Winmau Navigator 3 – A Great Value Classic. Test & Review.

  • Product – Darts (Steel Tip)
  • Brand – Winmau
  • Model – Navigator 3
  • Edition / Variation – 23g
  • RRP – £12.99 +
  • Marks – 8/10 (10/10 for value!)

First Impression:

Over the years there have been quite a few models and editions of darts given the ‘Navigator’ moniker. Winmau seems to have used it as a standard nickname for simple mass production darts that they promote via chain stores or as starter packs. They are not just for beginners though, we hear a rumour of a current tour player using a set!

What’s in the Pack, Jack?

Navigator 3 at Argos: All for £9.99-£12.99

These are billed as a complete starter kit or value pack. The three tungsten barrels come boxed with two sets of ‘Prism’ stems and two sets of Std shape flights (colours vary). Two sets of stem rings are included and the package is contained in slimline Winmau dart box.

Tester Quotes:

These are a lovely dart, basically the same as my old Bristow’s, for a tenner!” – Keen Amateur

These are a great dart for testing or trying out to see what throw style, or grip, comes naturally to a player” – A.I.M Coach

Our test set paired with Nitro Stems


For less than £10 it seems almost mean to find fault with these darts. One of our testers thought they might feel a little less finished than some higher-cost darts. Another player was not keen on the narrow grooves at the stem end.


We have put these through there paces very heavily, they have been used in at least 150 legs of darts. The testers have differing styles and provide a good test. There are the usual dints and marks, but essentially they are unmarked. A case can be made for darts, of this style, getting better with use.

Marks: 8/10 (10/10 for Value)

At less than £10, or even at the full £12.00 (RRP), they are a basic dart and lack some of the flash and multi-faceted tech of many new models. We have tested many darts over the last few years. None have received such good reports on the value side of the equation.

The Navigator 3 is a superb dart for assessing the shape, grip or style of dart. They are also a superb place to start for many beginners.

An exceptional value, 95% Tungsten dart.

The SnapShot:

A great example of the classic “Bristow Type Barrel”.This edition has been available at Argos for £9.99 (RRP is £12.99). This is exceptional value for a 90% tungsten dart. Available here: