Wizard’s Wizdom – Introducing Our Latest Contributor.

Here at dartsworld.com we are always trying to bring you new, different and considered information. Our latest darting voice is a former UK Open finalist and proud North Easterner!

Its fair comment to say that Colin Osborne has a wide range of darting experience. Darts’ original ‘Wizard’ soared into the elite levels of the PDC in the late 2000s. Over the next half dozen years, Osborne ticked off most of the ambitions of any professional sportsman. Whilst rising to the verge of the PDC top ten, Colin reached major finals, hit perfect legs and claimed numerous titles. He even defeated ‘The Power’ in a streamed tournament final.

No career is all one way though and in 2011/12 some of the Wizardry seemed to fade. A long, and painfully slow, slide down the rankings, combined with some very difficult personal challenges, ultimately resulted in Colin losing his Pro Tour Card and taking a break from the game.

The Wizard has begun to capture titles again on the ‘Open’ circuit .

Behind the scenes, the fire burned brightly and ‘Our Wizard’ has begun to turn things around. Going back to basics, in every way, has proven a good grounding for what we hope will be a sustained recovery. Colin has spent nearly three years completely remodelling his game. Almost every aspect is different and now plays to his natural strengths rather than the manufactured methods of many players.

Colin’s results have again begun to be noticed around the edges of the darts world. Open events have fallen to ‘The Wizard’ once more (https://www.dartsworld.com/osborne-claims-skegness-open-the-wizard-overcomes-the-apprentice/). Meanwhile, some much-improved efforts, on the PDC’s Challenge Tour, are beginning to show through.

Colin has kindly agreed to share some of his thoughts and experiences with us at Darts World. Look out for his Wizard’s Wizdom in future editions of our publications and here on dartsworld.com.

Follow Colin at https://www.facebook.com/colinozzyosborneofficial/ or @colozzy180 on Twitter!