Winmau Product Launch 2019/20 – Innovative New Models & Special Editions

In, what has become, an industry tradition Winmau launched their new range of darting good with a social media fanfare over much of last Friday.

Latest releases from Winmau for 2020

The launch featured three main themes. There were a select number of new models with complex grip arrangements and highly distinctive cosmetics. Then came a group of special editions from Winmau’s stable of world-class current professionals and living legends! Finally, there were additions to existing ranges. Extra weight for darts and forthcoming accessory items.

New Model Highlights:

Sicario features a highly innovative grip design.

Sicario: These are an excellent looking dart with what appears to be a highly innovative grip/surface. The barrel shape was chosen, to debut this grip pattern, in order that a variety of throw styles might try it. Our resident coach is quite excited by the barrel surface. Currently, 23 and 25g weight editions are offered.

Majestic: A bullet-style dart with a number of grip and cosmetic features that make it stand out from the norm. The middle, sawtooth type, grip section may appeal to those looking for a shallow but noticeable grip style.

Other new ranges include Overdrive, Sabotage Black and Vanquish. Additional weights have been added to Aspria.

The full catalogue and new product range can be found here:

Special Edition Highlights:

A stylish and sleek looking version of the Whitlock dart.
A range of Special Editions was a major part of the Winmau 2020 Launch

Simon Whitlock SE: This is an extraordinary looking dart. More different angles, grooves, milling and colour than we have seen before! The basic design is similar to the current Whitlock dart but the changing of grip surfaces etc alters the perception of this and turns it into a much sleeker looking piece of design. First impressions are that this is the highlight of the launch.

The Priestley Special Edition (SE) sticks with The Menace’s classic colour scheme while reimagining the grip and contouring.

Dennis Priestley SE: The menace is highly regarded by fans, players and darts business people. It is excellent to see his years of experience and reputation being utilised for modern-day players. The SE retains his red and black iconic colour scheme but refines the grip style on his classic design. DW has yet to see what weights are available but we are hoping for a model that’s 15g or less!

Other special edition sets have been made in celebration of Andy Fordham and new weights added to the soon to be reviewed Daryl Gurney SE

Win a set here:

Left-Right: Sicario, Priestley SE, Whitlock SE, Majestic, Fordham SE, Overdrive and Sabotage Black

Although these are the highlights, there were plenty of other products, tweaks or additions shown off today. It was a very solid launch which combined some new techniques, using Paul Nicholson to discuss the models for example, and some tried and tested social media work.

Check out the video launch with Paul Nicholson:

Darts World suspects that there is more to come from Winmau in the very near future, we would keep a very close eye out for their January 2020 activities.