (27.08) v Andy Derrick (27.42) and what a cracking game to get us underway. 1st leg went with throw to Lee then a 16 dart leg to Sussex, 18 dart leg (3 at a double ) to Lee. In the 4th leg Lee hits a 139 to leave 62, Andy misses the double Lee pokes 62 to go 3-1 up breaking Andy’s throw. Andy breaks straight back Lee goes onto take a 4-2 win and was Dorset’s Man of the Match. Next up Paul Allen (25.91) v Tony Ayres (28.53) Close game the score of 4-1 to Sussex not really reflecting the game, but Tony Ayres was Sussex’s Man of the Match. Matt Yarrow (24.98) up next was outscored by Sussex’s Robert Collins (28.24) who didn’t miss much Matty losing 1-4. 

Next up Robbie Martin (25.42) what a close game this was Robbie poking 102 to go 3-1 up and going on to take a 4-2 win. Richard Wright (25.59) was a man on a mission not messing around the double and winning convincingly 4-0. Up next Danny Pearce who had what can only be described as A SHOCKER losing 0-4 so match all even at 3-3.

Mark Grimes (26.75) up next v Lee Jennings (25.36) what a close game this was every leg going with throw match going to a deciding leg Mark with throw taking the win. Next Tommy Morris normally one of the most exciting players to watch but UNUSUALLY Tommy couldn’t seem to get fired up losing 1-4. Potty Mark Porter (24.02) up next his game going to 2-2 then Potty takes the 5th and a 102 shot out to take a 4-2 win and he’s a little pleased with his win as he turns to the Dorset Massive to take the cheers and applause.

Next up John Clark(24.55)  stepping in to (try) replace Scott Mitchell. Johns opponent Jim Withers (25.50) every leg going with throw Jim taking a 4-3 win John did have one dart at tops to beat him close but no cigar. Steve Earley (23.74) up next v Jason Yates (28.19) Steve outplayed by Jason, losing 1-4 leaving Carl Beattie (25.41) up last to get the Men’s A a draw. Carl takes the first leg and after 9 darts in the 2nd leg he’s sat on 16 and returns hits it for the best leg of the weekend. Carl took a breather in the next leg then starts the 4th with a 180 normal service resumed poking 110 to go 3-1 up. Carl on 96 hits a big 20 then double 18 wiring tops, Paul Evens pokes out to pull a leg back. Carl on 75 in next leg hits treble 17 wires inside double 12 is the double 6 in the big CHEER and GET IN from Carl tells me it is Carl getting the Men’s A a 6-6 draw winning himself 4-2.
Matt Yarrow led the Dorset Massive in OGGY OGGY OGGY followed by GREEN ARMY that’s how much the 6-6 draw and 20-16 overall win meant to US ALL.

Martins thoughts

What can I say except what a pleasure it is to see us ALL playing as a team, the lady’s B getting a draw the Men’s B getting a deserved win Lady’s A a win and the Men’s A a well-fought draw. It would be wrong to mention individual efforts as there’s no I in team but Lee Turle loved your little speech as you collected your deserved Man of the Match trophy:

” I’d just like to thank Scott Mitchell for playing in the International’s as if he wasn’t I wouldn’t be up here collecting a Man of the Match trophy”

Bless loved it, and so did Scott. Thought that at the end I was in Cornwall with that Oggy Oggy Oggy what a great way of stating what winning means to us all. Next game another away one at least we are all in the same hotel this time West Midlands now that’s a trek and a half. Not long to wait less than 3 weeks bring it on.

Green Army back to winning ways and marching back up the table. 

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