Wright Gutted At World Cup Defense Jeopardy.

PETER WRIGHT admits he’s “gutted” that Scotland are unlikely to defend their World Cup title in 2020. The Livingston ace was close to tears a year ago when he and Gary Anderson took the championship in Germany. Snakebite also revealed he was so proud to hold both the World Championship and World Cup in the same year.

Team Scotland (Wright and Anderson) are current World Cup Champions.

But now the PDC have had to postpone this year’s event because of the coronavirus crisis but are hoping to re-schedule. Wright said: “Obviously I’m gutted but it’s not the most important thing we have to worry about right now. “The main thing is that people stay safe as much as possible and we stick to the rules. Health comes first and sport comes second. “It’s obviously really hard for the PDC, they need to re-arrange everything as time goes by. No one really knows when things will be back to normal. “Winning the World Cup was very special to me. To do that for the Scottish fans will always be one of the biggest highlights of my career. “Up until winning the World Championship, it was my biggest moment.

It was top of my list to try and retain it with Gary. “I felt we would be the strongest pair again and if we both played to our ability, we could win it for another year. “It’s always a tough tournament because you get so many surprise pairs who pop up and play really well together. Like Republic of Ireland last year, Steve Lennon and William O Connor were outstanding. “I guess we’ll still get to defend it at some stage whatever. Whether that is in 2020 or 2021 we just don’t know. But I’d love to win it for the Scottish fans who are always brilliant to me.”

Wright, 50, is still practising with his lockdown lodger Dimitri van den Bergh and is enjoying life despite missing out on so many Premier League nights. He added: “I played in the PDC Home Tour which was very different and other than that it’s nice to practice with Dimi and spend so much quality time with the wife and kids. “I’ve not had this sort of break in years. I’ve always been the sort of player to compete in every available tournament whether in the UK or abroad. So this just wouldn’t be possible normally.

“I’m sure big events will be back as soon as it is permitted to do so. Whether that’s behind closed doors or whatever, the PDC will get it back on TV.”

Peter Wright

Article originally published at: Red Dragon Darts