Winmau Wielding Their Blade!

It’s been noticeable over the last few years that Winmau have stepped up the independent marketing of their premium board products.

After withdrawing from the supply/sponsorship of the BDO they have moved to a more direct model. This, in combination with the signing of MVG, has seen them seriously raise their game.

The brand’s latest promotional piece traces the evolution/history of the Blade over the years:

It’s hard to argue with much of that, (OK,OK, so the language is a bit flowery, but hey it’s their baby). With Unicorn having taken a bit of a PR beating, and other brands yet to really gain traction in the UK, it seems certain that these efforts will keep Winmau in the lead, with regard to ‘the darts space’, for a while yet.

What’s your favourite board & why?

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