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What’s In A Name? – Target’s Product Labelling Problem.

JR Lott, and Target?, discover that the name of a product can have many an unexpected consequence.

JR selected a Rob Cross Pack as it seemed excellent value. PIC;LAWRENCE LUSTIG : ROB CROSS IN ACTION

Surfing around darting websites recently, I came across a bargain almost too good to be true. A full darting starter kit, of the highest quality, for two thirds or less of the previous price. This worked out to even bigger saving, on the items, if bought separately. In case it was a short term offer I snapped up a couple of the kits and awaited the email explaining why the company was out of stock (cynical or what?). Instead the items arrived, within 48hrs, and were exactly as described, what could possibly be behind it?

While unpacking the items I thought to myself that perhaps the makers, Target Darts, were planning on a mass change of their sponsored players. This seemed highly unlikely as many were very successful, and marketable, and some where recent signings. I even considered the idea that Target were having a spot of cash flow trouble, this seemed even less likely. Target have been expanding, developing, innovating and often leading the way over recent years and it seemed inconceivable that they would run into trouble. It turned out that one of these innovations might be behind the flash sale!

A few years back Target launched a board lighting system that did not require installation of extra light fittings or the precarious balancing of table lamps at unusual angles. This proved very popular and has led to many such ‘shadow reducing’ board mounted lighting sets being available.

Obviously, it makes sense for Target to combine these with their boards, and a selection of darts, cases and accessories from, your favourite of, their players, and package them in a single value box.

It took my wife’s shocked voice to reveal the problem and possibly the reason behind the large reduction:

“What on earth was in there?” She shouted, pointing at the partly obscured target Box in our hallway.

JR Lott

When I glanced through to see what she meant it was a clear as day:

Corona Vi……..

JR Lott

Was the only thing visible on the box! A possible reason for the large discount became apparent, the word Corona had developed a strong negative reaction, just look at the issues faced by the Mexican Beer brand. Unluckily, Target’s lighting system is called Corona (as its round like the sun after a lunar eclipse) Vision!

The double-takes from my neighbours have been quite something after I put the box out for recycling! It now faces the wall and will be scrubbed before collection!

In the meantime fellow darters do your bit for the darting economy and grab one of the bargain sets here: https://www.target-darts.co.uk/latest

Pics – L Lustig and PDC